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29 March 2002, 11:05 AM
In my latest campaign, I have my PCs tromping through all sorts of exotic terrain, from cold and snowy mountain tops to sweltering jungles. According to the rules, there are all sorts of ugly penalties to be faced by characters not wearing the proper clothing in such environments, yet the equipment section does not cover many types of clothing.

I was hoping to compile a sort of "clothing supplement" covering all sorts of character garb (styles, environment specific, etc.). Hopefully, each entry would have some sort of game effect, but this isn't really necessary. After I've taken a bunch of submissions from everyone (assuming some of you would be willing to send in entries!), I'll convert all the stats so they're both d20 and D6 friendly, and post the master list.

Chris Curtis
29 March 2002, 02:59 PM
You can find several sets of clothing on my website. In fact, one of them is "poorly suited" for cold environments. Anyway, you can find the appropriate article here:


Mathis Kharr
30 March 2002, 12:44 AM
I have a penelty list written up based on clothing types and appropriate ones in certain terrains. I have never used it usually i forget about it but now that you brought that up it's a good idea because I have been tampering with the idea of placing some pcs on a pretty hostile planet and the stats would be good to have.,

The Admiral
31 March 2002, 08:32 AM
House Rule #1 (I will never be forgiven by my players for this :))

Type: Very rare garment.
Model: GCS BLT1
Cost: Sum total of all available funds +10,000
Avail.: 4 F, R or X
Black leather trenchcoats have been banned in every system for over twenty thousand years. originally decreed by the Senate as 'a cliched and dangerous piece of aparrel' the Empire clmpaed down even harder on owners of these garments than the Republic. Possession of a BLT is an Imperial Class 1 Infraction, carrying a mandatory death sentence for both the wearer and the garment.
Grand Adjutant Kelvirous Snade: These things are a menace. They impart to the wearer the misguided idea that they exude some form of palpable 'cool', and an aura of extreme competance, quite different from their actual effect of marking the wearer as a being of little imagination. The fact that BLT addicts are invariably armed and hostile to the Empire does little to endorse them.

Type: Rare garment.
Model: GCS SBLT1
Cost: Sum total of all available funds +1,000
Avail.: 4 F, R or X
Simulated black leather trenchcoats have similarly been banned in every system for over twenty thousand years.
Possession of a SBLT is an Imperial Class 1 Infraction, carrying a mandatory death sentence for both the wearer and the garment, in addition the supplimentary Class 1 Infraction 'Being a Smug Git to Imperial Officers' is applied. This supplimentary Infraction was added after a brief rise in the numbers of people found in possession of an SBLT, with the mistaken belief that being able to point out the fact that their BLTs weren't made of leather somehow made them immune to prosecution.

Donovan Morningfire
31 March 2002, 01:15 PM
More of a side note than anything else, but there was a page dedicated to clothing styles and types in Chromebook 4 for R.Tal's Cyberpunk 2020 game. Been a while since I looked at that book, but there may have also been stuff for enviromental modifers. If there's enough interest, I could probably dig out my copy of Chrome 4 and post a modified version of the clothing charts.

One thing that might help is if you folks can come up with about a dozen or so clothes manufacturers, along with the style/grade of clothes they produce. Reason I ask is that in Chrome 4 they list a bunch of clothing style manufacturers.

Here's a rough break-down of the 5 'styles':

- Generic: Mass-produced stuff, pretty much casual wear
- Leisurewear: Athletic version of Generic, but with a bit more style. An example would be the stuff 90's athletic stars wore on their days off.
- Urban Flash: Flashy and showy; the kind of stuff you'd see in a nightclub. Fashion trend stuff.
- Businesswear: suits, semi-formal dresses. For respectable/uptight types.
- High Fashion: The stuff you see high profile models wearing, as well as actresses for awards shows.
- FringeRunner: sort of an unofficial 6th style. Predominantly stylishly functional clothes that look combat ready without looking like military uniforms. Fairly intimidating looking stuff.

Like I said, if there's enough interest, I'll do the conversion work, for both d6 and d20.

BTW, Admiral, I like your house rule on the ubiqutious black trenchcoat :D

Chris Curtis
31 March 2002, 09:13 PM
Donovan, if you take a look at the link I posted in my earlier reply, you'll find an article that contains information about clothing from several different manufacturers within our campaign setting. Of course, there's no reason that other people couldn't use the same lines/styles in other areas of the SWU. At the very least, maybe it will give people some ideas...