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Grand Admiral Jason
2 April 2002, 08:51 AM
Are stormtroopers the standard troop in the Imperial Army? Well in Heir to the Empire, it said that stormtroopers were in short supply. Galactic Empire Databank, it has a section for the Imperial Army troops.

Also, in my Military Encyclopedia, I looked up stormtroopers, it said they were light assault troops. So, are stormtroopers the standard troop of the Imperial Army?

2 April 2002, 09:36 AM
The Stormtroopers are supose to be elite soldiers. The Imperial army has its army the ones with the big back helmets. Almost like the rebel soldiers but in black.
They look something like this:

Hope that helps a bit.

2 April 2002, 09:38 AM
OOps you already saw it never mind. LOL

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
2 April 2002, 11:22 AM
Here are some comparisons

Imperial Army - Normal Army Infantrymen
Stormtroopers (in all of their many forms) - Army Rangers
Storm Commandos - Delta Force (SFDD)

The WEG book Rules of Engagement is a great source of information on stuff like this if you are in need of this type of information on a regular basis.

2 April 2002, 05:20 PM
The way i see it is that the Storm Troopers is lost in a vicious circle.

They are supposed to be the elite soldiers. But they are also a symbol of the Empire, and one we all recognize from the movies.

Therefor I have found most players either want to kill alot of them (happens for both rebels and imperials) as a sort of status symbol. Therefor you can not make them two hard to kill cause we couldn' t have that a group of first level rebels got killed by two storm troopers.

We can then ask how elite are they, when all they are is a level 4 thug in a hard armor. And a scout trooper i.e. is a level 4 scout there for much harder to kill cause of the vitality, which would make little sense.

In my opinion, raise Storm Trooper Str to 12-13, Dex 10-12 and Con 12-13,
Make them atleast level 1 soldiers (and then army and navy troopers can be thugs lvl 4 etc).

5 April 2002, 09:14 PM
I asked this question here a long while ago, and the general consensus then was that stormtroopers are more along the lines of US Marine elite than DELTA elite. It is the largest special forces group around, yet it isn't the most demanding (accepting that any Marine could kill me quite deftly).

The Admiral
9 April 2002, 01:12 PM
Probably a slightly better model for the role of the stormtrooper corps is to analogise them to the Waffen Schutz-Staffel;

Both are elite units with better equipment and an ideoligical 'purity'.

Compnor would fit the bill too, but whereas the stormtroopers are competant troops, Compforce aren't.

The comparison with the marines is a fair one, it only falls short due to the political nature of the stromies.

As to being the basic trooper, no, they're certainly not. The Army has hundreds of millions of little green men at their disposal (seen most obviously in the battle of Endor)

The Stormtroopers in fact aren't a part of the Imperial Army at all, they are a seperate Armed Force all their own,with an independant chain of command and support network.

WEG were forced to be cgaey when describing the numbers and proportion of Stormtroopers within the empire, they played it safe by haveing the true figure 'unknown' with rumours suggesting that that total numbers of stormtroopers might exceed that of the Army and Navy combined.

9 April 2002, 01:42 PM
The SS comparison had crossed my mind at one point, as it does work on several levels. Where the comparison fails for me is the "threatening" factor. If you're in a fire-fight, I suppose the stormtroopers might have the same threat level. If you're, say, captured, then the politics play out a bit differently. In SW, when you're siting in the detention block, and a stormtrooper comes in, the most you probably have to fear from him is who he's escorting. If you were the Nazi's prisoner, and someone with the black coat and shiny buttons comes into your cell, well then you discover all new levels of fear.

Perhaps there is no direct comparison that can be made. The stormtroopers are elite, yet obviously aren't the best of the best. They are omnipresent, yet not the whole of the Imperial military. Low carb, but 75% milkfat.

The Admiral
9 April 2002, 01:59 PM
In SW, when you're siting in the detention block, and a stormtrooper comes in, the most you probably have to fear from him is who he's escorting.

Oh yeah, sure with the squaddies, absolutely. However, if you wanna firghten players, have Stormtroopers escort a Stormtrooper colonel in. Y'know the ones, dressed in black, neat lil' uniforms.

"And now, my rebel friend, we shall have a little banter."
"Er, are you from the Ubitorate?"
"No, I am Colonel Xasx, of the Stormtrooper Corps."
"Oh, ah. Is there anyone frm the Ubitorate around?"
"May I speak to them instead?"
"Don't they usually do interrogation? I hear they're quite good at it. Why are you interrogating me?"
"Someone put a dent in my SoroSuub XP38 this morning."
"Oh. Ah. Sorry?"
"You will be."

Emperor Xanderich II
9 April 2002, 02:42 PM
Admiral's right (again), not all stormtroopers would wear the standard white body armour. THe higher ups would have no need for it as they would not be any need for it. Generals in wars did not as a rule fight in the front line. There for they would be the dodgy guys in black coats and shiny buttons!!

9 April 2002, 05:15 PM
Shazbot! Again I am foiled. I hadn't even really considered a caste system in the Stormtroopers.

Sherman Shipyards
10 April 2002, 01:15 PM
Don't worry about slaudering too many Stromtroopers. There are about 2 billion of them. Source: Star Wars: Behind the magic by Lucasarts