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Paul Klein
18 March 2002, 12:56 PM
I'm preparing for my new campaign (set 100 years after Yavin) and I was wondering how you all have handled the addition of a Jedi Master (NPC) who is the mentor of on of the PCs in the party.

I play the d20 system, so basically we would have like 4 3rd level PCs and a 12+ level Jedi Master.

How can I create balance during encounters? It makes little sense that he would not get involved in combat. I ask becuase for the most part Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan went on their adventures together. In Ep.2 it looks as tho Obi-Wan and Anakin might get split up some, but for the most part I would imagine the Master and Student are together a majority of the time.

Also, in your eyes, does it make sense that a Master would train his Padawan in the presence of 3 of his friends? (i.e. the adventuring party).


18 March 2002, 01:16 PM
actually a master only has to be second level.. various documents I've read suggest you become a Master after your first student becomes a jedi

18 March 2002, 01:19 PM
seventh not second:)

serousilry though, Obi-Wan was a Knight and he took a Padawan...

also, the Master may have his own stuff to do... heck the master may even have an additional padawan since a 100+ ABY game is obviously somewhat divergent from the classic timeline

19 March 2002, 03:42 AM
I'm in a similar situation. We're playing 100 years before Yavin. I have two Padawans and their non-Force using friend (with the possible addition of two more non-Force Users). The two padawans each have a master (an 8th level and a 7th level master).

We're on Coruscant right now, and I try to engineer the adventures so that either they're split up (usually because the Padawans have this idea that they're much more capable of being on their own than they really are) or else their masters (or sometimes just one of them) comes with the party.

When that happens, I usually throw in some tougher bad guys for the masters to deal with. I let the rest of the party fight the big bad guy for a bit but in the end it's the Jedi master who steps in and saves the day. It provides a more realistic challenge for the group while also forcing home the issue that if they'd have been on their own at the time they'd have all ended up smoldering stains on the carpet.

My problem is going to be trying to come up with ways for two Padawans, a scoundrel, a bounty-hunter type (not prestige class, just occupation) and a senatorial page should work together without other support in the area. I'm thinking of getting them off Coruscant, they're just too many reasons for that not to happen week after week there. Maybe get them stranded on another backwater world without their masters handy. That way they're forced to work together (since they're all they've got) and it provides a reasonable explanation why the higher-level Jedi aren't around.

19 March 2002, 06:53 AM
The following is incoherent and may not be very useful but is my best try:

During the Republic, everything we know says master and Padawan are given assignments as a team, and for the most part are split up only inadvertantly. (The master certainly doesn't have to be a Jedi Master, just a Jedi Knight.) Whereas the typical RPG model is several equally-capable characters. Different gaming groups find different solutions to this. All things being equal, it's a shame for the master (PC or NPC) not to be present because what Padawans do is learn and mature from their experience in the field and their masters' guidance. One point is that Jedi have almost no equals in battle (despite what the mechanics of the class-balanced RPG say) and are rarely challenged that way: their skill at peaceful solutions and their reputation is usually enough anyway. What fights there are need not be challenging/balanced in an Encounter Level sense, and when they are it shouldn't be too hard to narrate Jedi Knight-sized opponents for your master -- although if you obey the rules strictly there's the danger of the most dangerous bad guys getting to the Padawan -- bear in mind that in such cases protecting the Padawan is the master's main concern.

The EU has the concept of Jedi auxiliaries, friends and associates of the order used in such roles as pilots and intelligence agents. The other party members would pretty much have to be such, at least provisionally -- what isn't plausible is for a Jedi team to travel about with people not following the directives of the Council. I assume you've considered an all-Jedi game.

If you're using the post-Episode VI EU, formed before anyone knew what the Jedi in their prime were like, you can be lax with the master-Padawan relationship. (Unless you're fond of it I would not: I think the shape of the movies strongly implies that after the Battle of Endor the Jedi order is gradually restored much as it was. Even if all relevant computerized records are destroyed, too many people have observed the Jedi over the centuries and told their children for the basics of their operation to be entirely lost.)

19 March 2002, 09:12 AM
Hmm, well, my first observation is, if you are setting your game 100 years after Yavin, then that puts you out even beyond the NJO series of books. Given that time period, the entire stucture of the Jedi Order we see in the NJO books will have completely changed leaving you to structure it as you see fit.

Let's assume that in the period since the NJO, the Jedi Order has grown to a size equivalent to the hight of the Old Republic. If that's the case, there is no reason why a Jedi Knight, instead of a Jedi Master, could not take an apprentice/padawan. In this case "Master" becomes a title of respect instead of an indicator of knowledge and experience.

There is also the Jedi Academy where all the padawans train until they are ready to be apprenticed. Technically, you don't even need to use the name "Padawan" since that title doesn't exist, as far as we know by the current stories, in the furtue of the Jedi Order. It may be a name they uncover somewhere or it could just remain a "dead" title of the past.

If you decide you still want a high level Master traveling with your party, the best advice I can offer is find ways to separate them at citical moments. If you can't, write in a a multi-leveled encounter. Let the Master fight the higher level opponent (which the PCs won't get XP for since the NPC killed it) and leave the lower level baddies to the PCs. Or use Mass Combat.. overwhelm them. Keep track of who the PCs fight/are attacked by and figure that of, hypathetically, 50 creatures, 10-15 go after the players. The rest are dispatched by the Master. (Again no XP here b/c the NPC killed them.)

I would encourage you to develop what you view as the structure of the Jedi Order in the time period you've chosen. Also figure out the state of the Universe. Are they still rebuiding from the Vong attack? What new menace is there? etc. etc..

Finally, why would a Master instruct his Apprentice in front of his friends? Need. Find a reason they HAVE TO be with the rest of the group. The Master won't stop training because of circumstance. In fact, he/she may see it as an opportunity to teach the young Jedi that he/she is not above the rest of the world.

Hope that helps!