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Matt Richard
21 March 2002, 10:19 PM
I was meaning to post this earlier, but now i have the time. I had not been able to come on here for a couple of days, and then all of a sudden, it seemed that everything had changed here. I saw at least two people with ratings of 1, which I had never seen before, then I realized that hotten2 had been banned, and Im like: "OK, Im pretty sure Ive read some of the things he posted and they didnt seem like something he should be banned for." Then I was all confused:? :(

Now, I suggest something (SW Deathmatch) and everyone jumps down my throat as if I had committed blasphemy (my rating even went down). Is it possible for the HoloNet to change dramatically in the course of three or two days?

Any words of wisdom as to why Im seeing all these dark things pop up on the HoloNet?:(
-A concerned member

Matt Richard
21 March 2002, 10:39 PM
Well, being the type of person who doesnt like to have questions floating around, I did my own case study as to why hotten2 was banned and I guess he wasnt as innocent as I had previously thought, even though I still dont see why he was banned (maybe I didnt read the posts enough). Oh well, but still, can someone restore my faith in the HoloNet?

21 March 2002, 11:24 PM
Well, I for one didn't vote you down over the Deathmatch issue -- I don't know why anyone would. From what I read, one should only be voted down for posting inappropriate, abusive, or unpleasant material. Though your proposal wasn't my thing, I didn't see anything inappropriate about it. I haven't been here that long myself, however.

22 March 2002, 12:16 AM
Matt Richard,

I read through your deathmatch posting, and while I really kind of thought it sounded like a bunch of angry players punching and blasting each other, I think I understand what you are trying to say. It can be fun, as long as everyone doesn't mind rolling new characters.

In the past, I have used certain scenarios to explain how to play the RPG to new players, and even to just for kicks with some of my friends to see who would win. I have pitted Luke Skywalker versus Mara Jade, and Luke Skywalker versus Corran Horn. Likewise I have had Mual versus Vader. I even had Cakhmaim (mean Noghri) versus Chewbacca to see who would win in a fight. I have had Han Solo and Boba Fett draw against Golandro too. I guess I was just bored, but it can be fun sometimes to see who comes out ahead in a mock fight.

But you're right, the most important thing is having fun. If you try to be helpful on this board, as well as being open minded, your ratings will go back up, so don't worry.

22 March 2002, 09:33 AM
OK, well, as for hotten2, that was the decision of the moderators based on both rules violations and repeatedly ignoring the requests of the moderators.

As for ratings and threads, as long as no one's breaking the rules, posters can do as they please. No hand of the Force or anything.

Matt Richard
22 March 2002, 12:27 PM
One of the first alerts that something bad was going on was the fact that I had not seen so many ratings of 1 ever, and as stated earlier two or three people had them.

Im not too concerned about my rating, I was just trying to say that, while i do like critisism and such, it seemed that people were overly critical of the idea.

As to hotten2, I will agree with the decision of the administration. I think the reason why i was so concerned was because i never actually thought that people could be banned (that concept of: it can never happen here)

I apologize if it seems i was a cry-baby over small issues. I also apologize if it seems that this is some sort of self-help session for the depressed. It really isnt, and... (trying to bring this to a good conclusion)... LONG LIVE THE HOLONET!

Reverend Strone
22 March 2002, 06:14 PM
This has been a very educational post. I'll admit to being completely in the dark about the whole Hotten2 thing.

Regarding poor Matt getting voted down for his thread, I think that's really harsh, but then people are entitled to their opinions I guess. I certainly wouldn't have considered voting him down for his suggestion. It all seems very petty.

The votes are there to reward or slap people for their behaviour, not their opinions.

I've been slammed in the votes once before too, which I thought was grossly unjust. Take heart Matt , I'm sure in the esteem of most mature Holonetters, you haven't taken a dive.

Armage Bedar
23 March 2002, 10:51 AM
Hey, folks, thanks for your comments. I'll just take a second to reply to the important ones. About hotten2, he was banned for generally being a nuisance, not contributing anything, and ignoring the moderators--essentially, a troll. Trolling is not allowed on the HoloNet, as per the Guidelines. (Also, FTR, he is at any time welcome to appeal his ban to me and Moridin, but he has not seen fit to do so. That's up to him.)

As for you being rated down because of a thread, <b>Matt</b>, I'm sorry. Sometimes those things happen--hopefully other, more reasonable people will see fit to give you a little boost to compensate. If not, don't worry - sometimes people are just like that.

And yes, people <b>can</b> be banned--and they have been in the past. Mostly they're just temporary bans, but there is the occasional permanent ban. (I seem to recall someone who inserted a malicious bit of code that redirected the viewer of a thread to goatse.cx. He never came back ;)).