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20 March 2002, 05:05 AM
I have a theroy on the sw world. first i have a bit to say

ep 1 intro of anakin
ep2 ankin going bad
ep3 anakin kills all jedi
ep4 ankins kid rises
ep5 ankins kid get stringer
ep6 anakins kid beats palpatine/sid
ep 7 anakins grand child is learning the force
ep8 anakins grand child starts to fight against the yuuzhan vong
ep9 anakins grandkid removes the yuuzhan vong from the sw galaxy

This is my theroy the force gave palaptine/sidious a vison of the yuuzhan bong and instilled in him an urge to unite the galaxy. so he went about it and was rewarded with anakin. the plan failed (rebel alliance). so luke formed the galaxy back togeter again (big icon or what) then yuuzhan vong came and new republic shattered they had none of the planning that palpatine/sidiuos had. 15 years later the galaxy is in a constant wars (40 after a new hope) so ben skywalker becomes the hero of his genration and bands the govermants togher to fight the yuuzhan vong (like the dragon in the wheel of time books)

thought i would just rant it out so i did tell me what you think and your theroies to please

see ya