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23 March 2002, 05:25 AM
This is a very dark scenario, which could easily be run into a campaign. The end is particularly evil.

So fall the Jedi

A new Dark menace has revealed itself: a being of strange power, able to travel the stars and influence events in spirit form, while it's body remains safe in a place unknown. The Jedi are called upon to eradicate the threat and save the galaxy (the being is truly that powerful). They decide to send out several groups seperately. The PCs are one of those groups (currently, the other groups have no influence on the scenario, though a smart GM could create some interesting interactions with other groups, especially near the end).
One of the first events should be an encounter with the roaming spirit. It turns out to be just about invulnerable, and even seems immune to Force Sensing techniques, preventing them from learning anything about it.

In their quest to find information, they come upon a Sith tomb containing an ancient Jedi artifact of great power. The tomb is in a part of space that hasn't been explored very well, so it takes the PCs several weeks (or even months) to reach it. The artifact is at least 5000 years old, and although it has only minimal Force ability by itself, it has been imprinted by the many Jedi who have handled it over the ages, thus granting it limited autonomous sentience (it isn't quite a holocron: it can telepathically communicate with Force-Sensitives, but has much less knowledge than a holocron). The Sith witch had it buried with her in the hopes of transferring her spirit into it after her death, but unfortunately for her, she failed. Luckily for the PCs, this has allowed the artifact to learn a little about the Dark Side, without corrupting it. The artifact detects the Jedi, and is (only just) able to signal it's presence to them.
The Sith tomb is full of spells, traps, curses and other Sith stuff, but the Jedi should be able to get in, rescue the artifact and get out again if they keep up a strong Force barrier. Once that is done, they start getting somewhere: once the PCs update it on the situation, the artifact calls on the combined knowledge of it's thousands of owners, and determines that the Thing is in fact a rogue Sithspawn. It also determines several probable sites for the Thing's base to be in. The PCs have to check each of these sites in turn, and since each is on a different planet, this takes several more weeks.
They can choose to take the artifact with them, or leave it behind, because either way, it can communicate with them regardless of distance, so this will not affect the course of events. Each of the possible sites is very dangerous, with local Sith sorcerors and warriors, and stuff, which the Jedi obviously have to defeat and, usually, destroy. This is very difficult, but the artifact provides expert leadership, information and coordination, allowing the PCs to succeed where they normally shouldn't have been able to. Indeed, the artifact occasionally even manages to detect and alert the PCs to treachery among the local population, hidden Sith practitioners and such, allowing them to eliminate that threat before it eliminates them.
As the search progresses, it becomes obvious that the artifact is only using part of it's abilities. If the PCs ask, the artifact tells them that to unleash it's power, they must agree to bond with it, and it will then be able to use it's power through those it is bonded to. It warns them that this is a permanent binding commitment, and that if they don't feel ready for it, it understands. Also, if they ask, it tells them that most of it's previous owners bonded to it. Whatever happens, the artifact will not force the PCs into anything (this is very important): if they do anything, it is by their own decision. This can lead to a great scene, with the Jedi making a big show of committing themselves, of willingly placing their trust. Let them display their noble sentiments, and if they decide to swear allegiance, so much the better. Once that is done, the PCs gain extra Force and combat abilities, like enhanced speed for example.
Finally, in orbit around one of the last planets on the list, the PCs feel an immense surge of Dark power coming from the center of one of the continents below. It almost makes their hair stand on end. If they try to scan the planet, they detect a very unusual cloud cover that blocks all types of sensors, and even Force sensing (just like the Thing in spirit form). If they try to land near the source, their ship gets beaten back into space, so they've got to land a little distance off. As they approach the Thing's base, a spine-chilling sight meets their eyes: an enormous castle, emerging from a thick, unnatural, otherwordly ocean of fog. If they attempt to enter the fog, they almost immediately get lost, and large numbers of Dark Spirits attack them (mind damage) until they find their way out. Any attempt to approach the castle in a different way (e.g. flying) also draws the fog, effectively preventing the PCs from getting near it. The only thing the artifact can tell them is that this fog has been called there by the Thing, and is oozing with Sith magic.
Just as the situation seems hopeless, a minor Sith practitioner shows up with an escort of 20 lightsabre-wielding skeletons, and offers them a bargain: he allows them to get through the fog, and in exchange they destroy the Thing in the castle (Huh?). This makes a lot more sense than it seems: the sorceror has been studying the Thing for some time, and has learned several of it's weaknesses. The Thing has recognised the threat, and is preparing to kill the sorceror. He can get through the fog, but he hasn't got enough power to destroy it. The PCs are powerful enough, but cannot safely cross the fog. Obviously, if the PCs accept the bargain, the Sith will have escaped by the time they come back, but they will have saved the Galaxy from the Thing. He will be willing to tell the PCs all this in the hope of convincing them (he really is desperate).
Once the PCs accept (be persuasive), the sorceror takes an amulet from around his neck and gives it to the PCs. This amulet grants them control over 6 of his skeletons. These skeletons will create a protective ring around the PCs which the fog cannot penetrate, allowing them to get through. He also warns them that the skeletons can only do this once, since it will destroy them: once the PCs have reached the castle, they will have no choice but to eliminate the Thing.
Everything happens as the sorceror said it would, and the PCs are trapped in the Sith stronghold. Make this part into a gothic horror extravaganza dungeon crawl. Finally, the PCs defeat the Sith spawn and survive by the skin of their teeth, and the fog around the castle disappears, revealing a barren crater littered with dessicated corpses (although the players won't realise it, this is loaded with symbolism). This isn't the end of the scenario. Not quite. There is still one more thing.

The artifact reveals the truth: it is a pure Sith creation and most of what it told them about itself is a lie. It was created not 5000, but merely 800 years ago, with the intention of recreating a now extinct branch of the Sith Brotherhood, which was wiped out during an internal power struggle. It's mission was to gain control of one or several gullible Jedi, use them to eradicate the descendants of the branch of Sith that wiped out it's creators, and in doing so turn the Jedi to the Dark Side.

And it has succeeded.


The artifact used the finest of Sith illusion powers to fool the PCs.
The groups of Sith the PCs destroyed were the 'other branch'. As the artifact was guiding them in this task, it also fooled them into causing the deaths of innocent people (that treacherous local population wasn't evil after all: they were simply trying to protect themselves from the 'evil' conquerors). Under the artifact's leadership, the PCs traded their soul for the power to destroy (the extra combat abilities). As the final step, the PCs directly used Sith magics (the skeletons) to achieve their goal of death and destruction. They fell into the grasp of the Dark Side (and if they weren't aware of it then, they certainly are now).
This leaves the PCs in a very difficult situation. Since they are now the enemy, they will never be able to return to civilisation and the Jedi Order; the only way to redeem themselves would be to commit suicide and cleanse the Galaxy of their presence; if they do that they will be knowingly leaving the artifact to start again on somebody else, cancelling their redemption; if they destroy the artifact they will be forsaking their oath of allegiance, and will die redeemed but dishonoured. If they simply decide to ignore their oath and go about their lives again, the artifact will be overjoyed: it will have succeeded in making them go against all their Jedi principles.

The moral ending would of course be for the PCs to destroy the artifact, then themselves. Properly run, this could become a memorable scenario with a strong, tragic ending.
It could even give way to a sequel, taking place several hundred years later, where new characters progressively discover the story of a strange artifact they have just found (you didn't think it would disappear that easily, did you?) and eventually destroy it for good, thereby putting the tortured souls of the player's former characters to rest...


What do you think of it?

23 March 2002, 02:30 PM
I like it! I'm actually doing something along the same lines in my game now. Nowhere near as insidious as your idea, but along the same lines. I'm also using the Illusion power to lure the players down the Dark path, but it's a little more subtle in my game. As usual, those pesky players just aren't cooperating! Oh well, that's the life of a GM.

Great idea though, I'll probably borrow some of it for my game.


Mathis Kharr
24 March 2002, 05:43 PM
Great Idea, may i use it lol..=P

25 March 2002, 04:02 AM
Originally posted by Mathis Kharr
may i use it
Sure, go ahead. That's what it's for:)