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18 March 2002, 12:47 PM
Good grief! It looks like WotC is deep-sixing the one gem of their SW line, the Gamer magazine. Why? Just because of lousy sale, I imagine. Hey, maybe if you drop the price a bit and make it available for overseas gamers, you might turn a profit. What a load of poo. IMO, the Gamer was consistently better than any supplemenet the line produced.

No wonder my article ideas were politely rejected. They weren't going to have any place to put them!

Sigh. WotC can cancel this line after they release the revised Core Rulebook for all I care. I've gotten nothing out of any of their supplements, other than the Gamer mag. Give me the new Core rulebook and I'm done with WotC SW products.

Rant off.

Rick Vogt
18 March 2002, 03:40 PM
For the magazine

For WotC

Here are some addys' to write to.....they were Provided by RealmProtector.

Let's make something good happen guys......let's not lose Gamer.....so please be nice, and ask how to help out. They need our help!

Rick Vogt
20 March 2002, 02:51 AM

Too late...It's Gone......read the second post :mad:

Donovan Morningfire
20 March 2002, 06:56 AM
Well allow me to retort.

Since I'm more than just a casual presence on the WotC boards, I looked through a few other threads on the same topic over there.

Firstly, JD Wiker has asked that we want until we get the final word. An official decision has not yet been reached.

Secondly, WizO_the_Hutt has talked with Dave Gross, the editor-in-chief of SW Gamer, and according to Dave, there is no official word as of yet on Gamer's future.

Another point to remember is that the WizO's are more-or-less volunteers, and not necessarily privy to any special information. What WizO_Jedi said may have simply been rumormill stuff.

And honestly, WizO_Jedi has pretty much been absent on those boards for most of his tenure, so I'm taking his words with some really big grains of salt.