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24 March 2002, 08:34 PM
I and my RP group just recently completed a campaign I wrote up, and it went so well I thought I would share it and see what others thought:

Time: 2 years after TPM

Player types: At least one or two Jedi; any others that you can work in
(I ran this with 3 Jedi characters, a Noble acting as the Reythan Senator's aide, a Solo-esque cargo pilot, and a vagrant Force Adept)

GM Backstory:

With the Trade Federation tossed into much disarry after it's Viceroy was disgraced after the Battle of Naboo, lower ranking members of the Federation have smelled blood in the water, and began striking at new opportunities to increase their power.

Some time during the interim two years, a Trade Minister named Mazo Rennik happened upon a as-of-yet uncharted planet on the fringes of known space called Taieesee. Though rather unexciting, as its only inhabitants are a Neanderthal-like race of primitives, it does harbor one interesting feature: a native fungal strain called Calimus. Calimus has the odd quality of being able to increase growth and maturation rates in biological organisms at an astounding rate.

Rennik, seeing an opportunity to make some easy money, skims some of the surplus military droid hardware from Federation supplies, and, unbeknownst to the Federation, uses them to subjugate the planet and its people. He then uses the Calimus to establish gigantic farming combines on the planet, with the Taieeseeans as slave labor. With the massive amounts of food being grown, Rennik begins selling/trading his newfound goods on the Galactic market.

As this occurs, it begins to send the economy of the planet Reytha into a tailspin. Reytha, long a prime food producing planet for much of the outlying regions in the Republic, is seeing it's main source of income quickly lose value due to the mass quantities flooding the market from the Federation.

And this is where the campaign really begins. The Senator from Reytha travels to Coruscant to consult Chancellor Palpatine. Though he has no proof the Federation is doing anything illegal, he can't help but think they're up to no good. Knowing that taking his suspicions to the Senate would result in a brick wall of red tape and paperwork, he pleads with Palpatine for assistance.

Palpatine, also aware of the difficulties in trying to solve problems with the Senate, asks the Jedi council if they might not be able to spare some representitives on an unofficial "fact-finding" mission...

Now, everything between Coruscant and the heros ending up on Taieesee are up to you. If it helps, I had it so that Rennik's Battleship would act as a middle-of-nowhere staging point for routine deliveries from a number of cargo vessels going to many planets. If the characters track down where and when the food shipments appear on one planet or another, they might be able to stow away and reach the battleship just before it heads back to Taieesee...

The beauty of it is that, at the end of the campaign, I held a scene in which the characters, standing behind Palpatine on the main spire in the Senate Rotunda (for the cameras) annouces that the Battle of Naboo and the Subjugation of Taieesee are prime examples as to why Droid armies need to be outlawed. Additionally, the planet Taieesee and its inhabitants were made "Wards of the Republic," so they might never be exploited again.

Thus, droid armies are illegal, and The Republic now has a material capable of speeding up the growth of biological organisms. Can we say "Clone Army," anyone? ;)


Tony J Case, Super Genius
24 March 2002, 09:44 PM
That, if I may say - is some damn fine setup.

I dont see much room for political skullduggery, tho. Aside from abusing of some barely sentient primitives, there's not a lot of villiouns oppertunity.

Hmmm - just thinking off the top of my head. . . how about bumping up the evolution of the natives to something beyond cave men - perhaps middle ages? The bad guy could pay them in shiny beads or something, like a sweat shop in thailand. That would make him bad - but still within the letter of the law.

So what did you do to your players? Details, man! Inquiring minds want to know!

24 March 2002, 10:02 PM
Like I say, that's the base plotline.

I tossed in a bounty hunter, hired by the Trade minister, after my heros went and (sigh) questioned the Federation Representative on Coruscant about what he knew of the origins of the food supplies. Word got back to the minister (especially after one of my Jedi made a non-too-veiled threat towards the representative) and dispatched a Hunter to prevent their progress.

Additionally, once they reached a planet where the food was being shipped to, they stepped into the middle of a miners union strike. Due to the cheap price of food, the heads of the mining companies were negotiating the miners contracts for much lower wages, as less minerals were now needed to trade for the same amounts of food supplies. A protest ensued...at which time a Black Sun cell, wanting to bring a certain company down for welching on a shipping deal, attempted to frame the company for initiating a bit of violent "crowd control." The heros witness this and get caught up in preventing a further action, and rooting out the Black Sunners, while at the same time gaining the trust of the mining executives, who arrange for a box of processed ore to be empty...just in time to slip into it as it's being loaded onto a Federation cargo ship bound for the Battlecruiser...


Tony J Case, Super Genius
24 March 2002, 10:38 PM
Originally posted by IVIarco
I tossed in a bounty hunter, hired by the Trade minister, after my heros went and (sigh) questioned the Federation Representative on Coruscant about what he knew of the origins of the food supplies. Word got back to the minister (especially after one of my Jedi made a non-too-veiled threat towards the representative) and dispatched a Hunter to prevent their progress.

Oooh, too bad that event was triggered by a player not something that you could set up. So heres the Trade Feds, kept in the dark by this whole operation. Suddenly being brought up to speed, there would be all kinds of internal investigations.

In short, this was the perfect excuse for the players to get caught in a shooting match between renigade Trade Fed forces and the ligitimate TF navy. Chaos where the players were not expecting it is always a good thing.

Hmmm, if I steal this idea, I wonder if there is a way I could manufacture this somehow. . . .

just in time to slip into it as it's being loaded onto a Federation cargo ship bound for the Battlecruiser...

So what did you throw at them when they got to the planet?

24 March 2002, 10:45 PM
And to continue... (cuz I had to split for a bit)

By the point where the Black Sun situation was resolved, my player portraying the Senator's aide was absent, so I arranged in-story for her to be called back to Coruscant, as some of her previous actions (such as promising favors to a member of the Commerce Guild in the Senator's name, without his permission) had raised his ire.

So, the 3 Jedi, the Scoundrel and the Force Adept (now with 4 dark side points over the course of perhaps 2 game days [farseeing bad guys is a lot easier with the Dark Side]) have 4 days before the next shipment of food arrives and they can sneak aboard. The Scoundrel uses some ill-gotten-gains to buy a magnetic grapple device for his small freighter.

The plan was for the Jedi to sneak aboard the Federation ship via the cargo crate, and the Scoundrel and Adept to follow by snagging onto the freighter as it hits hyperspace so they can hopefully discover the location of the food supplies.

Well, the Jedi are loaded aboard, the frieghter (with a total roll of 38 to get attached to the ship!) tags along, and after a convieniet movie-esque wipe to show the passing of time, they all emerge from hyperspace. Right in front of a Trade Federation Battleship. The boys in the tag-along freak out, disconnect from the Federation ship, and shut everything down so that they're just a dead rock in space.

The Jedi, meanwhile, decide that since their ship is now out of hyperspace, it's time to take control and see what planet they're at. Of course, after dodging some battle droids and crew, they get to the bridge only to see that it's no planet, but a huge battleship they've come to. They run back to their crate...with a hostage in the form of a cew-member Gran they had run into, but didn't want to risk either killing, or let go.

Once the frieghter delivers its cargo and jumps out, the Scoundrel and the Adept sit in fear as the Battleship jumps to parts unknown, since these routes haven't yet been encoded into any Navicomp. Their only help?: The Senator's aide [now back in the game by that session] and the Jedi Council back on Coruscant.

Meanwhile, the Jedi arrive in orbit around Taieesee, cramped in a crate with a stinky Gran, the hanger they're sitting in full of battle and worker droids. Deciding to get some info from the Gran, they remove his gag...and the Gran screams for help, alerting Droidekas and Battle Droids to surround and capture the Jedi.

Back on Coruscant, the Scoundrel and the Adept meet with Ki Adi Mundi (the master of one of the young Jedi characters) and are reunited with the Senator's Aide. They proceed to the spaceport to hopefully make their way back to the point at which the Battleship disappeared and figure out where to find the group...when a sniper attacks. This is the Bounty hunter I introduced in one of those wonderfully ambiguous cut-scenes in an eariler game session. They avoid serious damage, and escape from Coruscant...with some company in the rearview mirror (rolled a 1 on sensor check).

Back on Taieesee, the Jedi are stripped of their weapons and shuttled down to the surface to work on the farms. Since there are only droids taking care of them, all their Alter Mind points really mean nothing, and even when they attempt to resist, some penned up alien children are threatened with blasters, so they comply, and work. [One of my Jedi's background stated that he was from Naboo, and had been subject to the Federation's short-term internment camps during the occupation. What he sees on Taieesee is something out of a holocaust documentary, since the farms have been productive for over a year and a half. This tempts his anger nicely].

The Scoundrel, Aide, Adept and Mundi make their way back to the point of departure...almost. A few hours before they "should" have come out of hyperspace, something pulls them out. This is the Bounty Hunter, who had obtained a towable gravity-well projector [the characters never said they had left anyone to guard the ship on Coruscant, so I had the hunter plant a tracking device on it, and the hunter anticipated their course...anyway, GM ruling, the hunter beat them to the spot]. After a nice space battle, and some Force-powers to mess with the Hunter's ship controls, the heros get away.

Back on Taieesee, the Jedi eventually get a plan together (long story) and take out the security forces guarding the farm they were assigned to. They follow the now freed natives into the nearby mountains, and discover the green fungus growing on the rocks (they had also seen this substance being sprayed on the farm they worked, but it took them time to put it together). The Jedi Consular does what she can to get info from the natives, and the 2 Guardians go patrolling...and the one from Naboo slips away to get some personal payback. After a nice battle scene and a few bots shot apart, he is captured, and shuttled back up to the Battleship as -

The Scoundrel and his group arrive and the Force Adept attempts to telepathically locate their friends location. I let him give it a shot...and he gets a really good roll, so I let him "instinctively" program the Navicomp through the Force to head in the right direction. They soon arrive at Taieesee, and meet up with the 2 Jedi in the mountains, which leaves...

The Naboo Jedi is taken before the Trade Minister, who has arrogantly made a wall decoration of the three lightsabers stripped from the Jedi earlier. Well, with a bit of Move Object and some fancy acrobatics, the Jedi disables the guard droids, and Forces the Trade Minister to take pause...and who then activates the back up droid security, outnumbering the Jedi, when...

The Scoundrel group charges the Battleship, amazingly avoids all the turbolaser fire, and storms the main hanger. The Team exits and begins fighting off a gaggle of droids as Ki Adi Mundi fights his way to the bridge. The Naboo Jedi is about to give up, when all of the sudden a hologram of Viceroy Nute Gunray appears on the minister's desk. He orders the Minister to cease this unauthorized acxtion, and that Master Mundi told him everything. Gunray orders the ship's captain to deactivate the droids and return to Republic space. The Minister, totally in shock, pulls a blaster from his desk...and points it as his head. The Naboo Jedi swings his lightsaber...and fails to cut the blaster as he intended, but instead we have the obligatory Star Wars-lightsaber-handslice.

*whew!* And then we cut to the ending I described earlier. Yeah, I left out a lot of the little details, but that's the major stuff. I've begun a new campaign with these characters, picking up 6 months from when this story ended. The Bounty Hunter has returned (indirectly so far) and the character's newfound fame has been more of a detriment than a blessing (a scoundrel appearing on Global Holonet standing with Jedi and the Supreme Chancellor does nothing but bad things for his rep in the underworld).

(now out of typing energy)

Mathis Kharr
26 March 2002, 06:51 PM
I like the adventure but a nice spin would be Palpatines invoolvment.
Knowing he needs to further spin the galactic republic into further chaos he might descide to let this leak out so the trade federation like listed above learns about what happening and go after them for a piece themselves. Now the Jedi are caught in the middle. Add in a few non trade federation types interested themselves or even the natives(evolving ) like the last few post sugested and youve got a hot pan of greese just waiting to catch fire and burn the whole place down.

As far as why Palpatine would get involved . Simple further destabalization fo the Trade federation would hamper a much needed supply to trade from.

26 March 2002, 08:17 PM
Well, the implication I was shooting for is that it was =Palpatine/Sidious= that got the information concerning Taieesee to the Trade Minister in the first place. I mean, it all works much too well to his advantage =not= to have been set-up intentionally.

Of course, I never mention this to the players, but a lot of the major events we see (like in TPM) were puppeteered by Palpatine. So, Palpatine WAS involved...but from the shadows...as usual...


27 March 2002, 09:38 AM
I must admit I witnessed this game first-hand and enjoyed it more than any other SW game that I have been in. I played the Naboo Jedi that found himself in some hot water after a little post phantom paybacks. But again this was an awesome game. Oh and as a side note. This was the -FIRST- SW D20 game he had run. Kudos!

Go your way in peace.
-San-Kyr Vun