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21 March 2002, 10:08 AM
What is the most dangerous thing your RPG character has ever done?

Emperor Xanderich II
21 March 2002, 11:21 AM
I wouldn't vote for any, as it would probably be flyinh his ship, Trianii Patrol shipHornet . The players had to destroy a Soul Reaver crystal, and they had no less than two ISD's and Vader in Executor chasing them. They flew as close as they could to the Maw Cluster and chucked the gem towards it at the last possible moment, destroying it forever.

It then took some damn good piloting skills to escape the gravity pull!!8o

21 March 2002, 11:55 AM
Back when I was Playing my character Korath in the D6 system, we were playing around the time of the YJK books during the Shadow Acaedmy. In the battle at the Jedi Academy, Korath took out an old ATAT with nothing but his lightsaber. As the ATAT was lumbering into the area, Korath ran along side it and slashed completely thorugh the ankle on one of the front legs and partially through the ankle of the corresponding back leg. then. he just kept on running past as the thing went "TIMBERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!" It was then blasted by one of the other character's YT-1300 as it was falling.

Jedi Master Antilles
21 March 2002, 12:29 PM
there's been several.these are just a few..but i've been playing this character for over 7 years..he's taken on the emperor and his dark side minions,he's battled a Yuzzohn Vong warmaster and his troops by himself, he's battled High Inquistitor Tremayne and his elite troops ,he has taken on a star destroyer with only a Y-wing..(he didn't win that one,in fact retreat was a very good plan) and just because i love takin my shots at Tramp's character Korath.(The infinites one that i adventured with ).the single most dangerous thing my character has done is associate and try to help out Korath Loren,because that in itself is asking a jedi to put up with alot..Ha..Ha.. The Jeggred strikes back!

Donovan Morningfire
21 March 2002, 12:34 PM
Unfortunately, I can't vote for any of the options, since probably the single most dangerous thing any of my RPG characters has ever done is give Emperor Palpatine (as of Dark Empire) a double-barreled Stone Cold Salute ... to his face, while aboard the munchkin express aka the Eclipse. The thing that still amazes me to this day is that I somehow managed lived to tell the tale. But then, Ryu always did have a hard time dying, especially when the GM came a gunnin' :D

Jedi Master Antilles
21 March 2002, 12:41 PM
Unfortunately, I can't vote for any of the options, since probably the single most dangerous thing any of my RPG characters has ever done is give Emperor Palpatine (as of Dark Empire) a double-barreled Stone Cold Salute ... to his face, while aboard the munchkin express aka the Eclipse. The thing that still amazes me to this day is that I somehow managed lived to tell the tale. But then, Ryu always did have a hard time dying, especially when the GM came a gunnin'


LOL ...yeah gotta love when the GM's starts gunnin for ya and ya outwit and live through every obstacle he throws at ya..and then he gets frustrated and wonders what the heck he can do to take yer character out of action...it makes for a totally satisfying day of RP'ng when ya beat the GM.plus makes yer character just that more cool to play.

21 March 2002, 12:54 PM
There have been so many close calls it's impossible to name them all, but none on the list even come close. One of the better ones was when I had my PCs move along the top of a speeding (and shaking) repulsortrain (including jumping the connections between cars!) that was traveling along tracks raised 40m, in the dark, in the rain, with stormtroopers laying down a blistering hail of repeating blaster fire. Miraculously, all the PCs survived that adventure. :D

Jedi Master Antilles
21 March 2002, 01:16 PM
I have several other characters who have done some pretty outlandish things...one took his freighter into the hangar bay of a super star destroyer and opened fire while inside and then tried to make a new exit using proton torpedoes and quad lasers.

another has taken on a darksider and his master and managed to defeat them both on only his second mission .( I.E. he was 3rd lvl,and i was using every thing i could to gain an advantage and got lucky as hell)

but the craziest is when quite a few of us used to hijack imperial star destroyers and interdictors for the rebellion.

21 March 2002, 03:35 PM
This is of the other players in the group, and I say players not characters. It also falls into the 'are you sure you want to do that?' and the 'are you crazy?' catergory too. They asked so nicely too.
Can we have another Otherspace adventure?
They did, and a PC died!

Of my own PCs?
I suppose it has to be Dr.Q-Zark. The bad guys have us pinned down and are threatening to detonate a nuclear warhead. So I figure, 'lets call their bluff.' So the good doctor, who is my own high-tech version of the Ugnaughts with no combat skills, waltzes over to the aforementioned nuclear device and starts hammering on it. Failing that he gets out his tool kit to open it up. All in the aim of setting it off!
Guess what, the bad guys were bluffing and the only thing the GM could think of at the time was to have the bad guys teleport the bomb away from me before I did more damage than even they were planning :D

21 March 2002, 04:04 PM
The most dangerous thing that I have had a character involved in was a very fun but nerve wracking series of adventures that were set in the Xwing series timeframe. We were running equipment to the NR outposts along the contested zone between the Imperial remnant and NR space. On one mission toward the end of the campaign, we had just sucessfully contacted out supplier(which went suprisingly easy, so we were all on our toes for the hammer to fall). When we launched, it was in four stolen tie interceptors and out battered, but well modified, transport. the Ties had been outfitted with emergency hyperdrives which were set for a single jump of just a few lightyears to rondevous with a NR frigate.
When we breached atmosphere, imagine our supprise when we saw the black shape of the Iron Fist, a super star destroyer, and its escort of star destroyers and fighters.
It was 4 fighters and one tramp freighter against the might of the iron fist. we were able to escape, but barely. we lost half of our group in that battle, as well as our freighter. I was one of two to get out. That was the most dangerous thing my PC has ever done

Uncle Fuzz
21 March 2002, 06:41 PM
My last group, a Rise of the Empire Era bank robbing gang, couldn't shake a posse of Trade Federation Scarabs, and they couldn't hit any of them with the ships guns either, so figuring that they were in a far more heavily armored ship with strong shields, they started ramming them. It ended their bank robbing days real quick.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
21 March 2002, 06:41 PM
it was a futuristic "Smokie & The Bandit" chase and I managed to agrivate the GM as equally well as the bandit did to the sherif :D

My char flown head on into a fleet of ships in his YT-2400 ... the fleet was already in chaos with few capital ships damaged from heavy combat while shuttles and troop transports were ferying between the cap ships like bees in a nest ... Swerving and jinking through the whole fleet swarm while being persued by Interceptors ... Making tigt turns around the cap ship hulls for cover ... Doing a sensor ID / sweep the whole time ... Took some damageto the ship but he did manage to scoot away ...

The cap ships couldn't fire due to risking frying their own ships and craft

No real casualties except the Fleet Admiral's pride and the GM's sanity :D

21 March 2002, 06:45 PM
well in SWRPG I've been the GM all the time so can't say... in RPGing in General it'd have to be my MW3rd edition char who tried to shove a literal ticking time bomb in a mechs foot... sadly said timebomb went off :)

Nova Spice
21 March 2002, 06:55 PM
How's skimming under an Imperial Star Destroyer in a Y-wing with no shields, engine damage, and fifteen TIE Fighters ad TIE Bombers chasing you? You know, I wished my hyperdrive was working when that happened.....too bad though...damn R5 unit...wouldn't quit squealing.....imagine ejecting with the sound of a R5 droid in your ear! Bad news was that the little pipsqueak ejected with me and we had to watch the rest of the squadron destroy the ISD right in front of us!
That droid never did shut up........

21 March 2002, 07:30 PM
Hmmm... How 'bout punching it into hyperdrive while the luxury cruiser you're piloting is still in the belly of an Imperial Star Destroyer... uhhh... shooting the head off of an AT-AT with the standard weapons found on a Speeder Bike. (yeah, so it took a couple of passes to pop it off, but it still fell.)

The scarry thing is that these kind of stunts are common fair for my character and our group in general... but then Rebellion Black Spec Ops never were right in the head. ;)

21 March 2002, 08:27 PM
Mine would have to be a tie between two scenarios.

1. Fighting a Sith master one on one.


2. Taking on a Super Star Destroyer with only a small group of snub fighters.

Reverend Strone
21 March 2002, 08:36 PM
One of the Characters in my campaign (a Dug Scoundrel) decided the best way to break a standoff between two PCs and a bunch of Tusken Raiders who had them pinned down behind rocks in a valley was to walk out into the open, slugrifle blazing.

Counting on his high DC he ran down each Tusken Raider in turn, rushing straight at their concealed positions on the valley walls around he and his wounded partner and took them all out over the course of four rounds without taking a hit.

The final two Raiders fled the carnage and the bellowing little Dug commando who gave chase. Coming round the corner of the valley he ran (Han Solo style) straight into another six Raiders who were coming to support their buddies. At this point the Dug realized his luck was likely up and made a hasty retreat, firing the whole time. He managed to fight his way back out of the valley taking a couple of hits, dragging his wounded partner over the lip before collapsing by their battered old barge and finally passing out.

the most remarkable aspect of this epic tale of survival and shear gall on the part of a PC was that he was 1st level when it happened and this was the first combat of the campiagn!

Lucky Dug- I'm gonna have to watch that one.

Ash DuQuennes
21 March 2002, 11:19 PM
E. None of the above.

I decided to play a professional fighter pilot in a group where the Empire is played smart instead of as a bunch of cut-out strawman villains who fall over when the good guys look at them cross-eyed.

22 March 2002, 10:59 AM
One of my characters decided it would be a good idea to throw a thermal detanator in a small bar. Lets just say alot of people died in the chaos.

22 March 2002, 11:47 AM
thoose votes are nothing...

ive shot at kadann's head (lucky for me that he didnt care)

taken on dyyz nataz, spurch warhog goa AND boba fett and lived to tell about it

flown a speeder in full-speed in the mines on Ryloth AND Kessel (it was a competition, far more advanced than the one in TPM)

beeing chased by 2 TIE interceptors in a asteroid field with the latheral thrusters dead

unintentionally offended Xizor when he was listening just 2 meters away

22 March 2002, 12:15 PM
I'm GM, but here's some of the amazing stuff my players have done:

We play in the rebellion era...
In the last module, the players decide to run the blockade on naboo. So, with no real plan, they jump to the edge of Naboo space with only their unmodified YT-2000 and a Y-Wing. They quickly power down and decide to wait for some other blockade runners to come along so they could join with them (in the hopes that they would make it). Well a patrol of Tie Interceptors happens by and spots the two ships sitting there. The Y starts a fight with them (but the noble shooting the ion cannon misses badly), and a rather one sided fight breaks out. The ties cream the YT (knocking it down to 10 hull points), and after taking heavy damage the Y quickly makes a jump to the next system (tatooine). They arrive, land and start trying to deal for another ship. They take all their cash, sell the Y and buy a modified YT-1300. They did some GREAT negotiating (the noble kicked butt with his diplomacy rolls) and they get a ship that rivals the Millenium Falcon. Then they set out to find some blockade runners up to the task of going into Naboo. It ends up the Noble makes a deal with Jabba the Hutt (trades info on the blockade from the Y's sensors for the chance to run with his spice runners), THEN calls the rebellion for backup (more great diplomacy rolls), and gets it all together to go back THE NEXT DAY. Meanwhile the crew of the YT is being tortured by imperials in the hold of an ISD. The YT crew spills the beans (thanks to some torture ideas I got here off the holonet) and tells the imps everything (including the locations of all the rebel bases they've been to). The imps are quite please and decide to move the YT crew to a proper holding cell (pending their termination). One of the YT crew is a force user and makes a deal with the sith lord in his head (sith ghost, long story), and takes 3 DSP and tosses force lightning at the 2 stormtroopers "escorting" them to their cells. They then steal their armor and sneak down to engineering. Once there they overpower the engineers and rig the engines to go critical. They then sneak back to their own ship (which still only has 10 hull points) and start to head out. The ISD blows up, tossing the YT end over end out of the system, just as the reenforcements arrive (the shockwave from the ISD knocked them all out of hyperspace early. Many many great piloting rolls prevent the new ships from smashing into the forlorn YT-2000, and eventually they get picked up by their friends. The blockade run is succesful and much more chaos ensues on the planet once they arrive. What a night of gaming THAT was...

Darth Bile
22 March 2002, 12:37 PM
Well, one, and i do mean one, out of many outrageous things some of my characters has done is be sent on a mission to rescue a group of jedi's from an imperial encampment, and he was all by himself in doing it, no back up, no nothing, so, he climbed up cliffs, took out a few imperial stormtroopers without firing a shot, all by hand, then sniped out a few more imperial troops, grab the jedi's , steal a lambda class shuttle and leave some booby traps for the imperials to find on the other ships when they started them up, can we say the roaring twenties style of starting a ship up, hehehehe, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
or we can go with the time my ex sithlord apprentice turned jedi basically took out some at-at (4), all the troopers, plus 3 battalions of military personal just to get his wife( who later betrayed him by joining the empire and placing a 3,000,000 bounty on him.

Fred Getce
22 March 2002, 01:50 PM
I HAVE got too have some of you gamers in my group so I can run you through your paces. Most of my players could add their own great moments but they usually end with, "Oh I also died, but not before the bad guys."

I am the killer GM. (insert evil smiley) Hey Moderatoprs we need a evil smiley face. A combination of angry smiley eyes and happy smile mouth.

My own dangerous moment wasn't in Star Wars, so humor me.

We were playing Boothill and I was playing Gabriel Belle a Aussie gun fighter-womanizing-outlaw and our gang tried robbing two banks in the same town during daylight hours. We were successful, but with some injured and one dead gang member. I wasn't hit during the whole bank job, but as I was making my way to my horse I was shot at by some guy from the hotel on the next block so I dropped one of the money bags and fired one of my barrels from my double barrel shotgun and delivered four serious wounds to his abdomen and caused about 14 strength loss. GM rules he was down and dead. Than I fired the second barrel at a deputized citizens and blew his head off with a mortal head wound at 20 paces, than had to drop my shotgun and perform a fastdraw and shot another deputized citizen through the right lung with a mortal wound. After that every person standing out in the street gave me a very WIDE berth. Hee hee.

Gabriel Belle is still alive and is my oldest run character. I created him in April of 1994 and he is currently 27 (I started him at 22). His stats are



He has other skills but they are more esthetic like literacy and mining.

I did have a bounty on my head for about 1500 collars but after his beast friend was shot and killed by Texas Rangers he turned himself in at the Texas capital and was aquitted after his appeal (must of had Johnny Cochrans ancestor or something) and was released a free man.

What a country. :rolleyes:

22 March 2002, 02:35 PM
Since none of the examples given were even remotely close; its a toss up, you can take your pick of the most dangerous. This is my Jedi character Kobayashi Maru.

1- Jumped from party's SS to NPC's SS and proceeded to cut hole in door for access with lightsaber while in pursuit.

2-Fought multiple Sith warriors on a planet tearing itself apart and had to make it off before it did.

3-Entered closed and radiated enginnering room to fix the hyperdrive, before a massive explosion destoyed a whole system. (Which actually cost his life!)

4-I stink palmed Emp. Palp. once, he didn't seem to mind.:D

5-I actually put Jedi Ronin as a description of me here at the holonet.:raised:

Now my Rodian, Scoundrel Jaek Lohgan, the most dangerous thing he has done was call a Trandoshian bouncer and his cronies a pole smoker. Either that or started a bar brawl with a 600 lbs. cyborg. Once again your choice.

But I'd have to say if the examples in the poll are the most dangerous things your party has done, you need a fire lit under your butt. Bub!;)

22 March 2002, 09:05 PM
when I was playing my Smuggler, Listian Montari, I misunderstood my GM about how quickly a band of commandos would be busting into Jabba's palace. So when he was captured because of the bounty on his head, he started giving Jabba a hard time. At first my GM thought I was joking, but I was serious because I thought the cavalry would be busting in at any moment. The conversation culminated with Listian slapping Jabba in the butt region and saying "Awe shut the he11 up fatty." At this point my GM busted up laughing and doudle checked if I wanted to do that. I said yea "...the commandos should be here any second right?" Well they weren't due for another 30min or so. I nearly messed myself and had to work some fairly creative heroics to get out of there. 4 forcepoints later I was out, and the commandos only had a mop up job to do.

It took me 6 adventures to get those forcepoints back. And the bounty...forget about it. Fortunately this was shortly before Lea strangled the poor slug, so I didn't have to be paranoid for too long.

Jedi Master Antilles
22 March 2002, 09:18 PM
well i did have one character who used to contact the emperor with telepathy all the time ..(weg rules) and then taunt and make fun of him while he was contacting him.and that was just for kicks and laughs..then he used to send open communiqaes over the holonet telling people how palpy couldnt find him and couldnt kill him.of course theres also the time he called jabba fat while standing in front of him.of course there are alot more and probably more that were even more dangerous in the 7 years i played him,but i've forgotten quite a bit.

Mathis Kharr
22 March 2002, 09:20 PM
I once insulted the Emperor calling him a withered old prune of a man. that was pretty stupid lol..

Korath? Yo man have you taking your vitamines? you looking kinda peekish? or is it just cause i am following ya?

Tony J Case, Super Genius
23 March 2002, 01:24 AM
Originally posted by Jedi Master Antilles
LOL ...yeah gotta love when the GM's starts gunnin for ya and ya outwit and live through every obstacle he throws at ya..and then he gets frustrated and wonders what the heck he can do to take yer character out of action...it makes for a totally satisfying day of RP'ng when ya beat the GM.plus makes yer character just that more cool to play.

I had a GM out and out try and kill the entire party once. Despite him throwing everything he could at us, the Force Points and luck of the dice were with us all that night. We all managed to get through unscathed - well, except for the GM's character - killed while in NPC status by his own hand. Whoops.

As for the poll - I'm going to vote NONE also. Frankly, the choices listed are hredly dangerous at all.

Now - jumping off a cliff and snatching a rope trailing off an hijacked X-Wing, climbing said rope and tossing a Thermal Detonator into the engine intake (blowing up the X-Wing and saving the rest of the party) and then leaping off into raging rapids - now *THAT'S* danger.

Darth Bile
23 March 2002, 08:01 AM
course, there was the time my noghri cut a hole in the cockpit in a yt-1300, that had no air cept in the cockpit, with a lightsaber he borrowed from a jedi, which needless to say, he killed everyone with that act, muahahahahaha, and didn't get a darkside point at all, but the jedi did, muahahahahahha, i'm EVIL, hehehe

23 March 2002, 08:56 PM
Amazingly enough, my character actually did jump off of a cliff once (it was actually a a building a few stories high, but it was the same basic idea), it was because I was chasing a bounty hunter that hold sold me out to Jabba, and thanks to a spectacular Strength roll, I hit the ground running and caught him.

Dark Knight
23 March 2002, 09:19 PM
There is a fine line between dangerous and stupid as far as the majority of games I play in. Since I usually play with what i will call the roleplaing-handicapped, i am usually leader by default. That has gotten me nearly killed more times than i can count. I have a pascifistic falleen noble jedi consular who was making a speech, and it turned out that his podium was rigged to explode. Now his inept wookie bodyguard (the explosives expert) was twiddling his thumbs noticed a member of the crowd with a detonator and gave the cue to clear the area and take out the carrier of said detonator....it was beutiful watching the wookie fumble his disable device rolls 3 times as well as each time he did so i was trying to have my character was trying to become 1 with the force so that he could haunt the silly wookie after he died knowing full well that if the bomb went off through sheer luck alone he would die and the wookie would walk away unscathed...i have REAL bad luck.
Don't get me started on how my favorite character lost his arm in a Jedi trap because he thought it would be a good idea to be the brave one and tell everyone else to get out before him while the trap ended up taking his arm.

darth maim
23 March 2002, 11:39 PM
That's allright I GM and one of my players decided to play a Wookiee spice addicted Jedi Guardian. He walks out of a crowd and sees a group of menacing looking people staring in his general direction... in the center is what he can only determine to be a VERY powerful sith lord... he pulls out his blaster in one hand and his lightsaber in the other... runs up shooting and attacks full on when he gets there... he is disabled and brought down without being killed.

Turns out it was the rest of the party and they were being questioned by other Jedi guardians about the bloodshed the wook had caused just earlier by walking right past an attack on a shop. He was just too high to realize and was hallucinating when he saw his friends. (I have all of my players roll on the rifts effects of drugs and effects of alcohol charts).

24 March 2002, 09:22 AM
I was chasing a bounty hunter that hold sold me out to Jabba, and thanks to a spectacular Strength roll, I hit the ground running and caught him.

An Ewok did that? Most impressive.

24 March 2002, 09:28 AM
1- trow a thermal detonator in Jabba House at Mos esley(imagine the consequence after ......)8o

2- 2 player fight themself in their ship at the same time of space combat......(imagine the other payer...and the master):D

3- 1 player want to... in the a s s of another player barabel......(image the barabel player face and mine.....)8o

4- 1 player that attack Darth Vader with a Spoon......and do (d6)67 dammage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: :? (imagine gamemaster situation, it is very dangerours)

24 March 2002, 11:32 AM
Originally posted by dragonseye
Hmmm... How 'bout punching it into hyperdrive while the luxury cruiser you're piloting is still in the belly of an Imperial Star Destroyer... uhhh... shooting the head off of an AT-AT with the standard weapons found on a Speeder Bike. (yeah, so it took a couple of passes to pop it off, but it still fell.)

The scarry thing is that these kind of stunts are common fair for my character and our group in general... but then Rebellion Black Spec Ops never were right in the head. ;)

right on brother Spec ops rule. I rammed a Star Destroyer with a luxury liner after sabotage had taken down the ISDs shields, big badda boom immediate promotion to the Spec OPs.

24 March 2002, 04:32 PM
When band of player disrupt(they want easy money) in is temple, a Sith master in is sarcophage(really this is immoral) and this have enough Force energie to be "listen" by the Emperor and that he send Vader to investigate. So the player have affront Vader and a dead Sith master......... they are escape, but one have been dommed. his left Hand was becom a alien arm..........

Talonne Hauk
24 March 2002, 06:02 PM
Well, my character is only 4th level (2 soldier/ 2 Jedi Guardian), so he's not that cool yet. But he did manage to take out 2/3 of a wing of TIE fighters while piloting an X-wing. Said X-wing returned with no shields, a stuck s-foil, and blown out fire control computer. (And I think my GM was being generous.) I think the Enhance Ability skill is extremely useful now.

Korwin Blade
27 March 2002, 11:41 AM
I don't have any SW RPG characters doing this yet. But i do remember in a d&d campaign where i took this sword of the wall and put it on my back and it backstabbed me and almost killed me. There was this other time when the gnome in the party had this saying of "Save the Gnome", but this time he jump up in front of the 6 armed monster with 6 sword and said to it " Momma". The proseded to get jump between its legs and back stab it and the gnome took this thing out by himself. Laugh my self silly over that one for the rest of the night.

Ash DuQuennes
27 March 2002, 08:36 PM
Attacked an ISD with two Y-Wings. I was in one, another player, the other. We blew it up. That shouldn't have happened.

We put our heads together (GM/Players) and agreed it never happened. We settled for "we flew around it and vaguely annoyed it for a few rounds until it began launching TIE Fighters, then we beat feet outta there."

We got good Karma Points (worth about as much as a $3 bill) for sheer insanity, but no CP.

We were new players, the GM was new to both GMing in general and SW in particular (he wanted to try it, we let him; he actually had a good plot line, just fuzzy on the game system mechanics).

29 March 2002, 06:54 AM
I can't really say I've done any of those things. However, in a recent adventure my group was on an Imperial controlled planet trying to purchase some R2 units for the RA. We were identified and a squad of stormtroopers came into the shop, which was an old landing bay complete with magnetic field. Myself and our pilot were in the shop area when they entered, and our noble and scoundrel were in the back with our own R2 unit we had just purchased. When the crud started flying, the R2 unit deactivated the magnetic field in order to flush the stormtroopers into the partial vacuum. Unfortunately, my FA has a very low strength score, and failed his check to see if he held onto the rack. In a desperate attempt to survive, he pulled his heavy blaster with grappling spike launcher attached on the underside, and fired. Talk about the perfect time to roll a natural 20. One of the STs caught onto my leg, but a simple Force Push shook him off and I barely survived the encounter.

29 March 2002, 09:11 AM
It probably wasn't the most dangerous thing one of my characters ever did, but it's the one that got the most laughs. We were in a museum talking to some historian type when an assassin bursts in and shoots him. So we all chase him down until he jumps out the window into a waiting speeder. The others stop and curse fate. I jump out the window after him, after being asked if I was sure, and reminded that it was the 5th floor and that the door to the speeder was now closed. The GM stares at me like I'm insane and says "Okay, roll to make the jump." So, I made the roll, and I was a very good roll. The GM sighs and says 'Okay, but you can't hold on to the speeder and your blaster.' So, I drop the blaster. The speeder starts to move. There's no way to get inside this thing, and this plan is looking less sane by the second. That's when I declare that I'm going to attack the speeder with my bare claws (I was playing a felinoid species) and mediocre strength. So, we make the rolls. The speeder's roll is lousy. 1 on the wild die, and the highest other die was 4. It came out with a grand total of 8. My damage roll on the other hand was good. The results said that the speeder was destroyed. The GM is staring at the dice with this sort of 'I hate you' spiteful gaze and pondering how he's going to handle this, then he looks up at me and says 'There's no way you can destroy this thing with your bare hands. You know that, right?' Anyway, I was pretty sure that he wanted these guys to get away, and I didn't want to cause him undue stress. So I accepted the result that I'd managed to knock open a maintainence panel and shred some control circuits. But THEN I had to think of a way off the speeder. I ended up bailing before it picked up too much speed and getting a minor case of road rash through armor. Later in the mission, though, he did let us use the damaged speeder as a clue in tracking down the assassin, so he didn't make it completely not worth my while to have pulled this stunt.

29 March 2002, 01:53 PM
I Have several things, but this one will be one of the most dangerous ones.

I once killed my game masters favorite souped up power NPC not once, but twice.
How you ask ?

Well this is how the story goes.

I was a peaceful ××××× of a Gwajurantis (a PC created cross of a Drow/Cambion and Irda) one of my friends offered to heal me after a battle, which unfortunately turned out to be a Quest Spell. Being that i was expecting healing (foolish me trusting my fellow PCs) i had no resist. I was quested to go to the black tower and kill the Black Mage (A level 20 Cambion Fighter/Mage with numerous magical items, two of them being +5 longswords of speed - which could also heal). I was personally somewhere around a level 12 fighter + Mage, with not that many magical items, but a few. To my GMs surprise (he had encouraged the other playes to do this, expecting an easy kill - oh yeah we played every man/woman/hermaphrodite for themselves). I had a ring with two wishes.
I enter the tower walk right in (I happend to know the black mage) I see him, banter with him a little, he pulls his swords out to show off. I Mirracourisly turn into a hasted Great Wyrm Gold Dragon, with the help of a couple of wishes. My game master blinks in surprise, but figures with the +25 to hit and +15 or so to damage with somewhere around 7 attacks per round his black mage (honoraily named mage, because the only spells he ever cast was his haste and mega damage spells) could still take me.
Well didn't i just fool him. 1 Breath, 4 Claw + 2 Bite attacks per round along with miscellanous spells to protect me, I defeated him. I got out confronted my freindly priest that had Quested me, had a level 18 Beserker Dwarf attack me (another friend) and defeat them both.
But lo and behold, my GM said, he had forgotten that Black Mage had a ring of heal that would have saved his life so we had to do over. After a little protests from me, snickering from the other players, we di the match over.
With pretty much the same technique (some luckier rolls), despite a quikly souped up Black mage i defeated him again. My Game master got furious and as I was leaving threw his best at me. First the Improved Death Knight, a nasty sort, but still hasted (although returned to human form) with my two newly aquired +5 sword of speed (and many other things) i killed the death knight. Next came two Master Vampires, also killed. I shape change into a bird to escape the walls (with my 3 hps left, and all heiling exhausted) I got shot down by a level 3 guard on a wall. AAAAARRGHHHHHH.
To make matters worse, one of Black Mages servants (Tim oh how i dread the name) managed to some how ressurect Black Mage.

Sorry that this story was D&D and not star wars. I'll post my dread star wars storis later.


9 April 2002, 04:33 AM
I too, will have to say none of the above.
How about this one for making the GM look at you as if to say you did what?!!!!
one of the other character players was the owner of the ship we were traveling in and it gets attacked by pirates. The way the ship works is the central computer is a 3po droid hardwired into a wall named mother. My character is an ewok and because ewoks like shiny things, decides to climb the protocol droid and pull the glowy eyes out of the droid in the middle of the space battle thus killing all the power in the ship. Needless to say the other player was not happy that his ship was now dead in space in the middle of space combat and had to chase down my ewok and convince it to put the eyes back so we could haul A$$ outtathere

Darth Bile
9 April 2002, 05:07 AM
Well, if we gonna talk bout any gaming system, i had a bladesinger, grey elf, haughty as hell, untrusting of party members, specially another grey elf in the party that loved the fireball spell and used it whenever combat came up, no matter how much area we were in, 20' radius spell, 8'x8' foot room, can we say toasted party, hehehe, well, this elf, named K'treva, the bladesinger that is, decided to charge a great wyrm red dragon with just a wand of frost and his moonsword before the party members ever decided to do anything, so, by the time they got there, the dragon was running in fear and was just killed by me when they saw it and me in battle, needless to say, i claimed the treasure for myself since they didn't do anything to help with the battle, boy, did that tick off the other party members, hehehe

10 April 2002, 07:13 PM
well this one was stupid and dangerous.
we found a sith holocron and decided to keep it in our ship.even worst one of our characters is personally holding it in a personal safe rigged with explosives. he also doesn't care about the sith and plans to sell if he can.

Dan Kyrinov
10 April 2002, 08:40 PM
As a GM I don't get to play much, but someone did once run for me and a few others the adventure in the back of the d20 Core Rulebook, Shadow of Coruscant. As a mere 1st level character, when the scene with the Nebula Front demolitioneer came, I went after the thermal detonator. I rolled a 2 on a Demolitions check. Boom. After an improbable fortitude save at DC 19 (I was at -9 WP, house rule for survival at below zero) and a prosthetic lekku, I was back in action for the final scenes. Of course, I'd already read the mission, so it turned out to be fair to the other players I was gone.

16 April 2002, 09:09 PM
My mid-high level dark jedi stormed a hutt's personal quarters on Nar-Shadda. He had taken my pregnant psycho psuedo-love interest as one of his personal slaves following her attempt to steal my child before I could influence with my "evil force powers".

Ripped my way through security. (Trapped in the body of a degenerate massassii) Gutted him in front of his security forces, and used my body as a shield to carry the unconcsious woman out. Wound up doing quite a bit of maiming.

Even stupider: Soon after on my ship headed "home" my erstwhile love interest Captain Val (ex-imperial, like me) insisted that she'd like me to get rid of my lightsabre. Being a lovesick goober, I crushed my sabre in my hand and dropped it on the floor of the transport, doing without it for months until she gave me back the crystal just before disappearing again...

Still don't know if we had a boy or a girl.

18 April 2002, 10:03 AM
My character was a level 8 Master Martial Artist, he did 3d4 dmg for punch and could attack 4 times a turn with and improved crit and threat range of 18-20 (for physical unarmed attaccks only).

Well he was dropped into a hutt animal pit with 7 slashrats. He was only left with his sword. I decided to throw down the sword and go out in a blaze of glory. After a MASSIVE fight my character managed to knock out or kill 5 of the 7 slash rats with his hands alone. He was down to lik 12 wound points. My party member made it to the animal pit keeper door just in time as on of the rats did max dmg with 2 of its 3 attacks, knocking me unconcious. i made it out with 2 wound points. Fun stuff

18 April 2002, 11:14 PM
Most dangerous thing?

Well .. that would be jumping from one ship into another ship while both were in flight. Of course, this was not in space, but it was still a fair way up from the ground.

My character managed to succed jumping the first time, failed to fix the autopilot of the out of control ship, then failed to jump back into his original ship.

Amazingly, my PC survived the fall, but barely. He was, however, unable to move for the rest of the game. :p

19 April 2002, 06:11 PM
another intresting thing happened to one of my previous characters. We were on nar shadda whatching a swoop race. My character was one of those mysterious guys in a helmet and armor, much like boba fett. So i went up to the top of the stadium (HUGE stadium, think 10 times the size of SafeCO field). My job was to assasinate Liea Organa Solo. Well of course the GM thought that would have been too funky...so when i took aim...and fired (getting a 54 for an attack role using the full round aim action, a scope and a a force point), the GM had a Swoop go out of control and explode in the line of my shot. I miss lie...and hit a plasma line behind here...and took out the entire front section of the stadium...killing about oh..10 thousand people. SO in the chaos...Lieas personal body guards located my position, and came up behind me.

I was outnumbered...so...in one quick movment i latched my grappling hook to the edge and jumped. I failed my clib check just barely so the crank mechanism locked and i was dangling about 400 feet in the air like a worm on a hook, with the body guards shooting at me.

Well, my friend So-Var Leet saw this...stole a Swoop, and flew up to save me....he failed his piloting check and could only get to about 50 feet below me before the swoop was hit by the body guards...so i had a split second to jump and try to catch the swoop. I passed the check...barely....and the swoop plummeted to the ground. We both had to roll jump/tumble checks to break our falls.


So-Var Leet
19 April 2002, 07:19 PM
That was a cool mission.

19 April 2002, 07:26 PM
i still cant forgive aelx for not letting my cap Liea...But killing 10 thousand people instead WAS a good replacment...though not exactly what i had in mind..but its not every day you get to kill 10 thousand birds with one stone.

Emperor Xanderich II
20 April 2002, 03:20 AM
Originally posted by Zraii
But killing 10 thousand people instead WAS a good replacment

Hmm. I see you're keeping everythingin your adventures with the spirit of Star Wars...:raised: :)

Jett Darkstar
20 April 2002, 09:31 AM
The most dangerous things my character has done so far:

Ty Vinn, a Jedi Consular (level 3; 1 rank in Climb), was scaling a steep cliffside to reach what he later learned was the tomb of an ancient darksider. No climbing gear; just hands and feet. After a short trail that carried him about 1/4 of the way gave out, my GM ruled that it would take about 8-10 Climb checks for Ty to climb up the very tall cliff. I passed the first two Climb checks pretty easily, then the dice went cold. Only a pair of great Reflex saves spared the young Jedi from a big fall followed by a painful sudden stop.

After one more failed Climb check and a Reflex save that was just enough to avoid a fall, I got the idea of using my lightsaber to cut some handholds into the solid rock. This tactic made things easier.

Some of Ty's other dangerous adventures include:

Fighting in an arena against a stronger Sith warrior while the reigning Dark Lord and his forces looked on (think of the fight between Maximus and Tigris in Gladiator)
Becoming trapped in an ancient darksider's tomb and encountering the dark side spirit of said darksider, not only surviving but also becoming the spirit's new protoge
Dueling a 5th-level Sith assassin sent by the Dark Lord's rival and winning

Ty's had some pretty dangerous adventures yet he still keeps surviving.

So-Var Leet
20 April 2002, 10:45 AM
Originally posted by Emperor Xanderich II

Hmm. I see you're keeping everythingin your adventures with the spirit of Star Wars...:raised: :)

We were playing a dark side campaign ... if you couldn't tell. :)

So-Var Leet, before turning to the Dark Side once battled three darksiders at the same time and won when he was but a mere 7th level and newly Knighted.

Jett Darkstar
20 April 2002, 03:34 PM
Ditto. I'm also playing Ty in a friend's Dark Side campaign, this one set before the Fall of the Sith Empire comic series, about two years before the Hyperspace War.

It's good to be bad. http://www.dimensional.com/~nevyn/images/devilishgrin.gif

4 May 2002, 10:49 PM
Most dangerous? It would have to have been when, during the Ubiquitous Tatooine Adventure, in an attempt to earn money to pay for damage to the Mos Eisley Starport (I crashed a luxury liner through it), my character flew a prop plane in a race in which it had been 20 years since anyone had finished in second place... damn wild die...:D

Slayde Dylin
5 May 2002, 03:27 PM
Begin Transmission--

Greetings from the bridge of The Blue Mako:

I too cannot vote for any of those options. The most dangerous thing I have done SO FAR is… while on Kessel we were preparing the ship to leave when a group of inspectors and an officer came to do a departure inspection. I was identified by one the officer as someone who had been involved in the destruction of a docking bay the night before. Well as things go in the game a gun battle broke out and they were taken out. Well one thing led to another and we had to figure out what we were going to do with the bodies. So we loaded them onto a repulsor cart covered them up with a tarp with a bunch of crap we were throwing away. I took the bodies out of the docking bay when I ran into the stormtroopers that had come with the inspectors. They asked what was taking so long I told them they were inspecting one of the ships and then asked where the closest incinerator was… Needless to say the officer and inspector are now polluting the air above Kessel.

Remember if you are ever on Kessel stop by the Jackal’s Anvil and ask for Cree Monal, Cron Roal, or Sel Ect for any and all of your shipping needs.

Slayde Out

End Transmission--

5 May 2002, 04:29 PM
The most dangerous thing I think my group and I have ever done was try to control an 14 year old that we had raised with previous characters we had made. Now, though that does not seem bad, the real bad part is that our previous characters were hugely infamous characters in the galaxy, had major influence in the political realm, and, oh yea, were just basically all evil and force users. So, this child had a warped sense of reality, was force sensative, was a major pilot/pickpocket/con artist and never really grew up per say because he was never shown the world except for what we let him. So yea, trying to be parents to that kind of a child, definitely the most dangerous adventure and the most funest adventures we could encounter.

5 May 2002, 05:16 PM
I had an Ewok. He was a very rich Ewok. He bet his life savings on a game of Russian Roulette and lost...

Lord Byss
8 May 2002, 06:55 AM
None of the above, the options are pretty lousy...

Probably involving some starship antics but I'll spare you the details.

8 May 2002, 08:59 AM
Originally posted by Lord Byss
None of the above, the options are pretty lousy...

Probably involving some starship antics but I'll spare you the details.

PLEASE, give us the details!!!!!!!!!

8 May 2002, 11:56 AM
A dangerous situation that springs to mind occured when I was playing a Twi'Lek jedi during the Imperial timeframe.

The party was involved in a chase through an Imperial installation, we eventually escaped and boarded our ship. However when we attempted to escape the planet, we encountered a squadron of TIE fighters and some type of Imperial supply freighter while still in the atmosphere. The freighter was on our tail, and the TIEs were taking it to us hard. Eventually the party decided to abandon ship. I ushered everyone into the escape pod, and at the last second, decided not to go with them. I jettisoned the pod and proceeded to the cargo bay, at the rear of the ship. I activated Enhance Attribute, and then jumped onto the freighter that was following us. (And yes, the GM about had a heart attack. I did burn some force points doing all this too! :))

I opened the freighter's emergency hatch with the force and jumped into the ship. With lightsaber activated, I walked to the bridge and issued the crew a one word command, "Land!"

They landed the ship right next to my partys' escape pod. The Imperials were told to get out, and the PCs quickly boarded. We then made our escape aboard an Imperial freighter.

That was a fun game.

8 May 2002, 12:00 PM
Arbitan, that is one of the coolest player stories I've ever heard. I may have to use that one someday, assuming I get the chance to do something like it :)

8 May 2002, 12:33 PM
Arbitan, that is just plain wacked !!!!!! Your character has got to be insane!! I love it!!!!

Tyne Shady
12 May 2002, 10:35 AM
Most dangerous... hmmm with my current character (I won't go into the time Tyne kicked a thermal detonator soccer style that was thrown at him in the imperial palace) theirs so much to choose from, since his whole life seems to have been directed by a spice crazed John Woo.
Recently a guy called Stone who is a very high end weapons maker that Martin buys his weapons and equipment from, got captured by an imperial snatch squad. Basicly he lives on Nal Shadda and I accidently got associated with him (Martin tends to be pretty high up on the Imperial wanted list, for many reasons, but in brief he's ex-royal guard, hangs with a jedi, and has issues with the whole Empire thing these days that make his life..well.. ermm.. eventfull). Soon as the empire got a chance the inquisitor that was hunting us picked him up, soon as I found out I figured I'd have to go and grab him back.
So far its plain sailing .... then the large bag of spanners my sadistic GM (remember the John Woo thing) gets thrown into the works.

I figure the imps intel types will be watching the next best weapon maker on Nal Shadda (since now Stone is out of the picture I have to shop with him) and low and behold we spot somone who looks a little 'off' grab him and I managed to find out where the intel peeps are hiding out. Not realising he's managed to get an alert out we walk round a corner into a hail of sniper fire. I'm getting hit like mad, VP burning out, the jedi Korris starts leaping about hacking these guys down, and Anya and I decide to shoot our way out... we managed to down them and raid the intel safe house finding that Stone was being held prisoner onboard the Black Asp an interdictor.
Anya gets us out thier and we get dropped off in the ships patrol path in space suits, after a few hours we get onto then into the ship and I decide to try and get us some faulse orders from the ships computer to transfere the prisoner.
This is the point where a 1 is a REALY bad thing to roll, well almost, the point that its realy bad to roll it is when you find out Vader is onboard questioning somone in the detention area and THEN you roll a 1 and set off all the internal alarms.
Quicky we off'ed a couple of storm-troopers and jumped into their armour before all heall broke loose. Decided to make our way to the detention area and blast him out of their. On our way though we come accross some guy in a blue robe with a silver face mask hiding round a corner neer the cell block... ahh thinks I a dark jedi and decides to shoot his ass up before storming the cell block... he waves his hands and me and Korris end up forgeting we saw him.
Marching into the cell block we both almost pass out when in thier is not only 8 stormtroopers but 6 officer types and Vader... hmm bluff time, the officer asks us what we are doing and I reply we have been ordered to help secure the area.
Vader is talking to one of the officers and saying he can sence someone, we both think its Korris who by now has shat enough bricks to build a small house and figure all to soon we gonna get busted, suddenly this guy we saw before bursts in and demands they reliece some prisoner, out comes his lightsabre and him and Vader go at it, after one round I work out that Vader is going to able to use him as a plant holder in a few more seconds as he totaly outmatches him.. I gave Korris a look, figured what the hell we all go out some day and open up on the crowd of stormtroopers who are watching the fight.
Korris jumps into to combat with the jedi in the silver mask against Vader and I keep on clearing the room.
After two or three rounds the rooms only occupied by 3 Jedi, and of them only Vader is actualy looking well, and me who is trying to work out how Im going to help them, since I have the feeling anything I shoot at Vader is gonna come right back and hit me in the ass.
So I decide Ill shoot the handle of his lightsabre.... hell may as well so something stupid than do nothing at all right?
By now Korris and the silver masked Jedi are about to die, Vaders hacking them into party size pieces. I take the shot, with alot of minus's and hit, roll the damage, and guess what, I didnt destory it, but I got his attention. I thought what the hell, I squeeze off my second shot at his sabre, with about zero chance of success and hit.. much flashing of lights and sparks of energy. Korris takes the opening and hurts Vader for the first time... We gonna win this thinks I...
Next round sees me half-way up a wall being choked, the silver masked jedi smashed off the wall and Vader using the guys own sabre to finish off Korris.
I manage to get out of the force grip, take a shot at Vader, who as expected smacks it right into me again, and Korris takes a mighty swing, and off comes Vaders arm....

Vader threw us aside and escapes the detention centre, we free the prisoners and grab Vaders arm, then on our last legs fight our way out to the shuttlebay... and steal Vaders shuttle to escape. Just as the crew of the interdictor are about to switch on the gravity wells they found out about the demo charges we left in the power manifold and we slip into hyperspace.

General Kraken just loved the report on that mission (since we picked up some rebel ops guys in the cells too) even to the point where we let him hang onto Vaders arm.

I have to say, short of Call of Cthulhu I have never been so totaly sure my character was about to die, horribly and totaly than in that cell block.

So-Var Leet
12 May 2002, 12:00 PM
Okay ... here's my story - it's a light side campaign this time. :)

I had a character named Yash, he was an 18-year old Falleen gunslinging blockade runner at the time. Yash and his merry group of friends had caused the Imperials so much trouble in the past that the Emperor thought Yash was Force-sensitive (after all, they couldn't be bested by someone's whos NOT you know). Well, Yash isn't Force-sensitive but the Imperial's send an Inquisitor to see what's going on. Only problem is that they don't know what Yash looks like or even his species. All they know is that his name is Yash and he flies a ship called the Bockner.

We are sitting in a Rebellion safe house on Corellia when all of a sudden four Stormtroopers and some officer walks in, demanding information on who and where Yash is. I tried bluffing my way out of the situation but rolled rather badly and we ended up shooting our way out (which didn't take long considering we were all around eighth or ninth level again stormtroopers).

The Inquisitor finds out about the attack, but still doesn't know who or what Yash is so he comes to us asking for information and offers us an insane amount of money. At the time, we didn't know he was an Inquisitor, but we knew Imperials were after us so I'm trying to take it easy and bluff my way out. I suceeded in making him think that I wasn't Yash, but that I knew who he was and that I would tell him in a day where we could meet in a park and talk about it in relative security (we were sitting in a cantina when this happened).

So after the encounter we go to Rebel intelligence, who assigns "Major Page" to our team after letting us know that this guy is an Inqusitor. He says that he is going to snipe at the guy from some bell tower during our meeting and hopefully kill him with a well-placed shot. I'm thinking, "Okay. But if he's an Inqusitor isn't he going to just read my mind?"

The next day comes and the Inqusitor and Yash are walking in the park, Yash is waiting for the blaster shot and the Inquisitor suddenly expects something from the bell tower (he read my mind). All of a sudden he says, "Wait... you're Yash!" He goes for his lightsaber and starts to jump out of the way when a blaster shot rings out from some cabaret ACROSS from the bell tower. The Inqusitor goes down in a heap of charred flesh, and Yash sh!ts his pants.

So the most dangerous thing I've ever done was go along with some Intelligence Agent in his dirty scheme. It ended up benefitting me, but it was still an enormous adrenaline rush.

I loved it! :D

13 May 2002, 10:19 AM
Originally posted by Rigo
1- trow a thermal detonator in Jabba House at Mos esley(imagine the consequence after ......)8o

2- 2 player fight themself in their ship at the same time of space combat......(imagine the other payer...and the master):D

3- 1 player want to... in the a s s of another player barabel......(image the barabel player face and mine.....)8o

4- 1 player that attack Darth Vader with a Spoon......and do (d6)67 dammage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: :? (imagine gamemaster situation, it is very dangerours)

to bad NEITHER the player nor the GM was serious about gaming (if the player was, he wouldnt attack, if the GM was, the player wouldnt be able to do it)

question, HOW in "#¤"% would a spoon do 67 in damage? did the player have 11D+ in strength?

13 May 2002, 10:46 AM
Actualy, it was not one of MY character but the character of one of my player who did it. I must tell you that this guy was crackpot and didn't have all of his mind this day when an Imperial Tie Bomber came across my player's camp and started to blow things out.

The character, Hyunkel Araan, got angry for being disturbed in the middle of the night and climbed on top of a cliff and jumped atop of the Bomber cockpit :raised: and sliced his way into the Starfighter. He got a fight with the Imperial pilot who was thrown out, crashing 200 meters down, and Hyunkel just got his butt safely on ground and wnet back to bed... Ow man!

13 May 2002, 01:08 PM
quote by Tyne Shady
So far its plain sailing .... then the large bag of spanners my sadistic GM (remember the John Woo thing) gets thrown into the works.

I dont think your Gm's that Sadistic, Infact he sounds like a remarkable GM, I suggest next time you see him, as a reward for not killing you, you should buy him a pack of smokes and a nice big bar of chocalate (Galaxy please)


13 May 2002, 01:21 PM
I Recently decided to play a tie interceptor pilot. 8o
That is the most dangerous thing a character of mine has ever done. Battle is not a good thing for a tie fighter pilot 2 hits and your dead.
Damn i cant wait till trawn puts shields on those things. :D

Tyne Shady
14 May 2002, 01:16 AM
Originally posted by Korris

I dont think your Gm's that Sadistic, Infact he sounds like a remarkable GM, I suggest next time you see him, as a reward for not killing you, you should buy him a pack of smokes and a nice big bar of chocalate (Galaxy please)


Or I could let the kids cook his dinner? :)

15 May 2002, 03:35 AM
not star wars but my xenophobic elven bladesinger ran into a room with a balor and 2 matrom mothers in it on my own some how i lived (the bladesinger prc class is to hard)

15 May 2002, 06:20 PM
Originally posted by Corsair
Most dangerous thing?

Well .. that would be jumping from one ship into another ship while both were in flight. Of course, this was not in space, but it was still a fair way up from the ground.

I did something like that once! Two things in fact. Two badguys in their starships were escaping so I force jumped onto the one closer to the ground, cut my way in and attacked the other ship. It shot me down so I jumped over to that ship to repeat the routine. Thankfully my task was done before the ships got into atomspere. I did something very similiar with atomspheric fighters once, also. Aah the joys of being a jedi...

Moff Neomen
16 May 2002, 08:50 PM
Whoa...haven't been here in a while...everything's...changed....

Well, I have to admit that the player stories I am about to relate were not my characters...I was GM for a campaign. However, I'm also a particularly evil GM who likes putting my characters in nasty situations, and had some players who were particularly inventive about their solutions. The players in question are Torill (skittish smuggler-type), Zolar (insane ambitious criminal), Tu'ebb (pissed-off Twi'lek martial artist) and Ramses 3000 (homicidal assassin droid)

So anyway...the ones that come to mind for each character....keep in mind that there are many more 8o .

Zolar: While trying to escape the Rebel attack on Brentaal, Zolar finds his half-completed ship in the dockyards under attack by the Imperials (as they're out to get him). Specifically, the 181st Squadron, with Soontir Fel (and a campaign villain flying wing). Instead of giving up his custom cruiser, he boards it. He runs up to the bridge, braving vacuum segments, entire uncompleted decks on fire, destroyed turbolifts, collapsing jeffries tubes, and manages to fire the engines full power, ripping itself free off the spacedock as TIE Defenders ravage it. Fortuanetly, Rogue Squadron shows up in the battle, so the ship drifts pretty much on inertia (and nearly falling apart) until they can escape....

Ramses: He found himself facing his arch-enemy, a droid-hating religious zealot, in a large power complex of an ancient mandalorian dungeon ship. After a brief battle, Ramses fires a concussion missle at the power coupling, setting off a huge series of explosions. Him and compatriots barely manage to escape the carnage as a huge section of the ship is taken out :).

Torill: After a ship crashed into their boss's office (Vigo Sprax, to be exact) and some kidnappers grabbed Sprax and took off, Torill made a running leap onto the ship as it took off. He barely managed to hold on to the speeding ship as it and Zolar's ship got into an atmospheric chase low over the deserts of Sriluur. To make matters worse, a thug started firing at Torill from the hatch as he tried to crawl forward in the wind. he eventually made it inside.

Tu'ebb: When in a large, window-filled office building, Tu'ebb is facing a nasty friend-turned-foe in a knife fight. He ends up jumping through the window...onto a nearby window cleaning apparatus. As he heads for the top of the building, his enemy gets there too, and what results is a knife-versus-martial-arts fight on a flimsy moving rack 50 stories above the street. It was close for a while, but he managed to send the bat-alien flailing to a splattery death.

There are so many moments I could list here...fighting a guy with a personal vulcan cannon, crashing their ship on a desolated moon, facing a tense standoff against Xizor and Guri...my characters have done lots of crazy ×××× :).

And let me say this now...Episode II has so far been the movie that has the kind of action that our campaign had. Only ours was crazier.

20 May 2002, 10:30 AM
Hmmm... two answers to this question. 1. Craziest thing in a group (well half the group): As level 3 characters, the 3 of us (our 2 Force users were off learning the Jedi way) assaulted an Imperial Star Destroyer looking for the Scoundrel character's girlfriend (the other two were me, the Human Soldier, and a Trandoshan soldier). We ended up posing as mercenaries, got stormtroopers laughing at the Admiral (with 3 consecutive crit successes on our Bluff roll doing the old Sphinctersayswhat trick), escaped from being taken to the detention center, sabotaged the ship so it would be pulled into the gravity of the nearby planet, I ended up rescuing 14 droids (and became the Master of Droids), we made it to a "crash room" and rode out the crash, oh and did I mention we also took on like a company of Stormies, kidnapped the Admiral and the ship's captain, and guess what? The girl wasn't even there.
2. Craziest thing alone: Character went by himself to Arkania looking for a mercenary posing as his brother; the character is level 6 by this time. Ended up in a street fight (unarmed against 2 4th level soldiers with blasters; gotta love Martial Arts), beats them but gets hauled to jail where he proceeds to beat up 3 cops while tied to a chair!! Finally gets put into a cell; soon after 2 bounty hunters (Jodo Kast and some woman) blast in (the character had a 150,000 credit bounty on his head), and he takes them on with just a blaster he got off one of the guards; finally surrenders (after knocking Jodo into a coma for the second time, the first time was several episodes before); crashes the bounty hunter's ship and escapes. He's currently a 6/2 Soldier/Elite Trooper and is one of only 3 of the group (numbering originally as 6) left alive; the other two alive are the Force Adepts (and one has turned dark and will likely kill/convert the other one)

1 July 2002, 02:29 PM
In the last session we had, my players were on Tatooine looking for a cache of weapons of some sort that one of the Hutt families had been cache-ing. So they go into a bar and ask they bartender if he knows anything about it... the barkeep gives them an address and tells them to say that they are looking for the secret weapons cache... so, the stealth master in the group decides to break into this address... he breaks in just fine. he then opens a door, with a stun grenade in one hand and his lightsabre in the other... he hits the light switch with his elbow, and I have him make a reflex save... he fails, and therefore throws the stun grenade - into the broom closet he finds himself in... the explosion alerts the Imperial garrison (that he had broken into) to his presence.. the commander comes up, and instead of talking his way out, he ignites his lightsabre, forcing the commander's hand... needless to say, he rolled a new character shortly thereafter... :D

Sgt. B'Klaevkhar
1 July 2002, 06:13 PM
One of my fellow gammers had a Flying PC. Well there were a bunch of trucks headed to a factory that held some dude we had to kill (he's still alive). The trucks had bio-hazzard sybols on the side...you can see where this may go. I shot at the driver of the first vehicle to block the rest from entering the cloning factory (we were there on a previous game.) I was in the middle of an empty feild when all the drivers poped out and shot me back. My friend thought it would be fun to drop grenades from above to try and save me. One grenade got too close to the trucks, and now our pilot's planet is undergoing something similar to a nuclear winter. 2 out of the 6 PCs barley made it off the planet, the sheilds on our ship are srewed and the paint-job is fired. All-in-all a good day.8o

1 July 2002, 11:21 PM
its soo hard to choose one thing.....lol

well the game started with the GM trying to get my crash the capital class pleasure cruise i was piloting.....well he didnt count on me having more knowledge than him, however he still nipped the ship in the butt, and i crashed the damn thing on a planet (Zeltros)...all 60K passengers lived......

then there was the time we got attacked by a bunch of thingies called Charons.....big ugly bug things...beat em up...pass a little time.....see we started in a timeline that happens right before episode 1, and right now, due to a .....ahem screwy hyper drive on an experimental ship, we are now in the Bespin system, watching the Executer, and waiting for luke to show up.....now matter how high i rolled on my space transports, the GM still said i couldnt get out of the gravity of the reaction.....i rolled a 62...the highest roll i have ever made, and my crew started to get sucked in.......oh well, i woulda stopped the whole plan......had the GM said that my newly fixed laser cannon, got broke again!! (first time was co pilots fault)..so i rigged the lightsaber of our resident padawan learner... basically made a reaction loop between its power supply, and the ammo supply on a blaster rifle, then told her to throw it at the damn thing, and use her powers to control it.......we still got sucked in to episode 5......lol

29 July 2002, 06:04 PM
8o Our group infiltrated an Imperial Star Destroyer during a space battle in order to disable it. The chief engineer of the ship activated the ship's self-destruct sequence to prevent capture (the captain was already dead and the bridge was destroyed...). I managed to get to engineering but the ship's reactors were already overloading, unable to be stopped by computer. So I did the only thing I could do. Being a Jedi (about 12D Force User), I Absorbed/Dissipated the energy going through the reactor. Of course I had to get into the reactor chamber (hot!) It used some Force Points and a hell of a lot of Bactine, but somehow I managed to pull it off.

Vanger Chevane
29 July 2002, 06:43 PM
We were playing the WEG game shortly after it came out.

My character, a tech, somehow got slotted to pilot a Y-Wing during the assault on DS1. Silver Squadron's mission was to drop their torpedoes down the Death Star's main superlaser.

I yanked the ion cannon off the top & replaced them with a pair of rear-facing lasers attached to a spare torpedo seeker which had been told it was a submunition carrier, programmed how to track & lead targets.

The fire-interrupt was simplistic: Do not fire on anything closer than 6 meters.

It did wonderful things to TIE pilot's sense of well-being when they tried to slide into my 6. The only shot they could get without coming under fire was a deflection shot from above or below

I got shot down after managing to hit all 5 tubes, and being smart enough to wear a hardsuit, managed to land it on the surface & make some repairs with parts liberated from a nearby crash.

I made it back to Yavin on 1 sputtering engine, zero cockpit displays, about 1/2 the canopy transparisteel intact, bout 1/4 of it studding my hardsuit, and with my helmet Emegency Hull Patched to my face...

And the Ground Controller didn't understand why I wouldn't take it off once I landed.

Silver Squadron was permanently decommisioned after that battle as a sign of respect to the (dead save one) pilots.

29 July 2002, 07:27 PM
I didn't vote for any of them...

A friend of mine had a character who just received a lightsaber, he tried to use it an hour after, he rolled a couple of 1s, so he sliced himself, on the damage roll he rolled nothing but sixes! He fragged himself!!!!

My brother's character engaged on a fighting match against a big battle droid, he bet for himself, grabbed a small non-vibro axe and destroyed the droid single-handedly! He won a lot of money and made a golden handle with gems for his lucky axe....

31 July 2002, 07:46 PM
As a GM, I saw several crazy things happen in my campaign.

It was prior to the scouting mission to Coruscant just before Dark Empire. My PCs were waiting in deep space for Luke & Lando's ISD to pick them up before proceeding to Coruscant in little I-7 Howlrunners. Unfortunately, an Imperial Strike Cruiser stumbled onto them. Usually, they'd do at enemies like there's no tomorrow, but my Gotal technician decided to make it short. So he went in a straight line for the Cruiser's bridge, evading the turbolaser fire like mad, and ejected just before ramming his fighter into the bridge. The front section of the Cruiser was totalled, putting it out of business until the Liberator arrived to receive 3 I-7s and one extravehicular Gotal.

When the team was on their mission in Imperial Palace during the battle, they found themselved in a garbage masher. They salvaged a Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannon, juryrigged it to an E-web's power generator. Being heavy as hell, everyone had to carry it around the Palace's corridors, blasting at stormies with this makeshift X-wing's laser!!! There was no way for them to aim properly, but they did scare the pants out of lots of Imperials.

It turned out after half a dozen shots, the thing burnt out anyway.

31 July 2002, 11:13 PM
wow, practically everyone has posted in this thread at one point or another. Might as well add what I can remember.

Ok, first, Non-SW stuff. Some of it was pretty good.

My first DnD character, an Elven Thief named Zanus (Jiha'asseka). He was big on not telling his true name (Jiha) so he used my more common and favorite name. No PC that has ever played witht his character has survived, at least not in a way that the player would want the PC to be, and thus being abandoned (only to be used as an NPC by the GM for story reasons). After causing an insane illusionist to go sane, and making a black elven ranger turn into a ditsy chick (the player was a black macho type. Not very smart either. He walked away from the game after putting on a girdle of masculinaty/feminenity meant for me) I joined a group made up of a dwarven warrior, a human priest, a palladin, and a mage (non-specialized). First the palladin disappears (RL issues, couldn't play anymore, although I was close to killing him myself). I was the only evil character in the group too, oh, and I had a war dog for protection (he had leveld too, hehe). Ok, get into a dungeon looking for a book fora powerful mage. The group splits. I, being the highest level at 3 go with the dwarf one way while the priest and mage go another. Mage nearly dies after getting hit by a trap while hiding a magical sword, Dwarf gets killed by a changeling who takes his place cause I was looking the other way at the time (now two evil characters in the group, dwarf player gets to play the changeling) two halves meet back up while mage is still knocked out. I search the mage and find the sword, but leave it for now. mage awakens and we carry on. (mind you, part of the reason the mage was knocked out was cause the player was gone for a bit, so he didn't know I had searched him). we get to a room with some coffins and skeletons, and a next room with a pedistal and a two handed sword. Naturally the skeletons pop up and start attacking us. Priest does turn dead with his holy symble, and I get the (dumb) idea to use my holy symbol of mask to try and do the same. I immediatly realise the folly of this, but don't act right away, and neither does anyone else. Mage immediately grabs the sword and hides it after the skeletons are dead. I see this and ask if he was putting it with this the other sword he was hiding. He attacks me for what he sees as something as bad as theft. My war dog kills him. Priest blocked my attack on the mage, then turns to pull my dog from the mages body. I act like I am gonna help him, then slit his throut. Dwarf/changling finishes the priest off after my dog starts in on him. I walk away with the first sword, changeling gets a wish blade. doh.

Next character went with a group into a forgotten temple of Bhaal/ some neutral bird people who usually try to blend in with society are there as mercs. one of our group had claustrophobia and ends up running when we tried to rest outside the door to the main chamber (underground). We think nothing of it (the three of us left, all fighter types. I was a grey elf fighter). three more powerful bird types come out. or maybe it was five. well, either way, all our war dogs charge one of them (who rips them all apart but is weakened enough to get taken down by me) two of the players are taken down, I am down to a few hitpoints, and other survivor is stuck in a web spell. leader bird is at full HP. phobia player mentions that we can do called shots, so I do a called shot to the head. Natural 20 just as the bird is about to cast fireball on me. that was an interesting game.

Ok, now SW related.

Zanus (original, assassin type. D6 system) is hired by the empire to capture a Hutt. I hire two NPC's to get me there and maybe help me out. We get passed a street gang, go through the sewers, take out a few guards inside the palace, then get to the door to the throne room. ten guards are there, weapons ready. first NPC wounds two guards then gets wounded in return. next NPC kills two guards, and dies in return. Both of the NPC's where using blasters. Zanus has never touched an energy weapon to date. I go charging in and start rolling feverishly. Five guards drop dead to my Teras Kasi skill (11D+1 baby!) with one of them having his head cut off. the last guard soils himself. The Hutt was mine! hehehehe.

I had an Ubese character help steal a Neb-B frigate from the Empire, while working to find out the Emperors secret code he used (mentioned in one of the Thrawn trilogy books) all the while trying to find an Imp Intel agent and keep his viruses from destorying the ships computer system (and thus thwarting the theft attempt). My Ubese character later started collecting ISD's for fun and profit (which brings all new challenges, as I am sure you know).

Oh, a really good one that I just remembered. My very first SW character, a Togorian, had made enemies with a crime syndicate in his background (part of the game setup). In game we where given a couple months to do whatever we wanted. I worked with another player to rob a jewelry store on some planet elsewhere in the corellian system (game was based around corellia). The heist is going off perfectly until we hear explosions down the street. Someone was blowing up building after building looking for me! We immediately stop being sneaky and just blast out the cases and grab allt he jewels we can. our building blows up. I jump behind a counter, then see four mercs jump down with modified Blast and Smash rifles who happen to notice my partner in crime. He escapes out the way we come in, but that is on the other side of the building from me. I shoot one of the thugs (stunning him) only to have two more jump down. I call my droid co-pilot (piloting a suped up Firespray with uber guns and shields) for help, only to find out he is in the midsts of a dog fight with five very nice star fighters. I gun it out with the mercs for awhile until my droid calls me again telling me to duck. I comply just in time for the wall behind me to be blown out. He then tells me to jump through the hole. Again I comply, just as a proton torp goes flying in the hole. Building (we later discussed that it should have been the whole city block) gets blown up with the mercs and a few of their buddies. I get up into my ship, then help the other PC get in as well (fortunetly I had modified the ship for boarding actions, so it was well set up for rescuing him while still blasting at the mercs that where left on the street and in the air). We take off for space with few problems until we run into three corellian corvettes, all suped up for war. I launch twin torps at one, nearly destorying it (definetly out of the fight) only to have another launch new ram pods that homed in like a missile, only instead of detonating, they rammed you at high speed. My gunner droids (I liked automating my ships with the best in everything, and then some) are going insane shooting these things out of space, while avoiding laster cannon fire. I am in the back of the ship with the other PC trying to secure our loot (two duffle bags full of jewels) when two of the pods struck on the same side. Ends in a choice between saving both bags or one bag and the unconcious PC. I later found out the PC had used the escape pod that was on his side of the bulkhead. I also learn that one of the other players in the game had rated me out and then tried to kill me as I was walking up to my shinny new YT-2400 (which was destroyed by an a missile launched from orbit). I was the only player to die that day (suicide since it seemed half the players where trying to kill me. One of the players had used a disrupter to blow my legs off after I was injured by a shot from the ratfink PC. the disrupter PC then started dragging me to what I thought was my doom, so I commited suicide instead.)

Well, I proly didn't tell these stories in a good enough way to keep ones attention due to a need for sleep, but maybe you can get some entertainment value out of my impared spelging ability. G'night

2 August 2002, 06:28 AM
Well, I don’t know how this will rank with the rest of what you guys have posted, but we have not been gaming long.

My players do usually take to many extreme chances, but one guy has started to try to spice things up.

My group was fighting some guys on Yavin. Two f the guys revealed the fact that they had force powers. My guys had speeder bikes so some just shot at them. Bit one guy decided to RAM the jedi (he to was a jedi). He managed to jump of just in time and take only a little damage. But the speeder did not do enough damage to kill the DJ. Humm I think this was also the mission my jedi decided t try to cut the legs out from under an
AT-ST. Woah! Crazy jedi.

2 August 2002, 11:35 PM
None of the options listed to vote on are what I've done. It's hard to pick what's most dangerous for each character, but...

Seghast, with no Force-training, picked up a fallen Jedi Master's lightsaber, and tried to fight where the Jedi had failed, and survived (god bless that wild die). The opponent? The GM's homebrewed cyborgs, who had a 7d strength without armor (but, just because that GM is evil, they had armor, anyway). There was also a time when he dared venture close enough to a rampaging AT-ST, and toss a thermal detonator up through the viewport.

Woo, my tiny Jawa, picked a bar brawl with 4 Barabels, while not having on any armor, and with no weapon (other than beer bottles and chairs...and a table). Woo also decided to steal an Imperial missile boat and try to tango with a Star Destroyer (and by sheer luck of the dice, he beat the damned thing).

The scary thing? I know things are only going to get worse.

3 August 2002, 07:16 AM
::Spoiler Alert for Tempest Feud!!!::

Tuesday, I was running Act II of Tempest Feud... Near the start of it, there's a sniper on a catwalk in a hangar, yah? so, the players (most of whom are Jedi) decide to follow... activating Force Speed or Force Flight, or just pulling out their trusty grappling hook launcher, all the players get up on that catwalk, but not before the Ewok has run after the sniper, and ran into his buddies covering his escape... and I mean literally run into them... Achab (the Ewok) took 3 blaster bolts to the face, and kept fighting... I don't think my players know the meaning of the word "Retreat"... which was what I was trying to teach them...

12 August 2002, 12:08 AM
Like I said, it got worse, lol.

Buck, a new character, decided to charge at a Sith Lord, screaming "IT'S GO TIME!" (yes, I "borrowed" Buck Tudrussel from Time Squad; he was just too funny to pass up). After being telekinetically thrown across the room and into the far wall, he tried again, with the same results. After about 6 times of this, Lieutenant Woo finally ordered a retreat.


"Fall back! Retreat!"

"No 'Go time?'"

"No, Buck; It's 'go home' time."

"... IT'S GO HOME TIME!" *turns and charges blindly down the hallways*

Meanwhile, another character (not one of mine) decided to try and take on another Dark Jedi, weilding a lightsaber, with nothing but a vibro-katana. As you might imagine, that didn't work out too good...

Wade Trenor
12 August 2002, 02:04 AM
My character, Wade, has a tendency to lose his temper very quickly. He called on Rage, and used a DSP to Enhance Ability. Thing is, these wouldn't have been a problem on their own, but I was awarded an additional DSP for calling on them in the first place.

Long story short, I defeated the enemies, and fully embraced the Dark Side - while in a room full of Jedi. It took a lot of quick thinking to get me out of that spot, and my character is being retired because of it. 8o

FlipDog 2000
13 August 2002, 10:19 AM
So, I need clarification, are we talking about Danger, Bravery, or just plain STUPIDITY...because meycharacters have done plenty of dangerous stupid stuff.

Kanner Ra'an
15 September 2002, 05:55 PM
The most dangerous (or stupid) thing my characters done easy.

our group volenteered to lead 10 000 local troops against the local Imps(2000) . an army of Jawas would have been beter :mad:. after half an hour of fighting about 200 men and our group are trying to fight our way out of the battlefield in three stolen AT-ATs and a Juggernaut. Im sitting on top, shooting everything ive got at stormies. at the worst time an Assault shuttle starts blowing our vehicles too peices and our airspeeders are being blasted out of the sky. since im completely out of ammo, i use my extension gun, pull myself up, attach two charges to the engine, and shoot another line back to the walker. I didnt manage to disable the thing, but i did slow it down enough for the gunners too.

then there was the time a scoundrel pilot of ours insulted a mystril. He got a vibroblade were he really didnt want one. :p

16 September 2002, 06:40 AM
I recall one thign I thought was highly amusing, if not ballsy.

After a bad roll which lead into my charcter being blown out of a cockpit into the sky (we were planetside at the time), I was enjoying a nice 5 mile fall toward earth. Being a Hand, I just assumed the eagle, and hoped it would slow me enough. Well, the X wings were still attacking the ship we came in, so instead of being mostly useless, I decided to start tacking away with my rifle. I knew I wouldnt do much, but hey, you never know.

Next thing I know, I roll out the double 20's, which in our game calls for instant kill, and the GM ruled the shot somehow got thru the ships shields, blowing a hole in the cockpit, and making the pilot a grease stain on the other side.

Oh, sure, happiness for that, but Im still falling, and the other x wing was still out there. This guy tho decided to pick me up (actually, he was hoping to 'ram' me, but he kinda missed) and when he passed by, I grabbed onto the x wing. Without wasting a beat, I prepped the therm-det, dumped it into one of the wing fans, and let go.

The resulting damage was wonderful, and well worth the pulled shoulder I had. And as I fell, I saw the other pilot there, falling slowly with his parachute. Well, he was falling slowly, until his head went boom. Then it became another body in the sky.

I still had to land, which in and of itself, was a series of tumble rolls into trees, move objects, and force pushes.

Oh, yea, and a jump pack...I forgot I had one of those until I almost hit the ground....

12 June 2006, 08:56 AM
Decided to fist fight a group rancors, my charicter only survived because one of his allies arrived in a B-wing, but it was well worth it.

12 June 2006, 01:44 PM
Doing 67 points of damage with a spoon? Must have rolled a lot of 6s on the wild die.

As a GM rather than a player, I ran competent Imperial adversaries vs players accustomed to standard-issue blaster fodder opponents. That raised more than a few "remarks":rolleyes: but those runs were fun!

It looks like this poll lacks a "other" category!:D

12 June 2006, 04:24 PM
I chose Jump off a Cliff cuz that's the closest to what one of my PC's did...

we were navigating thru some sewers full of mutated animals - spiders, rats, mozzies, etc.

Well, we got to this deep pool...and the GM got us to roll a spot... and i rolled well enuf to see this large shape moving thru the water...so guess what i did?

I said, 'ok, well, i want to have a closer look so i'm going to duck my head under the water to see what this thing is' - and yes, i may have had a little to drink :D - so i ducked my head under the water.

The GM says, 'ok, you see some gigantic jaws' and then i got swallowed by a giant mutated alligator.


ps - i survived, but that's a whole other story..

23 June 2006, 05:45 AM
Well Lets See

I guess we could go with my late character Arkard.

Arkard started his dangerous carreer on Kashykk helping jedi forces fight back a mercenary droid army/slavers. They managed to field an old trade federation tank and were keeping the party quite pinned down. At this point Arkard remembers (read I remember) he has a jetpack! Arkard jetpacks arcross the battlefield and lands. on. the. tank. Proceeds to whip out his vibroblade and cut the hatch open, deposits 2 ion grenades down the hatch and leaps back.

His next dangerous stunt was a short time later. The party infiltrated a rebuilt trade federation droid control ship. Many running jumping and tumbleing battles ensued, all with a small nuclear weapon in his pocket. (GM treats thermal detonators the way they are implied in the books/comics not as big grenades)

And the last thing Arkard did that was very dangerous was get in a fight with a cat person ninja. Sadly this did not end well.

23 June 2006, 06:35 AM
Originally posted by FnordBear
Well Lets See

His next dangerous stunt was a short time later. The party infiltrated a rebuilt trade federation droid control ship. Many running jumping and tumbleing battles ensued, all with a small nuclear weapon in his pocket. (GM treats thermal detonators the way they are implied in the books/comics not as big grenades)

And the last thing Arkard did that was very dangerous was get in a fight with a cat person ninja. Sadly this did not end well.

put this one on the heroic death poll, its perfect for it.

Baugar Deldu
24 July 2007, 02:44 PM
Once in a combat, I jumped the players and made them choose between one of two factions (CorSec and the Galatic Alliance), who had repersentitves blasting each other right outside the door. The first two players chose to go with CorSec. Then the third player picked the Galatic Alliance. While this might not seem dumb at first, you have to consider the factors. he was the weakest PC in the party, was in front of all the other players, and was standing in clear sight of a CorSec Special Operations squad. Needless to stay, after being reduced to 5 wound points, he scurried out the back door, after which an extensive search was conducted for him before he was eventually found and stunned. This player died soon afterwards, and has had a problem with keeping himself alive ever since. :raised:

24 July 2007, 05:56 PM
Originally posted by Baugar Deldu
This player died soon afterwards, and has had a problem with keeping himself alive ever since. :raised:

I sincerely hope you meant to say the character died. I've played under a couple of killer GMs, but that's taking things too far. 8o

24 July 2007, 07:27 PM
Well, for myself, it has to be the (D6) wookiee battling some nefarious Imperials in a massive warehouse they were using to employ a biological WMD with the warehouse A/C system as a distribution method. Said wookiee made his way top the gantrys above the battle and in a single FP assisted round:
1) ran down the (collapsing) gantry under fire
2) catching and hurling another party member to safety while
3) leaping over to a suspended A/C compression unit (grabbing the cables)
4) Blasting away the anchor cables below me
5) striking massed Imperials on the warehouse floor with said multi-ton A/C compressor

As far as my players are concerned, it's a toss-up between

A] the Jedi who felt left out of the fight while the Freighter was being pursued by TIE Interceptors who decided to EVA out the top hatch and Jumped across to a TIE/Int on a (rear to front) strafing run. Utilized his handy-dandy UCT to enter, forcibly evict the Pilot and commandeer the fighter.


B] (same fight) the Pilot of said freighter getting frantic enough at the harrying TIE/Int's to "buck-n-chuck" as the next pair made a strafing run (again rear to front) . Yes, Melee combat with starships. Sideswipe Strikes to the passing TIEs connecting with the Dorsal Turret for the first, and the ventral part of the bow mandibles on the second (quick up/down) (note: Other Jedi in Dorsal Turret severely not happy)

24 July 2007, 07:32 PM
The second most dangerous thing I'ver ever had characters do was try to convince wolverine as a GENCON GM to allow us to survive a open cargo-bay catch of an escape pod we were in.

I'll let him explain :kenobi:

25 July 2007, 04:59 AM
A heroic Force Adept calling on complete Dark Side powers to benefit her team in their moment of peril. It was exciting and nearly killed her... and she's been atoning for her sins ever since.

Drendar Morevo
25 July 2007, 08:23 AM
Being a GM first and a player second, I cant say much, but there was one incident with a pair of ewok jedi (I was the Ewok Jedi Master), a force sensitive ewok, an ewok scoundrel and a kel-dor soldier. They break into a star destroyer and run amok... just for the hell of it.

What? It was three girls, one very gothy looking dude, and myself (I just wanted to be an Ewok Jedi master). The GM was having fits.

The ewok scoundrel broke into the bridge and mussed up the captains hair, proceeded to shoot the navigator (and the rest of the bridge crew) took a dose of glitterstim and tried to run the bridge by herself.

The force sensitive set up shop in the engine room and started using the Engineering crew as toys. DARKSIDE POINT!

My knight buddy and I set up in the Hangar and used an AT-AT to start blasting the insides.

The Kel'dor soldier went about setting charges in the armory, way more than necessary.

Keep in mind that we had reached level 20 by this time.

We escaped in a sentinel class landing craft. Landed on the planet below and found several divisions of very angry stormtroopers. We were saved when a chuck of star destroyer debris curshed most of the stormies.

25 July 2007, 02:13 PM
Originally posted by FULONGAMER
The second most dangerous thing I'ver ever had characters do was try to convince wolverine as a GENCON GM to allow us to survive a open cargo-bay catch of an escape pod we were in.

I'll let him explain :kenobi:

You ill have to remind me of this.... When was it?

26 July 2007, 02:26 PM
Originally posted by wolverine

You ill have to remind me of this.... When was it?

GENCON 2000 I think, a Sparks campaign event. One of those.

27 July 2007, 10:02 AM
That was a long time before i started to actually write down what was going on for my ';after action reports'..

31 July 2007, 12:08 PM
Trying to rescue a Sith defector during the opening days of the Jedi Civil War, my character spent the majority of his VP trying to Inspire the Republic fleet outside while it battled the Sith fleet. Luckily when we landed, I managed to Heal Self enough so that I wouldn't die with one hit.

Then the game died... :(

Baugar Deldu
12 August 2007, 05:20 PM
Once in the very beginning of a campgain, my nutso GM (to whom this account belongs) sent half a dozen level 4 pirates aganist me and two other 4th level characters. My "teamates" turned tail and ran after the first round, but I toughed it out for another two0 or three rounds, only leaving when nutso sent another half-dozen pirates, and refused to let me kill the pirate leader in one shot by placing my DH-22 up against his stomach and pulling the trigger.

Darth Bile
15 August 2007, 02:23 PM
well,t he same ex sith apprentice turned jedi once told jabba that he looked like a piece of turd and he would hate to see the rear end that he came out of.

16 August 2007, 02:31 PM
None of the votes seem very dangerous... now my 2 level sol/scoundrels stunts... first session ever was first level scoundrel charged 5 stormies with my vibroknife party was 7 rounds behind me.... stormies were all dead by the time the party got there (that stunt earned me lvl 2). Modified the armor for our groups races, snuck into the base with a bunch of det packs, blew the hell outta the cafateria, the barracks, and the command center... 50 stormies from patrol charge the blasted remains of the CC... using last 2 det packs drop the roof of the hall on top of the first 5 stormies, and blast a hole through the outer wall. Then I climbed (with the groups only other soldier) around the outside of the wall, and headed towards the main gate. There was an AT-ST out there in front of the gate (the force adept had killed the other 2 from that patrol group) I climbed on top of the AT-ST and started shooting stun rounds and throwing stun grenades into the AT-ST. Meanwhile, the FA has captured a TIE Fighter from the hanger (no pilot skill, no proficiency) and is shooting the main guns randomly. He blasts the AT-ST I'm standing on and it falls. I ride the fall down, roll away and start running like hell....

We were only there for recon........