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19 March 2002, 03:54 PM
I am a big fan of the SPAWN comic series and a while back created a PC based on him. Due to circumstances at the time of creation little real background was done on what he was, other than his name, ahem, Sithspawn.

In the comic SPAWN has a sybiotic cloak. To reflect this we created an easy to use system that would require little GM work. First off I gained an Advanced skill for the cloak (starting @ 1D but currently increased to 3D+2). Sithspawn has Str.5D with Brawling currently @ 7D.

At the start of the adventure the GM would roll a D6.
On a 1 or 2 = Defensive. Add the 'Cloak' dice to all Defensive rolls (inc. Str to resist damage) and all offensive skills are @ -1D.
On a 3 or 4 = Inactive. Suit is dormant, Sithspawn relies on his skills as normal.
On a 5 or 6 = Offensive. Add he 'Cloak' dice to all offensice actions (inc. Brawl damage) and all defensive skills (except Str.) are at -1D.

This system has worked so far but I can see problems. Sooner or later I could abuse this bonus. Say I take the 'Cloak' up to 8D. Okay, I could be unlucky and roll Inactive every adventure and not get my CP worth, or I could kick some serious butt!

So I turn to the knowledgable ones.
Does anyone else have any ideas on how to run the symbiant that does not require major GM attention? I have thought of limiting the skill to 3D, but I'm after other ideas on how to play the suit stat wise.

The Admiral
19 March 2002, 04:14 PM
if the suit is actually alive, then I'd say the best way to run it is as a sperate entity. I'd treat it as a creature, probably with a fairly high 'Ornieryness' stat (Say, 4D) that the user rolls against with their 'Cloak' skill, (A specialisation of beast riding posibly?)

That way, the speed with which the cloak's abilities improve is radicallycontrolled by issuing it it's own CPs. Sure, the wearer can get better at making the suit do what they want it to, but the combat bonuses will go up slowly.

If you do that, then you're simply using established rules and mechanisms to accomplish what I think you're after.

It's been a long long time since I last gagged on the film, so I'm mainly shooting in the dark here. AFAIK, the suit is an etherial 'daemon thing' and it's status vis a vis aliveness is understandably glossed over. For SW though, I think you either would have to treat it as a Force artefact, or go with the 'It's ALIVE!' routine.

If the suit IS alive, then one would expect it to always defend itself from harm. If it's a true symbiote, then it will also attempt to protect it's host all the time.

If the GM rules that the suit's 'mood' is by default set on 'moody' (it'll defend itself and host, but's too depressed to do anything active) Then a Cloak Taming skill roll would be needed to pop it into 'wahay' mode.

21 March 2002, 02:59 AM
I took your ideas onboard and came up with the following.

Dark Side Entity: Sithspawn Shroud
Brawl Parry: 4D
Chain Attack: 4D
Brawling: 4D
Stamina: 3D+1

Natural Weapons
Claws (str+1D)
Chains (str+2D)

The Sithspawn Shroud is an entity, a creature, created by Sith Sorcerors millennia ago with long lost dark magics. Through power of Necromancy, or by mind-wiping a subject the Sith would create a willing host, the SPAWN. Each Spawn would be chosen for their combat prowess and their willingness to be part of the Dark Side. The Shround would envelop the new Spawn, guide it, protect it and flush out it's true killing spirit to make it a formidable Dark Side Warrior.

RPG Rules
The Shroud has a Vampiric nature and can only be harmed by Jedi wielding a Lightsabre, Sith Swords, Enchanted Weapons or by Force Attacks. The Shroud is still vunerable to Stun attacks.

The Spawn must have been Incapacitated before the Shroud can be attacked.

The Shroud can attack and defend itself independantly, however, it may only attack if attacked or if the Spawn is attacked.

The Spawn may call upon the Shroud's skills to combine with his own. (use 1st Ed. combining rules) Skills that can be combined are Brawl, Brawl Parry, Melee Parry & Chain Attack.

The Shroud must feed on either blood of victims or absorb 'creatures of the night' (slugs, worms, rats, bats) each day or become dormant.

The Shround becomes dormant in direct sunlight or within areas strong with the Light Side of the Force.

The Spawn's body will take on a rotting appearance and the Spawn will suffer -2D to all interpersonal skills (Bargain, con, charm).

The Shroud cannot heal the Spawn, although it can drag his body to safty until natural healing takes effect.

CPs awarded to the Sithspawn can be used to increase skills of the Shroud.

New Skill: Sithspawn Chain Attack (Dex)
This allows the Sithspawn to control the natural weapons of the Sithspawn Shround. These spiked chains can lash out at up to 8 meters causing Str+2D damage.

21 March 2002, 08:51 AM
(Copy, paste, evil grin)
Sithspawn, that cape is just scary! I love the way it can drag the Spawn to safety. How about the parachute option? (I didn't see the film, but i believe there was a scene where Spawn party-crashed a ball through the ceiling, using the cape to land safely).
Again, this is great stuff!

21 March 2002, 03:24 PM
Thanks for the praise.
The SPAWN movie is by far not the best example of Spawn. You'd be best off reading the comics or watching the HBO animated series.

I created the Shroud/Cloak in a manner that would leave little work for the GM. The GM does not always want to be focusing on one PC all the time. But should the GM wish I see no problem with the GM saying 'the Shroud wants to do this', and like The Admiral suggested have the Spawn make a Willpower roll to see if he can keep control. I think things like the parachute would be on a Survival roll, but at GM discretion. Sort of a gut reaction of survival for the Shroud.