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29 March 2002, 02:48 PM
I was wondering if anyone had any clues on how to provide some back info for an adventure, without obviosly pointing out what's going to happen. Like pointing out that this research facility over here that you guys are going to, was once used by a Dark Jedi that conducted horrible experiments and then mysteriously disappeared, without making it obvious that this Dark Jedi is either:
a) going to show up
b) His experiments are going to show up
Keeping in mind that these things WILL happen, but I was wondering how they could be provided with the little bit of back info without making it totally obvious. Any help would be nice.

Ash DuQuennes
29 March 2002, 06:09 PM
What, you've never seen Aliens?

30 March 2002, 02:45 AM
You could do it in a number of ways:

1) Have the locals tell the characters some odd "folk tales" of evil spirits or Imperial conspiracy having taken place at the location.

2) Leave clues to the place's past (like in old computer files, or a victim's dying decree) that are sketchy, and require further investigation.

3) Have one of the experiements attack the group, and leave them with a twinge of the dark side at work, and have them investigate further.

4) Or, like the guy said, have a mysterious distress signal lead the team to the planet's surface, and have them take on an "Alien" encounter.


30 March 2002, 04:08 AM
Have the Jedi characters feel a twinge from the dark side, much like Luke and the Cave in ESB

Have an NPC wandering around with the characters who always says "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Have loads of wierd architecture, perhaps the odd gothic statue, a rickety and sinister looking electric chair contraption under a broken floodlight.

Make the entire place have very little light. Tell them that they can't see very well, that their glowrods throw long shadows all over the place.

Have encounters with the Dark Jedi before they actually fight. Stuff like they think they see a figure out of the corner of their eye but when they turn around, he's gone.

Bit of a give away, but you could have a couple of dead... ysalmitri?? Those force sapping creatures that Thrawn has.


Ghost In The Holocron
30 March 2002, 04:09 AM
You might also want to throw them a red-herring. Something like this:

Get some old coot to tell the story of the place. He tells them also that he and his companions killed off the dark jedi and his mutated minions -- this has to be very believable so you might want to make the old guy a really experienced kindly sincere-seeming dignified warrior (and maybe throw in the dark jedi's lightsaber for effect). Hopefully (cross your fingers really hard), the players will believe the only creatures in the installation are mutant remnants. Sure. They'll be prepared for that. Lead them on to the idea that the mutants are the main threat so (again, hopefully) they'll be focused on that.

Of course, what they don't know is that the dark jedi indeed still lives. In fact, the dark jedi is the old warrior! And maybe the companions he's mentioned were indeed once his friends -- only that he betrayed them and turned into pitiful but deadly mutant spawn from hell.

(Or something like that... Hope this gives you some ideas.)

30 March 2002, 04:59 AM
A fairly all-purpose solution is to drop a collection of red herrings. I tend to draw up a list of them for each adventure i want to be a mystery or a surprise.
Give the players several possible foreshadows. They won't know which one is the right one. You don't even have to give them the real story, just a load of fairy-tales, and let them discover the truth for themselves.B)

31 March 2002, 01:08 PM
Thanks for the help, all of you. Especially Ghost in the Holocron. I will probably be using some of what you guys said.