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16 March 2002, 08:27 PM
Ok, I have said that I think Attack of the Clones will be the best SW movie ever from the beginning. Based on the trailers I still stand by that. I have seen a trend, not so much on this site but in general, that now.....AFTER the trailers have come out......Lucas' critics seem to have shut up a bit. Many called for his blood when the title came out, then when N'Sync was offerd background roles, then for having Boba Fett as a kid....some even wanted Peter Jackson to direct Ep III. But now that actual footage of the film has been released the overall sense that I get is a positive one. I for one wonder what happened? My personal view is that many "fans" shot off their mouths before they knew what they were talking about. But now that they have seen parts of the completed film they are running with their tails between their legs. What does everyone else think?

darth maim
16 March 2002, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by DirkGreystoke
What does everyone else think?

I think that this is exactly why people should shut the xxxx up and let the man make the movie first. I also think that you should form your opinion on each movie as a standalone and not it sucks compared to ...

If you think the movie blows monkey nuts after you have seen it and given it a chance.. by all means shoot your damn mouth off but anytime before you've seen it (or it's even out) shut it...

This also basically sums up my thought on people bashing the NJO books without so much as cracking a damn cover.

Reverend Strone
16 March 2002, 09:00 PM
Okay, I have to differ with you here guys.

At least some of those (speaking for myself here) who have been less willing to trumpet Ep II as the second coming without having seen it, were basing our opinions on the dissapointments we felt after being so excited about Ep I, and from what we saw of Ep II in the trailers that until now have been released.

I will be the first to say that based on this latest trailer, my faith in the expected quality of this new film has been restored to a much greater degree than it had only a week ago. Until then, all I and others had to base our opinions upon were the trailers released last year and the Lucas's last offering, Ep I. The trailers left me very underwhelmed, and Ep I, while staisfying me on a visual level, just seemed sadly below the par of the classic trilogy.

I would argue that we have every right to be cynical about Ep II. I'm far less so now, having seen what we have seen, but does that invalidate how I felt a week ago, or any of my cautiousness about allowing myself to become as excited as I did for Ep I? I would say not.

Surely anyone who hails Ep II as being the greatest movie without having even seen it is everybit as ignorant as someone who lambasts it.

We are all entitled to our opinions, which will naturally differ on some things. To place Geporge Lucas on a level beyond all reproach is somewhat sycophantic.

I agree with you both in saying we shouldn't slam the film before seeing it, but I think the venting you may have read in some folks' posts is the result of the overhyping of Ep I and subsequent dissapointment many of us felt on seeing it. Most definately some people go overboard, but if someone hasn't seen the film, yet claims it to be the most awesome thing out, are they really any different?

Let's relax and wait, then judge the result with informed opinions.

darth maim
16 March 2002, 09:23 PM
Originally posted by revstrone
from what we saw of Ep II in the trailers that until now have been released.

that's still in essence basing an opinion of a 2 - 2 1/2 hour movie on 1 minute of RANDOMLY PLACED clips.

just seemed sadly below the par of the classic trilogy.

Again this is drawing a comparison between movies that while a natural thing to do is completely unfair. Base your feelings on that movie alone. If it sucks it will suck always... a movie may be great but when compared to another movie look like a pile of crap.

I would argue that we have every right to be cynical about Ep II. ... Surely anyone who hails Ep II as being the greatest movie without having even seen it is everybit as ignorant as someone who lambasts it.

Absolutely you are entitled to any feeling and opinion you want to form... just saying that it should be fair and reasonable.

Let's relax and wait, then judge the result with informed opinions.

This is exactly what I've been saying all along.

17 March 2002, 10:15 AM
Originally posted by DirkGreystoke
What does everyone else think?

Let me qualify as being a fan of Ep1 , for all the ups and downs of the movie when it comes down to my opinion i thought it was good.
i was very involved in the hype of the last movie being that i had only seen ROTJ in the theaters as a young boy . - but who wasnt excited ?

now i gotta say i ran right out to the theater to see each of the trailers fro Ep2 as they came out. and all was good untill i saw the trailer forbiden love, with anakin whining to amidala about obi-wan. i was truly let down at this and many of my friends were pretty vocal about how bad the film was going to be.

with my excitement quelled by the trailer forbidden love , i reluctantly turned on the TV for the last trailer. and I -as well as i believe the rest of the star wars community- was restored to full bore episode 2 fan status.

so yeah i'm on the bandwagon . im hoping the wheels dont fall off now that all my friends are on with me but its a big community out there - thats alot of people to keep happy . i know that not everyone will like the new movie , but you cant please everyone all the time.

Reverend Strone
17 March 2002, 11:37 AM
Darth Maim I think we are in agreement regarding not being to quick to judge a movie before its release. What I am saying is simply that it is natural to form an opinion from what we've seen in trailers so far- that's what trailers are designed to do.

My point is that based on what we have all seen it is perfectly fair and reasonable to have doubts about Ep II, just as it is perfectly reasonable to be excited about it. Certainly the latest trailer bodes very well and has influenced my opinion favorably.

What is unfair or unreasonable about seeing the trailers that were released last year and then saying, "you know, I'm finding this dialogue really poor, the effects, while nice looking, just seem like eye-candy. I hope this isn't going to be Ep I all over again," which is what I thought after seeing them? I think that was a perfectly reasonable opinion to form based on what we had seen up until that point.

This latest trailer looks fantastic, and seems to indicate that the character development, charisma and powerful plot that I missed in Ep I are all going to be there in Ep II. Lucas looks set to deliver the goods and I'm getting excited, but that does not invalidate my opinion before now.

Caution is not unreasonable. Ignorant ranting- be it against or in favour of Ep II is. I completely agree with you guys on that.

17 March 2002, 11:45 AM
Sometimes I wish the Star Wars movies would come out without any advance hype <I>at all</I>. No trailers, no concept art, no interviews, no toys, no Web sites deconstructing every frame of some bootleg movie shot by some guy who snuck onto the set. In other words, nothing for fans to piss and moan about years in advance.

This is nothing aimed at you, frozenjedi, as I felt much the same way about the Episode II trailers -- but I get so sick of this cycle of "oh, I didn't like this five seconds of trailer #2, this film's going to suck" followed by "this publicity still looks awesome, this will rule!! -- oh wait Jar Jar is in the background, Lucas is the Devil." How utterly fickle that seems to me.

This reminds me of something I saw on AICN -- the studio that's doing the Spider-Man movie released some pictures of Spider-Man figurines based on costumes from the movie. A flood of bile and vitriol followed, talking about how the costumes betrayed everyone's childhood, destroyed Spider-Man, came over to their house and killed their dog, etc. etc. One person even declared "Spider-Man is dead to me now!" -- fully a year before the film was set to hit the screen.

I don't know where this stuff comes from, and how people get to feeling this way. On one hand, there's this almost fanatical devotion to the franchise, and on the other, this incessant need to bash it and nitpick at every turn. I wonder if it's not the media culture we live in that perpetuates this attitude -- being barraged with so much entertainment "information" all the time that our only possible response is to criticize. But anyway, like I say -- sometimes I do wish that we saw next to nothing about Star Wars before the movie came out. I'm willing to bet people's responses would be <I>very</I> different.

darth maim
17 March 2002, 02:02 PM
I've got to say I agree about wanting no hype... if you walked into the movie cold by the time you walked out you would have an opinion formed WHILE WATCHING THE MOVIE... you wouldn't have two years to mull over the fact that Jango Fett was slate to be in this and decide that the movie is either going to rock or utterly suck. When you form an opinion like that as early as a year or so before you see the movie it's difficult to give it a fair shot. Your mind is nagging in the background that it does and always will suck.

On the Spiderman topic... I dislike a couple of things the movie is doing (though I still will see the movie and still will give it a shot). I am an avid Spiderman fan and the reason I dislike the new green goblin costume and the fact that his webs are organic is for two reasons.

1) It's just too different from the original content and it really irks me when someone throws all continuity out the window and rewrites a major franchise as they see fit for purposes of a movie.

more importantly though is 2) Marvel has a habit of changing the comics to reflect the movie so that fans who may have jumped on as a result of the movie see no differences. This of course is at the cost of a lot of fans who have been onboard through everything. Doesn't make sense. Need an example of these changes by marvel look at pre-movie X-men or Blade and compare it to the post-movie counterparts.

Reverend Strone
17 March 2002, 04:46 PM
I'm at the point now where I just want to see the movie. If there was a way to skip seeing everything between now and then, I'd do it, but my problem is I collect stuff too, so I have to keep my fingers in the pie or I'll miss out.

Yee gads, life as a SW fan is so tough nowadays. We're spoilt!