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16 March 2002, 04:16 PM
I really can't stand the Star Wars basis for time. I am the biggest freak for the Expanded Universe material. I own all the books and comics the day they come out. One thing I can't stand is the structure of years.
Spliting it all into time periods was great. Unfotunately, all the material uses Episode 4: A New Hope as the center of time.
What is that?! Great as far as the movies, but what an uninteresting time to start a calander. The first sucessful attack of a Rebellion. However may years before or after the Battle of Yavin.
Come on, there are three GALACTIC governments started and fallen. I personally have always used time starting the day after Return of the Jedi as the formation of the New Republic. BNR & ANR. We always played in an era where we could do that, so I guess I was lucky.
My question is: The official site says they plan to make the time line based on the formation of the Empire when Episode 3 comes out. Okay, fine. Does anyone think there will be material re-released with the new time line on it? Just a thought. What is everyone else using to keep track of the years?

16 March 2002, 04:35 PM
eh, the New Republic started when the DS#2 was destroyed?? i thought NR was founded shortly after they reclaimed Coruscant (which took the rebels about a year after Endor)

16 March 2002, 08:22 PM
I just make up dates when I play the game. I think it is good that they use A New Hope for reference, it makes things easy to figure out. However, it would seem logical for star wars to have a "Star Date" of its own.

17 March 2002, 06:49 AM
the empire according to the Thrawn Trilogy used Before Empire and After Empire... I'd proably peg that as being the battle of Naboo when Palpy made Chancilor.. OR when he was granted Emergency powers.

the NR however has switched to baefore and after battle of yav9in? why? mostly because OOC it is easiest to place

17 March 2002, 08:43 AM
I would never mention a date in a Star Wars RPG for the same reason they aren't used in the movies, because it would be an invasion of linear, historical thought into the mythical 'once upon a time'. In fact Pablo Hidalgo has advanced the discussion of Star Wars dating in HoloNet News: see http://www.holonetnews.com/45/life/13228_2.html. "The current debate stems over which zero-point year-notation system is the best, with the Great ReSynchronization of 13 years ago and the Ruusan Reformation of a millennium ago being popular contenders." So once system begins circa (but not exactly) 1,000 BBY and another (tieing in with the dates in the Star Wars Adventure Journal, I think) in 35 BBY.

18 March 2002, 04:18 AM
dont remember exactly, but the formed the New Order, about 25200 (25000?) years after the start of time counting (hyperdrive)

a year got 365 days.
5 days a week
7 weeks a month
10 months a year

and "3 special weeks".