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Rick Vogt
20 March 2002, 03:04 AM

I'm just plain mad :mad: I tell ya........Check out the post by WizO_Jedi.

So in light of recent events......any takers on SB's at 1/4 retail????????:raised:

I truly don't know what to say about this.....I got back into RPGs' BECAUSE of the d20 SW RPG. I had been on a long hiatus from them because things kept switching.....and you had to buy different versions every year....................but the product support was good.

Now they go and take away WHAT LITTLE support there is for SW BESIDES the guys here at SWRPGNetwork.........I mean seriously.........most GOOD RPGs' have a periodical for their support.....SW went and done it.....and now it's gone.

Gamer gave me a wealth of info.....at a decent price. If you scroll down to my post on the link above you'll note some of the more recent things I liked about Gamer.

And YES, this place rocks.......but I definetly want something like Gamer to be around......GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....I'm just plain pissed! :mad:

Sorry....a late edit.....

The very next time I think about buying a SB....someone smack me hard and then tell me to make another donation to this place....ok8o

Donovan Morningfire
20 March 2002, 07:01 AM
Well allow me to retort.

Since I'm more than just a casual presence on the WotC boards, I looked through a few other threads on the same topic over there.

Firstly, JD Wiker has asked that we want until we get the final word. An official decision has not yet been reached.

Secondly, WizO_the_Hutt has talked with Dave Gross, the editor-in-chief of SW Gamer, and according to Dave, there is no official word as of yet on Gamer's future.

Another point to remember is that the WizO's are more-or-less volunteers, and not necessarily privy to any special information. What WizO_Jedi said may have simply been rumormill stuff.

And honestly, WizO_Jedi has pretty much been absent on those boards for most of his tenure, so I'm taking his words with some really big grains of salt.

(Man, I feel like I'm doing major damage control here)

Rick, not buying any further Star Wars d20 products isn't going to bring Gamer back. That's part of the reason that Gamer's status is in question; it isn't profitable. And WotC is doing what it does to make money. One of the main reasons Gamer wasn't profitable was that LFL had some archiac agreement with another publisher for overseas sales, so Gamer could only be sold in the US and Canada, which drastically cuts down on their profits, as they aren't reaching the global market as are the rest of their products and periodicals.

Your upset about Gamer possibly being gone. I can understand that. I'm not thrilled myself. But's it's best to wait until we have all the facts, and not just speculation.

Reverend Strone
20 March 2002, 12:23 PM
Well, if SW Gamer does go the way of the Dodo, all I can say is I'm sure glad I found this place. It'd be a hard, cold RPG world without the Holonet and Gamer.