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Talonne Hauk
22 March 2002, 04:35 PM
I have a group with three Force users, and three non Force users set five years before A New Hope. I was wondering, without having to delve into game mechanics, what is the real danger to the group of having such a concentration of Force users together in one place? The non Force users are somewhat worried about having an Inquisitor after them every time they land in a new spaceport. Now, I plan on having them hunted at some point, after all, it's part of the flavor of the era. But I don't want the party to become alienated between each other, either. How much immediate danger should I keep the party in, and what kind of subtle hints should I leave about said danger just to keep them on their toes? (But I do enjoy messing with their little player minds...):D

Reverend Strone
22 March 2002, 04:58 PM
I'd be inclined to play things just fine to begin with. Give the team time to bond.

Once the force-users start actually publicly doing stuff most folks can't, then begin laying in little hints by having others around them react with fear or suspicion. They begin to be mistrusted or spurned. NPCs begin distancing themselves from them.

Spin them out for a while too. Other than the mistrust, perhaps there isn't much in the way of serious consequences for the players to begin with. Let them become used to using open displays of the Force to solve problems, and allow time for the non-force using characters in the group to appreciate the benefits of having these guys around. They become used to them and their powers. They may even come to feel powerful and special, a little arrogance creeps in.

Of course, there are real consequences, they just haven't caught up with the team yet. They are being hunted, they just don't know it. As soon as the group begins to get complacent- wham! That's when you strike and surprise them. That's when they realise they've been being hunted all this time, and now the chase is on with relentless pressure, but now they're all in this together, because they've had time to bond.

Well, that's how I'd do it anyway. Good luck.

23 March 2002, 08:15 AM
Preach on, Reverend!!!

I agree with the Rev. Try and have your players keep things on the down low. With a little thought, most Force powers can be made to look like coincidences, kind of like MAGE if your familiar with that game. As long as any enemies don't have ways to detect Force users, they should be just fine.

darth maim
23 March 2002, 09:28 AM
Unless they're careful to conceal lightsabers any bounty hunters or imps that notice will immediately take action. Imperials will try to place themunder arrest or call in a local inquisitor... Bounty huntrs will try to take the lightsaber and the characters down hard and fast. Remember there's a HUGE bounty on this type of thing during that era. If word gets out use inquisitors often, Aurra Sing, and of course if these fail (and Aurra should be able to drop a few of them... after all hunting jedi is what she does) here comes that cool ass music and "Oh my God... who's that guy in the black body armor?!"

23 March 2002, 10:36 AM
Is Aurra Sing still around in the Rebellion Era? She first appeared in Episode I, didn't she?

Is she just very long-lived or something?

(I don't read the novels or the comics, so I'm not up on many of the happenings in the EU.)

23 March 2002, 01:49 PM
I think you should play this up psychologically. Let the character's confidence build up a bit, then when an informant sees something he/she can't explain and the characters see the informant whispering to an Imperial it can make for some great chase scenes. If this chase happens early on, you might want to give the PC's an out through NPC intervention (such as an NPC Fringer who hates Imperials or a mob of Jawas flooding a street just as the Stormtroopers appear.) or something.

That way they'll learn to be careful... you don't want to punish them too hard, too quickly in their careers without letting them HAVE a chance to learn from them... It can lead to great plot hooks... Maybe the Imperial agent who reported them to the Garrison was scheduled for promotion, but when the tip fell through, the promotion did too, so this agent wants to find these PC's to regain her/his glory. This could be a continuing thing (on a small scale - if you don't want Vader involved) by having the Imperial hire a Bounty Hunter to track them down... thusly that small time officer has great recurring villain potential (and it makes for a good story!)

23 March 2002, 02:17 PM
As far as recognization goes - a NPC may very well recognize that person but really may not care. In a movie, the main action focuses directly on the characters and their dynamic lives. If Luke had walked into a regular cantina on a regular day, the chances are very slim that Dr. Evazan and Ponda Boba would have interfered with him. It was just a random act - whether you attribute it to some unnatural draw of the Force or bad luck (or necessary cinematic wow-ness), Luke is just a kid. Even Kenobi did not attract that much attention - even without any kind of shielding, most people considered him a crazy hermit in the desert. While a lightsaber looks pretty nifty to the cantina residents - hey it can't stop their trusty blasters, right? B)

You could have your PC's recognized immediately by someone, or simply dismissed by the overall public. A good portion of the population would care little to report to the Imperials (even for the reward) especially those with illicit dealings... also, the population could see the lightsaber and assume it's a nice "trick" to cover a real sword - that and if Vader's minions wiped out the Jedi so quickly, the unlearned NPC could assume the Inquisitors were already on the way.

It's really up to you.

23 March 2002, 10:31 PM
Well, if they are Force Adepts and not Jedi it might a little easier to conceal them. (Them? Oh, there just a bunch of yokles from some planet in Wild Space with their vodoo.) Mostly its about not running around flashing the lightsaber (for Jedi) or putting on flashy display of power (all force users). I would suggest that player be reminded (pending Eps 2 and 3) that the Jedi are accused of doing some bad stuff and that while they know different the general populace doesn't, and that broadcasting their Jediness might bring in a lynch mob.

24 March 2002, 02:52 AM
Tallon, in the Sparks gaming system I play at gencon, there are a few things for ya.
1 is when ever a force using player gets a really high roll in one game, he gets a vision. A second high roll, and he gets another vision, followed by a force encounter. IF he gets a thrid in the same adventure, he gets the 2nd of the force encounters. If you wish, i will send you the stats for the encounters.....

24 March 2002, 09:19 AM
OK. Here it is.. WARNING HAS D6 STATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first time a character rolls 50 or more on a force skill, in an adventure, Seminar or interactive (live action/table top mix), he attracts the attention of the emperors jedi hunters. They receive the following vision;
'You see complete blackness. Then a distant pinprick of light pierces the veil, and you begin to move towards the light. As you get closer, you see that the light is shining from somewhere above, down onto a figure kneeling, with it's head bowed, and clad in a black cloak. As you approach, the figure suddenly looks up to you and says "You too will join my master, sooner or later" A sudden deep chill shoots through your body, as you are hurled back into the deep darkness.'

The next time, after a character is known to the hunters, that he rolls 40+ on a force skill, he get's the next vision;
'The imperial corvett continued on it's mission. jumping from one system to the next. The strange alien on the bridge would slip into meditation as they entered each system. Suddenly he looks up "comander, there is one here. Move closer", as the vision fades to black'
Nothing more happens unless the character rolls another 40 in the SAME session.
If this occurs, they get force encounter #1

1 Storm trooper squad leader
DEX 2d, blaster 6d+1, brawl parry 4d+2, dodge 5d+1, grenade 5d+1, KNOW 2d, law enforcement 4d, streetwise 5d, MECH 2d, sensors 5d, communications 5d+1, PER 2d, command 5d, search 4d+2, STR 2d, brawl 4d, TECH 2d. Move 10, FP 2, CP 5, DSP 1. Equiped with standard stormtrooper armor, blaster rifle (5d), blaster pistol (4d), 5 stun grenades (5d stun).

1 Stormtrooper heavy weapons specialist
DEX 2d, blaster 6d+1, brawl parry 4d, dodge 5d+1, grenade 5d+1, KNOW 2d, MECH 2d, PER 2d, STR 2d, brawl 3d, TECH 2d. Move 10. FP 1, CP 3. Equiped with standard stormtrooper armor, light repeating blaster (6d), blaster pistol (4d), and 3 stun grenades (5d stun).

9 stormtroopers
all stats as above. Equipped with blaster rifle (5d), blaster pistol (4d), 2 stun grenades (5d stun).

1 Stormtrooper field medic
Stats as above, but with first aid 3d+2. equipped the same, but with 4 med packs also.

They land in an armored imperial Lambda class shuttle and try to ambush the players, using STUN tactics only. If they survive, the one who triggered the encounter gets a bonus 2CP. Those who chose to stand and fight with him or her, get 4CP.

The first module after they have enoucnter #1, in which a character rolls above 40 on a force skill, they get the following vision;

'The imperial corvette assigned to the Crucible sector, was at last re-inforced with a secont corvette. The pair of Captains, compare notes, and then once again move from system to system, looking for the renegade force user. THis went on for days and days, until suddenly the alien commander of the first corvette, calls the other ship.
Commander 1 "they are here, the ones i told you about"
Commander 2 "Yes.... I feel them also. Don't worry, i have forseen our success"
Commander 1 "yes.. but the one that is with them can most likely feel is. We must deploy the full task force this time."
Commander 2 "True. Lord vader will be especially pleased with these new prizes. Land the troops"

2 Complete stormtrooper squads (use the 12 troopers listed in force encounter #1)
7 member heavy weapons squad
DEX 2d, blaster 7d, all other stats same. Standard stormtrooper equipment with the addition of;
2 heavy e-web blasters (2 crew each), 1 medium e-web (2 crew), with the last trooper directing the field of fire.

Kamino Forscan - Dark jedi
DEX 3d, blaster 7d, brawl parry 6d, dodge 7d, Lightsaber 8d+1, melee 7d, melee parry 7d+1, , KNOW 4d+2, bureaucracy 5d+2, cultures 5d, intimidation 7d, languages 7d, planetary systems 6d, scholar:dark side lore 7d, streetwise 5d+1, survival 6d, willpower 7d, MECH 2d, Beast riding 3d+1, repulsorlift operations 4d+2, PER 3d+1, Command 5d+1, persuasion 6d, search 6d+1, STR 2d+2, brawl 5d, climbing/jumping 4d+2, lifting 4d, stamina 7d, TECH security 7d, security:jedi 8d+2, CONTROL 7d+1, SENSE 8d+2, ALTER 7d+1. Move 10. FP 7, CP 10, DSP 10. Equiped with a lightsaber (5d), blaster pistol (4d+1), cerimonial walking stick, cerimonial robes from Byss
FORCE POWERS - accelerate healing, control pain, enhance attribute, resist stun, combat sense, danger sense, lift sense, life detection, sense force, sense force potential, telekinesis, bolt of hatred, lightsaber combat, inflict pain, affect mind, enhance co-ordination, lesser force shield.

Ming moonshadow - dark side adept/imperial royal guard
DEX 3d+1, blaster 5d+1, brawl parry 6d, dodge 6d+2, melee combat 7d+1, melee parry 7d+2, KNOW 3d+2, bureaucracy 4d+2, cultures 4d, intimidation 6d, languages 6d, planetary systems 5d, scholar dark side lore 5d, streetwise 6d, survival 6d, willpower 6d, MECH 2d, beast riding 5d, repulsorlift operations 4d, PER 3d+1, command 6d, persuasion 6d+1, search 4d, STR 3d+2, brawl 6d+1, climb/jump 5d+1, lift 4d, stamina 7d, TECH 2d+1, security 5d, security:jedi 6d+1, CONTROL 5d+1, SENSE 6d, ALTER 5d+2. Move 10. FP 2 DSP 5, CP 9. Equipped with force pike (str+3d), red blaster pistol (4d), red armor (+1 energy, +2 phsical, no dex penalty), flowing red robes.
FORCE POWERS - accelerate healing, control pain, enhance attribute, resist stun, combat sense, danger sense, life sense, lift detection., telekinesis, inflict pain, affect mind.

They land in 2 sentinal landing craft (one from each corvette), and will attempt to ambush the party. Their orders are to capture the entire party, so their weraons are initally set on stun. but if things are going bad they will go for the kill. Again, if the party survives, the one who triggered the encounter gets +2CP, while those who stood and fought get +4CP.

As of yet there is no force encounter 3.

FOR NOTE, i placed the stats here, so there was a reference for the strength of the opposition. Feel free to ignore/make your own up, or convert to D20. THESE ARE FROM THE SPARKS FORCE 7 SYSTEM of gaming, and are put here for others to enjoy.

Talonne Hauk
24 March 2002, 11:56 AM
Some day, my Academy Award acceptance speech will conclude with, "And I want to thank all the gamers at Swrpgnetwork for giving me solid advice throughout my campaigns." What can I say? You guys (and gals) rock! Thanks for your advice.
Wolverine, I play d20, but I used to play d6, so I understand ingeneral what you're saying, and it looks pretty cool. I probably will be doing something based loosely on what you put out there.
Keep the advice coming guys! Especially if it pertains to new and unique type of villains and situations. Thanks a lot!

Mathis Kharr
24 March 2002, 05:35 PM
I allways found that the danger of being caught Jedi or not by the empire to be the most enticing thing about the rebelion era. have them play a go round of hide and seek it can be fun in that campaign

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