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Mathis Kharr
22 March 2002, 09:28 PM
There was an infinities campaign in which this jedi was shifting through time. well he ended up in the Emperor's clutchs. while he was there he was being treated rather well but the pompus novice jedi insisted on being stupid and kept being insulant to the Emperor. He even went as far as to say " I know your emire won't endure i am from the furture and i saw the empire fall" Big mistake. The Emperor intrigued used his powers and riffled through his head. The Emperor seeing the deatsh stars destruction comming at Yavin called it back, insted he sent a large fleet of ships that cut off the Rebels and whipped out thier base. thus luke never got to blow up the death star and it's weakness was never exploited. The Empror was thus able to smite the rebelion before it got off the ground.

Pretty stupid of this guy huh?

Korath do you know what time it is? time to bust a cap in your buttocks

22 March 2002, 09:46 PM
the stupidest thing seems to be the most dangerous.:D

I speak of my Rodian Scoundrel, Jaek Lohgan, who insulted a Trandoshian bouncer and his cronies or started a bar fight with a 600# cyborg. Your choice.

22 March 2002, 09:48 PM
blowing up a cmap with thermals and nerve gas, killing everyone in it. and the one that they where sent to gather information from. heh

Tannik Tulo
23 March 2002, 12:37 AM
My players destroyed a slavers base, did it realy will they got away in a very nice ship that belonged to the slavers. To cut a long story very short they got in trouble with the law. They were asked why the ship they were flying was not registered in their name and was it stolen. To witch one PC answered "its not stolen from just anybody we killed some slavers on akerdon 3 and saved some people". The prompt reply from the officer " oh so we can add murder to your list of crimes as will"

Same player later placed a thermal detinator on to dead mans switch (built especialy for negotiation purposes) after her foe had ran away she threw it down the passage after him, without placing it onto the timer setting. That character never provided comical plot twist again.

Tony J Case, Super Genius
23 March 2002, 01:54 AM
It was nothing *I* did, but I had the pleasure to watch this unfold in my game once. I had a player go through 16 characters in the space of 14 weeks.

Let see - some notable deaths:

Stuck his face into an Alien Facehugger egg to get a better look at what was in side - even though they KNEW full well what these things were.

Insisted on opening an airlock that was exposed to space - despite the fact that I told him about 4 times that there were all kinds of red warning lights and safty locks. "Well, red is the color of good luck to my people and if they have the door locked THIS tight, then there must be something good on the other side!" At that point, I just let him blow hinmself out into space.

Tried to rape my Jedi NPC, who was a good friend to a wookiee. The Wook ripped out his spine and beat him to death with the bloody end.

Was sneaking into a Slaver base disguised as one of the crew. When the cargo of Wookiees got out and started rampaging through the base, in order not to blow his cover (despite nobody being around that would survive to blow his cover for him) he decided to attack 3 wookiees. I believe that there wasnt enough left to sponge up after that.

And my personal favorite: the party had found an ancient artifact of unspeakable power that was preventing them from leaving the space station - and if left alone would form the beach head for an invasion from another galaxy.Sneaking off with a box of Thermal Detonators stolen from the stations armory, he proceeded to where the Artifact of Unspeakable Power was. He arranged the ENTIRE box of 25 or so detonators to blow up in one massive expolsion. Setting the timer for 20 seconds or so, he ran outside the room and hid behind the blast door just outside.

Ok - lets overlook the Unholy Artifact of Power for the moment. 25 heavy duty Thermal Detonators would be enough to level a medium sized office building. Now - add in the Artifact into the mix. The top 50 levels of the station were instantly reduced to molicules. The next 20 or so levels were only mangled beyond all recongition. From there on in, you start to get to the barely alive and the dieing survivors.

"But, but - I was hiding behind a blast door!" the player stammered.

"Fine," I said as I reached down and removed 10 dice from the huge pile of damage dice I was about to roll. "You only take NINETY dice of damage instead of 100. Care to use a Force Point for your STR?"

23 March 2002, 02:56 AM
you make it sound that wookies are dangerous, well they are, depending on how you look at it. but still, there are 2350803503 other races thats more dangerous :)

23 March 2002, 06:22 AM
There was a character in one of my games who had a terrible facination with Thermal Detonators. Constantly carried at least 2 dozen, worked really well in combat until he failed a Climb check. Fell down and went boom! (To say the least) But that wasn't the worst of it, they were attempting to take control over a Nebulon-B and were climbing one of the lifts in the sail, the explosion punctured the hull and half the party was sucked out into hyperspace. :(. Still didn't learn after that mission.

Same person could of missions later (who was now completely paranoid and never left the shuttle through an entire mission). Team was inside an Imperial Garrision attempting to capture an Imperial Intel Operative. They captured him, called in an extraction. He's like ok, and flys the shuttle to go pick them up. Get's close to where they were, and was asked to make 8 dodge rolls. (Completely forgot that they were at an Imperial Garrison, and those have many batteries, oh well). Actually made it through 6 of the rolls.

Nova Spice
23 March 2002, 06:39 AM
One of my PCs learned not to take your emotions out on creatures. Especially banthas. He was frustrated with the way things were going for the group on one of their missions and kicked some dirt on the bantha. He then proceeded to taunt the poor creature and mock it. Of course the creature had no clue why the three-eyed Gran was making funny faces at it, so it moved a bit closer. The PC then kicked the beast and all hell broke loose. The next thing you know, the bantha charges the PC and all he can do is grab on to its sadde as he hung underneath it while the bantha ran at full speed off into the wilderness.
Skree: "Where's he going?"
Endowin: "Guess he wants to be alone or a while?"
Gran PC: "Help!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Skree: "Ow!, should have tried riding the bantha on its back rather than its belly."
Endowin: "Thirsty?"
Skree: "Yeah."

23 March 2002, 12:48 PM
I have a player who can't leave well enough alone and is fond of firing at the "bad guy" when two Jedi are dueling. She's trying to help, but, well, that's just kind of un-Star Wars. Can you imagine Han Solo taking pot shots at Vader while Luke is battling him?

Anyway, she did this once, and the dark Jedi got a hold of her and nearly ran her through in rage. She got out of that one, but during an entirely different game, she was nearby when the Dark Jedi and another Jedi were dueling -- and took pot shots at him AGAIN! This time she critically missed, I had her roll to accidentally hit her friend, as per the rules -- she did. Rolled almost max damage, and took the Jedi out. Bad news all around.

It was an unfortunate occurrence, but hopefully she'll refrain from that sort of thing in the future!

First runner-up is a player who likes thermal detonators, too -- bounced a few too many around in an enclosed space, and nearly got himself killed.

25 May 2006, 06:18 AM
I had one character on a special forces raid throw a thermal detonator into a courtyard full of Stormtroopers, after he knocked on the door. The door in question was the gate to a castle, and the objective of the mission was inside the castle. Talk about blowing the groups cover.

Of course the same character later on tried to hack off an AT-AT's footpad with a lightsaber, while he was holding onto the leg.

25 May 2006, 06:50 AM
I also had a guy get in a fight, during a game I didn't gamemaster, with a quickdrawing gunslinger. The fight occured after a particular mission and we were splitting the "loot" we were given for successfully completing the mission. The guy got greedy and wanted more. He got shot twice before he even pulled his pistol.
He then asked for the medic to help him since the gunslinger put his guns away. My character was the medic, who was busy with "vacation plans".:D

25 May 2006, 03:29 PM
my brothers very annoying when we play....
2 many stupid things to list....
l"ike i decide to jump off this cliff"
or he trys to hold himself hostage in order for control of the galaxy....
or he tries to assinate dead ppl

25 May 2006, 11:36 PM
Originally posted by gmjabreson
I had one character on a special forces raid throw a thermal detonator into a courtyard full of Stormtroopers, after he knocked on the door. The door in question was the gate to a castle, and the objective of the mission was inside the castle. Talk about blowing the groups cover.

Of course the same character later on tried to hack off an AT-AT's footpad with a lightsaber, while he was holding onto the leg.

Being the blast radius of the TD is more than it can be thrown, how did he avoid the blast himself?

26 May 2006, 06:22 AM
he ducked to cover behind the door frame.

26 May 2006, 10:55 PM
Ok, so that would have given him a few dice more of cover protection... but still....

27 May 2006, 12:29 AM
During a gaming session, the group of about 8 characters were searching a space station. Pretty much in every room there was a booby trap that spaced the room. They had all managed to survive, so far. The next room, one character, Ray the name of the player, told the rest of the party "Don't touch anything." Troy proceeded to open up a file cabinet. As soon as that happened, Ray said "I mag-lock myself to the floor.' Everyone else started diving for cover as blaster turrets came down from the ceiling and started to fire. Some dove under the desk. Others in the closet. Ray was left in the open and the only target for the turret. The turret fired. Ray said, "I dodge." GM said, "You can't you mag-locked yourself to the floor." Where the Ray went, "Oh, s**t."

On another occasion, we were playing Rifts. A friend of mine, Cecil, was playing an extremely stupid character, as in his character was not intelligent. There was also a mutant character played by my friend Mike. My friend Ray was playing a character that took Cecil's character as his pet.

They got into a fight and Mike was flying and fighting an NPC. Ray's character told Cecil's character, "Shoot where I shoot." He aimed at the guy Mike was fighting and missed and hit MIke instead. Cecil said he was aiming for Mike and rolled a natural 20. Mike wasn't too happy after that point. But it sure was funny.

I have got a lot of stories from gaming sessions. I will share more later.

27 May 2006, 04:42 AM
oh don't worry, he didn't make it. because of that foul up we lost half the squad on the mission.

2 June 2006, 04:47 AM
Couple of stories featuring Thermal Detonators. I was GM.

PC1 is fighting bad guy in a turbolift (enclosed space). PC2 reasons, "PC1 would still live past a TD blast, but the bad guy would die." so throws a TD into the lift. PC3 sees that, reasons, "Good idea," so also throws a TD into the lift!!! The player of PC1, in the lift, was not happy at the loss of her character :raised:

Viper. A very Tank-Girl like character.
She's had warning after warning about carrying Thermal Detonators, and how carrying several of them would be a very silly thing indeed.

The adventure was set in the past when alderaan was still a war-like planet. Viper, in her own repulsor-tank, helps out the Alderaanian forces. After a short skirmish the invaders land several lucky hits on Vipers tank doing near maximum damage! Viper barely survived. Then, as GM, I asked, as they are unstable, roll 1D6 for every TD you're carrying. Oh dear! That's 10D!!! Clatter of dice. OH DEAR! "You hear SIX bleeping noises from your backpack!" 8o

2 June 2006, 11:32 AM
The wookie smuggler i was using dived into an empty terbolift shaft to get out of a stormtrooper's firing line.:D

6 June 2006, 10:26 AM
a soldier my friend was playing chucked a thermal detonator into a boarding ship that had burned a hole in the ship and he got sucked into space when it blew up

6 June 2006, 12:55 PM
One might be tempted to call our posts "Thermal Detonator Bloopers":D

I was running an Imperial Campaign & the TIE Bomber Pilot had loaded up on free-fall Thermal Detonators rather than the normal Concussion Missle armrament. While assaulting a Rebel Base, which was known to have a cadre of Snipers, the pilot made the mistake of staying in formation--I say mistake, because the Snipers opened up from the ground aiming at the ordinance bays of the incoming bombers & 2 hit the pilot's ammo bay just as the Thermal Detonators were beginning to disgorge. The resulting explosion took out the entire flight of TIE Bombers (not to mention the PC).

In another game, the PCs were part of a Rebel Unit fighting vs. 2 Floating Fortresses, in a city. The Jawa Jedi-in-training decides to charge up to the Imperials in order to, of course, plant Thermal Detonators on their hulls (forgetting that he 1=has Telekinesis, & 2= a Stormtrooper unit wasn't far behind the Floating Fortresses). He still wasn't discouraged when I mentioned the Walker-scale weaponry aimed his direction (the Imperials were accustomed to suicide bombers at this point, but that's another story), but instead piped up "I have Absorb/Dissipate Energy!" He reconsidered after all the laughter that followed his reply! :D

6 June 2006, 10:18 PM
I was running an Imperial Campaign & the TIE Bomber Pilot had loaded up on free-fall Thermal Detonators rather than the normal Concussion Missle armrament. While assaulting a Rebel Base, which was known to have a cadre of Snipers, the pilot made the mistake of staying in formation--I say mistake, because the Snipers opened up from the ground aiming at the ordinance bays of the incoming bombers & 2 hit the pilot's ammo bay just as the Thermal Detonators were beginning to disgorge. The resulting explosion took out the entire flight of TIE Bombers (not to mention the PC).

If they were low enough that they were in range of the snipers, then serves them right.

9 June 2006, 02:19 PM
Aye! And to think they were under orders too!:D :D

Darth Winter
13 June 2006, 01:44 AM
it didnt happen 2 me but i was in the game my friend was playing a rodian tech scounderal he was attepting to hijack a ship he says if any one sees me ill shoot them then when we asked what the ewok was doing he says i am watching the rodian and is promptly shot :D

one with me is i was playing a wookie we arrive at a planet on the outer rim and things go bad people star trying to assassinate the noble in the group every one was high strung and on edge except the wookie who thinks well every one is on gaurd ill have a nap so he does well the hits the fan assasins burts through the window of the room i am in and i left my bowcaster on the other side of the room :( he loses his arm and rages beats the hell out of the assasins with the colssest thing at hand a lamp shade the group try to calm the raging wookie and it gets really messy and takes half the group with him wich was 2 jedi and 1 soldier :P he passes out after all the dammage he takes and wakes up in hospital with 30 odd gaurds round the room :D

13 June 2006, 09:50 AM
Originally posted by schnarre
Jawa Jedi-in-trainingSuddenly I dont feel so bad that my first SW char was an Ewok Jedi....

I've got a couple stories to share myself, but alas I dont remember all the details so I'll post them up after I reconfirm what happened.

14 June 2006, 05:22 PM
oh drat, forgot about the crazy insane jedi and his maneuver of brilliance. He was killed while trying to hack through the legs of a AT-AT, while he was standing on it. Hello? Gravity? He survived the fall, but we lost half the party when we had to go back and get him out of there. Truth be told, he "wasn't a Jedi yet". For those that lived it was funny, but the rest of us, not so much as we rolled up new characters and the GM tried to figure a way to bring them in.

29 June 2006, 05:16 PM
I almost forgot our groups Infamous Vohai Monorail incident.
Background: Our group was a small Special Forces team for the Rebel Alliance. Our mission was to capture an Imperial Command Staff having a Conference aboard the Vohai Monorail, 1000's of meters over the ground.
The Team's Infiltrator was able to Procure some Waiter uniforms and badges for the human members of the team. We then boarded minutes before the Imperials showed up. Everything was going fine until one of the guys got the brilliant idea of throwing a flash/bang grenade into the car to stun and disorient the Imperials at the conference.
That's the dumbest thing that could be done. The window's shattered and immediately opened the entire car to depressurization. Everything was getting sucked out of the train, which was also trying to suck us out until the train stopped. Problem was now, that the Empire now knew we were there, not often does a Monorail stop except at a station. Now we had to bound up the remaining officers, some were sucked out, and try to get the monorail restarted and up to speed before the reinforcement shuttle could catch up and attach to it.

1 July 2006, 04:53 AM
Here's a simple but stupid moment from about 5 years ago....

We were playing a Star Wars/Alien mix, stuck on a planet with the Alien. We were being pretty much hunted down and munched on.

At one point, we hit a barrier that the previous occupants had put up to (unsuccessfully, we found out later) block the Alien. After much himming and hawing, we broke through an air shaft and into the baricaded area, dropping into sleeping quarters.

Our resident Jedi gets a premoniton and tells us, "Don't open anything in this room. There's booby traps."

As we're exiting the room, Idiot #1, our scoundrel, stops infront of an unlocked trunk and says, "Hmmm, I wonder what's in here."

We all dive out the door as he pops the lid open. Needless to say, he flash grenaded his eyes into the next century. We had to lead him around, blind, for the rest of the game. If I remember correctly, he was the first fed to the Alien. ;-)


5 July 2006, 03:45 PM
don't know if its the stupidest, but its definately up there on my sickest game event. Had a female player playing an interrogator, oh yeah, you can already see where this is going can't you? Our group stole an Imperial walker and were making our way back to our ship hidden in the woods. Next thing we know she comes into the main cockpit with blood on her pants, this is after a horrendous scream from the body that we swore could be heard outside the vehicle. She wasn't believing what the captured imperial said, and removed his manhood and brothers. Best part was is how she described how she did it, had all of us guys cringing, me most of all. It was my fiance that was playing that character. Needless to say I'm glad that relationship is over and I'm far away from her.

5 July 2006, 10:55 PM
How many DSPs did she earn for that??

6 July 2006, 04:24 AM
I gave her 3, and not for the three parts she removed either. One was for harming a helpless person. Another was for killing the helpless individual, and the last was for the cruelty involved in the matter. Course I couldn't completely punish her for coming up with something so creative. I think I gave her a total of 20 CP's for the whole adventure. 2-3 more than some of the rest got.

7 July 2006, 09:06 AM
My characters ran away from Cloud City instead of stopping the terrorists sabotaging (sp) the repulsorlifts (?) and became infamous as "the Terrorists who destroyed cloud City".

They were later caught, escaped, became fugitives, & joined the Separitists

Rodney Preyar
15 July 2006, 12:45 PM
One of the stupidest things, but nevertheless one of the coolest ones, was the order of an rebel officer.
We captured an enemy transport carrier , but it was too large for the hangar of our ship. the named officer weared a space suit and was on top of the captured ship. He ignored the warnings of te GM that the ship does not fits in the hangar and that the sensor officer is using the tractors to hold it. So the officer was currently between the two ships in mid space (standing magnetized in the hull with a full squad of rebel soldiers). He thought he was in the hangar (but all other players realized that he wasnt). Then he gave the order to jump in hyperspace. Some Characters warned him, that such an action would be very stupid, but he insisted on the command and so the ship jumped....

.... it was a quiet jump; and without stupid commands.

PS: This officer was famous for very stupid and highly risky commands.

(for example: hey we are 3 very good trained rebel agents, then lets sneak inside that imperial garrison, it cannot be that difficult to get in there)

31 July 2006, 01:12 AM
The stupidest thing i ever did as a player was leap leap off a raised residential neiborhood(sp?) on coruscant. I was trying to escape from a two story house after I brutally murdered some imperial officers who betrayed me, and the stormtroopers were charging in. I used all three of my FP's on dodging the snipers, leaping from the house, manuvering myself onto a speeder, and avoiding massive fall damage. I survived...barely.

31 July 2006, 09:16 AM
I have only played the game once actually (a rookie!) and played it as a Tradoshian sniper. Anyways I was hiding looking out the second floor window at an Imperial garrison in Mos Espa - two of my friends were trying to break in to free a prisoner and I was providing cover fire. Anyways I shot a speeder parked on the street to try to lure some guards out of the garrison. It seemed to work, but now there were a number of stormtroopers out on the street. The GM then told me "You hear the door start to open behind you..." and I freaked and jumped out the window! I survived the fall - but had landed on a street with about 9 Stormtroopers on it. Things didn't go so well after that.

31 July 2006, 08:29 PM
Hope you was using a silenced slugthrower, otherwise the imps could easily have tagged your window as where the bolt came from..

2 August 2006, 03:48 PM
ok, i have two stupid things.

once, one of my NPC's decided to rob a galactic transpariwall*mart. he did so sucsessfully and one of the PC's thought "hey, i can do this!" and tried to rob the SAME STORE. in all seriousness, he was quite mad he didn't gain any money, and as an end result shot the manager.

the same player once asked me, out of character, "Wait the emperor is EVIL?"

he wasn't kidding either, which is scary because he has one of the highest GPA's in our schoola 3.8 or somthing like that. booksmart,but no common sense.

2 August 2006, 10:33 PM
once, one of my NPC's decided to rob a galactic transpariwall*mart. he did so sucsessfully and one of the PC's thought "hey, i can do this!" and tried to rob the SAME STORE. in all seriousness, he was quite mad he didn't gain any money, and as an end result shot the manager.

Hope he got a DSP for that.

2 August 2006, 11:00 PM
A group of captured rebels were trying to get off a star destroyer, we managed to get into the hanger an it was going well, till the GM decided to mention that Vader was abord it and was heading this way. One of the new players came up with the smart idea of trying to kill him with a gunboat, moving at full speed he swung around and headed towards the corridor where vader was going to appear. The player rammed the gunboat into the hanger enterence while firing his blaster cannons, he manedged to survive the crash till Vader appeared comming down the corridor, the guy actually said "how hard can he be?" drew a vibro-knife and charged at Vader.

You get the picture.

3 August 2006, 08:07 AM
First the campaign is a Darkside/Imperial game. The game revolves around a Noble, his bodyguard, his (Darkside Marauder)spiritual advisor and the crew of his ship.

The ship is hiding in a dustcloud being thrown up by a mining operation. Circling the dust cloud is a better armed ship which is hunting for them. The decision to run is made.

Bodyguard: "The main pilot is in no shape to fly this. Can anyone else pilot this ship?"
Scout: "I can pilot it."
The Scout didn't have the feat for operating a transport and had 4 ranks in pilot and a 13 dex.
*Wham! The ship instead of rocketing up and out of the cloud on an escape trajectory instead rockets down and into the ground*
Scout: "Oops?"

The spiritual advisor, who won the Rock/Paper/Scissors with the Bodyguard, got to throw him out the airlock during hyperspace.

Baugar Deldu
4 September 2007, 11:32 AM
This wasn't me, but the party who did this. They had been chasing a Hutt warlord all over the galaxy. They weren't doing so good, but finally they managed to land on the planet that his ship was orbiting. The hutt sends an messenger telling them to come to his ship -- unarmend -- to negotiate a deal with him. Even though they knew he wouldn't let off the ship alive, they went anyways. That's right, without any weapons. For their utter stupidty, they were run over by a squad of SD-6 "Hulk" war droids.

4 September 2007, 05:52 PM
I do remember a friend who (at level one) tried to leap from a speeding, erm, speeder onto the back of a bantha.
The other players were laughing and telling him he'd never make it with his measly Jump skill...and as GM I warned him that if he rolled a 1 then he was probably going to end up crammed in the Bantha's....exhaust pipe...

and the lucky blighter made it!
Landed on the back of the bantha, right behind the Tuskan rider.

4 September 2007, 08:55 PM
So here's a couple of wonderful stories from my D6 days with my cousins

Adventure 1: my team and I were climbing down an elevator shaft and there was a group of stormtroopers waiting at the bottom that we didn't know about. So I make it down first and get accosted by the stormies and my brilliant teammate gets the smart idea to rig all his glop grenades and drop them down the shaft. So all the stormies are fine and I'm covered in almost a foot of glop which begins hardening instantly. The other two teammates get cut down and I get hauled off in chains thus ending the mission.

Mission two: Here's a reason why we don't let my cousin Dan do stealth missions or play wookiee weapons masters anymore.

So we're trying to infiltrate this imperial aligned weapons facility and our team consists of a Duros Smuggler, a mercenary played by me, and a wookie weapons master. So we decide that there's no way we're going in unarmed and decide to hide our weapons. The Duros hides his hold out blaster up his sleeve and he's good to go. I wanna be a bit more heavily armed so I hide my blaster pistol in the small of my back and my vibroknife in my boot, I'm good to go. The wookiee decides to hide two swords, a full sized blaster rifle, AND two thermal detonators before he decides he's armed enough. Ok so off we go and try to sneak into the base pretending we're a tour. When the gatekeeper asks us who we are, I reply with an alias who the gamemaster decides is also a local holovid celebrity so the Gatekeeper comes running out to get my autograpgh. He forgets his datapad and runs back inside to get it when the wookie misunderstands and pulls his blaster, toasting the guy. The alarm rings and we all get cut to pieces by the laser turrets.

Admiral Zaarin
10 September 2007, 07:06 PM
What's the stupidist things one of my players has done? Well, one of my players threatened an enraged and suicidal Trandoshan terrorist with a thermal detonator. He (fortunately for himself) chickened out at the last minute. That same player also got his arm cut off by sticking a vibroblade to someone's neck in the lower streets of Coruscant.

8 October 2007, 12:40 PM
The stupidist my characters have done is sold a 2500 credit computer for a 500 credit bantha. Also the group force user tried to cut of a krayt dragons foot with a lightsaber, and he was sucessful (he roled a 25, i couldn't say no). The stupidest thing i ever did (in dnd because i don't play swrpg) was ride down a mine shaft , with stilactites lining the cealing. I could of bent down, but i decided to try and hit them all. I was out cold for two days.:rolleyes: