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28 March 2002, 12:07 PM
Ok if my imperial teachings do not fail me and id hope not isnt a regular imperial Sector consisting of 50 habitable planets and around 50,000 unhabitable planets (chances of habitable planet supposably 1 in a 1000) And say each planet in this space-age contains a very low death-rate to a very high-birth rate because of medicines and ect. and the many thousands of years the habitable planets have been migrated for or already sustained i say many Star Wars planets contain very high populations. Now lets say an average sector has a capital world with a population of 40 billion on the planet and its in the surrounding space. This sounds reasonable dont you think...
Ok lets also say that they is also 10 major planets with heavy populations of 28billion.
Also then 20 medium population planets with 16billion population
Then say 12 planets that where recently migrated to but still have high populations compared to our earth of say 5billion
Then lasts the last 7 planets are low-populated for various reasons, planets only populated for scouts, personal owned planets, and ect. having only on average 1.5million.
Now that sounds fair of the planets dont you agree
Well if this is true an average sector having over 640billion people per sector
It may seem impossible for 640billion people to be sustained by only 50 planets. So here is a conclusion:
this inner rim sector must live off of outer rim planets whose vast food/farming complexes must sustain the inner population. or because of technology of the SW universe they could have quite a few inventions to feed these high population planets including closely packed farming products, bioengineering including the ability to grow faster, space stations full of farming complexes.
So we could say that 640billion people can be sustained on these planets now for the production matter.
I beleive that the Star Wars universewould put heavy amounts of of their resources to building military weapons. I beleive that in this state of Galactic Cival War that planets economy would be the military productions.
And if this high of population depending mostly on military power for its economy then the productions of a sector would be incredible each planet dishing out TIE Fighters by the hundreds or thousands and Star Destroyers at its lowest one per month.

Dont you agree the many sectors in the SW universe would create huge amounts of military power
Please leave your opinions

darth maim
28 March 2002, 12:22 PM
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