View Full Version : How would you pay for it?

24 March 2002, 08:55 PM
I thought I would offer a question.

Lets say that you are in charge of a Brak sector about 2 years after Endor. As such you have the ability to get a hold of a wide variety of vessels since lets say you have managed to get ahold of a sector fleet, a shipyards, and a fighter construction facility, and anything listed in the sourcebook for that sector (Flashpoint! Brak Sector). You have access to the resources of the mining Corperations as well.

Lets also say you are Warlordish, in that you like big impressive ships.

Someone offers you a SSD (all this is going by offical stats BTW), in return they want "any combination of vessels that equil the price of this vessel new." You can use the normal new price of the vessels you are trading as well.

Here is my question: What do you trade?

To give you an idea, Valued by WOTC guide a ssd is 19056 TIE/lns, 327 Corellian Corvettes 8 SD2s etc.

I will let you know what my choice is tomorrow, along with a question about my choice.