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Matt Richard
25 March 2002, 02:36 PM
ok, this is the one and only thread for updates on the soon to be released site: The Cartel. All previous threads can be considered void.

I want you all to look at my "things to put in the site" list and tell me what you think. Also, any suggestions will be fine.

-Articles (plenty of them)
-Interviews (something rarely seen)
-A Cartel Sourcebook (history of The Cartel)
-A Cartel Superadventure (like Tempest Feud)
-A RPG Registry (where gms can put in available games and locations)
-stat archive (completely homebrew)
-Cartel InfoNet (news from the Valian Sector, home of The Cartel)
-Supplements (really cool)
-GM Convention (info on them)
-Cartel's Picks (top five sites of the week)
-Yea's and Nay's (I give my opinion on the good stuff and bad stuff I see on various SWRPG sites; similar to TV Guide's Cheers and Jeers)
-Headlines (from real life and SWRPGNetwork)
-(your idea here!)

As of recently, I have been unable to work on the site, but I will give constant updates as to the glorious return of The Cartel. Stay tuned.

25 March 2002, 04:44 PM
Sounds pretty good to me. Looks like a nice selection of things, :)

25 March 2002, 05:17 PM
Seems cool cant wait till its up. Oh maybe you should add artwork like for characters and so people can submit their work its cool when you can go search for an image of your character... Other then that I think you got it all covered..

Matt Richard
26 March 2002, 11:26 AM
Regarding Images, when I was using HTML, I tried images but I never seemed to get the code down, now that im using a web editor, I still find it hard to put them on it. Any suggestions?

Chris Curtis
26 March 2002, 02:24 PM
I'm pretty solid at HTML (and several other web languages). If you send me an email or PM explaining what kind of problems you're having (and what editor you use) I'm sure I can help you out.

While I don't encourage image abuse (i.e. putting up an image just to have an image), there's no denying that the correct use of images can help a page/site.

Matt Richard
16 April 2002, 02:45 PM
A few updates are in order as to the progress of The Cartel. One, I have contracted the help of some web experts and am now working on a much bigger and better site than before. The friends share my same vision and now the site will be called: Outer Rim Resources, which will encompas four other sub-sites: The Cartel (stat archive), Watto's Shop (SW and SWRPG News), The Galactic Trade and Resource Center (A critical look at the rest of the SWRPG Internet. Kind of like the Cheers and Jeers section of TV Guide), and Misc. Resources (supplements, articles, etc.). FINALLY, with some fresh help, i can finally get the vision I want for a good site. More info later. We are still looking at a early June release, possible before June 30th!!!

Cant wait!

Matt Richard
18 April 2002, 02:58 PM
Another Inside Story on: OUTER RIM RESOURCES!

ORR is a network of four sites that provide the latest in Star Wars and SWRPG News, and stats, and more. Here is a look at each site.

Outer Rim Resources (main directory site)-This site directs you to the four network sites within ORR.

The Cartel (stat archive)-Just like it says in the parenthesis, it is purely a stat archive, nothing else. Both D6 and D20!

Watto's Shop (news and info)-Up to the minute Star Wars and SWRPG News! Straight from the Toydarian's mouth.

The Galactic Trade and Resource Center (gtrc)-A look at the other SWRPG sites on the web. Yea's and Nea's look at the goods and bads of SWRPG sites. The SWRPG Registry will also be located here, along with Galactic Grand Sites (top five sites of the week).

Misc. Resources (everything else)-From articles to supplements, adventures to campaigns, anything else is put here.

Hope you like it!