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Terras Jadeonar & Raven
5 April 2002, 01:02 AM
Freshly assembled, painted and programmed... A brand new shiny R2 unit rolled of the Industrial Automaton astromech conveyors in the main droid facility. Like one many R2 units, it was orderd as a personal unit for a wealthy house. Personal orders often included select customizations within the factory's capability; additional programing or different unit colorization was usually the norm. This particular R2 unit was designated R2-F8, with a color scheme of Metalic Purple as requested by Randolf family of Alderaan. R2-F8's additional programing included extensive star charts for better astrogating, starship piloting, and cooking. Cooking skills was yet the most unusual R2 unit pre-program request recieved by IA, and joke around the small factory office was whether to ask the Randolfs if they had wanted aditional Maid servicing built in or change their request for a maid service droid instead.

A week within R2-F8's completion, the new owner of R2-F8 arrived in her family's transport craft, the YT-1200 Wayfarer. Andria Randolf, mid twenties and already a skilled pilot for her family's service to the Alderaanian Gov't. Being given a brand new small, sleek and fast courier ship no larger than a shuttle; the Journeyman it only lacked an R2 unit for hyperspace travel. The small craft was perfect for Andria's role of personal messenger and courier for her Gov't to travel between planets as needed. Sporting 2 laser canons, and moderate sheilding, speed & piloting skill was the craft's best defense against the known pirates that frequent many hyperspace routes often on the edge of systems where ships revert from lightspeed. The additional pre-programing into the new R2 unit allowed for additional room in the Journeyman for a small 2 person galley and 2 small passenger cabins.

From total nothingness and blackness of eternity, the first surge of power coursing through newly constructed circuits, procesor units for the first time going through it's first boot cycles of many countless to come... The first eckonings of a robotic conciousness stirred to life... Photo receptors coming to life bringing digital data of its suroundings into the droid's processing units as it searched and scanned the room for the very first time... Making few inquisitory beeps and whistles, R2-F8 curiously questioned its suroundings for information of its newly assigned tasks... A reply of beeps and whistles came from a speaker in the grey walled room, as a door to a white corridor opened. With instructions, R2-F8 happily moved toward it's new destination of given co-ordinates which would lead to it's first and new owner named Andria Randolf.

Standing with a mix of curiousity and anxiety, Andria felt in what seconds seemed like hours and minutes like an eternity. She waited for her soon new droid and to be companion to enter the room and greet her. R2-F8 finally rolled into the room and greeted it's new owner with a serries of soft beeps and tones and came to stop silently infront of her. Unknown to Andria, the sudden overwhelming feelings she had never thought to feel for anything mechanical hit her with force. The realization this new droid was going to be her loyal companion made Andria break out with a warm smile as she bent down to one knee to say hi to R2-F8 while one tear slowly ran down her left cheek.

"Hi R2-F8, I'm Andria Randolf, i'm pleased to meet you" Andria spoke in a kind voice.

"whiirrrrooo" R2-F8 responded with another soft tone of in reply.

Andria mused thoughtfully for a moment, thinking that the designation R2-F8 was a bit too impersonal for a being who was going to be her new friend. "R2, why don't we give you a more nicer name, something to match your designation, but yet friendlier... How about "Faith" ? how's that R2? you like it?"

"Whir Beep Beep!" R2 replied enthusiasticly in understanding it's new name.

"Alrighty then, it's settled R2-F8, from now on, you are Faith."

Aquantiences made and having given her new friend a name to call, Andria Randolf made her way back to her docked family transport the WayFarer.

Andria Randolf, single daughter to Winston and Beth Randolf, who's stature was of a long family history of loyal service to the Alderaanian Gov't. Growing up as a single child to parents in service was a pampered lonely life. Having select friends and limited fun, Andria never was allowed to be her own self , as was indentured to countless dinners & banquets of prestige. With growing self determination as she grew into her teens, she forced herself to break out of her parents views of becoming another person of service. Andria took upon herself to learn to driving the family ground speeders and other such powered vehicles under the guise of showing this to be her becoming role of service. Andria had other plans and dreams to roam the stars when she was grown up. Had there been any indication of Andria's dreams shown to her parents; it was always when Andria always joined the pilots when travling to other planets rather than staying put in her cabin. late in her teens, Andria was very becoming in her young womanhood. Standing at a full 1.8 meters a small frame build with shy of moderate upper chest only added to her lean physique. Her smooth light skin, sky blue eyes and high cheekbones of a pastel pink emphasized the full red lipped smile she always wore on her face. Behind those sky blue eyes and beneath the wavey medium length orangy red hair was a feirce determination fueled by inteligence and far away hopes. To most guys who looked upon Andria spelled instant attraction only to be overpowered by crippling shyness; which meant admiration only possible from a distance. Andria took up piloting and other related skills in her teens furthering a sure path as a space pilot. On her 18th birthday, she had got her piloting skills achieved, and signed up for the Alderaanian pilot roster for space transports. One of the higher ranking officials who knows of her family caught notice of this. Much to Andria's surprise and double dismay to her father, Andria was given a new role of courier of sensitive material... A new courier ship orderd for her along with the new R2 serries astomechs.

Andria's smiles had devastating effects... To her advantage as she learned, a ceerful smile, or pouty lips often swayed many decisions to her favor... Often coming handy at the spaceports where older flight comisioners were eas victim. her companion "Faith" also helped in with a few soft whistles.

After spending considerate amounts of time in company of Faith, Andria noticed Faith was a quick learner and crafty at doing things or getting around them. One of the first instances had been at a spaceport on Thyferra . The flight plans were either booked or Andria's charm had failed to get her ship on the priority list. Faith had decided to take the initiative without Andria's permision and hacked into the SpacePrt computer and got their small ship, the Journeyman into the next 5 departures. While Andria retired to her cabin to wait many a several hours, Faith had begun pre-flight startup sequences. Waking Andria from her nap, the all to familiar gentle hum of her craft's engines came online. Andria rushed to the cockpit to see what was the comotion, and seen Faith jacked into the ship systems.

"Faith! what in heavens are you doing???" Andria asked with concern

"Wheedle Chirp chirp!" Faith replied as the translation apeared on the console screen :We're taking off:

"What? we're delayed for another several hours, we just can't leave without permision! Thats criminal offense!" Trying to mask her anger, Andria though quick on how to resolve the situation.

"Whirp! Wurfle cliik cliik!" :I accessed the spaceport computer and changed our entry with someone else's: The message translated on the console screen before Andria could hit the comms button.

"Faith!" Andria moaned, sulking back into the pilots chair in defeat "Thats just as bad to illegally hack into spaceport computers... Dad's gonna turn blue if he finds out I land in jail and he's gonna dismantle you on the spot..."

"Wirful Whirooooooo..." Faith replied softly without a translation...

"Oh Faith... I was just mad at you for doing this, how could I let my own father dismantle my best friend?" Andria could never stay mad at Faith for long and then added with a hint of sterness, "Look, just don't do this again alright? At least not until I ask you to ok?"

"Blat Chirp whistle!" Faith quiped :Hey! it's bad for me but okay for you?!?:

"Faith, there will be times our schedual will be urgent and this time it's not... Let's not abuse the system ok?"

"Journeyman, this is flight control, your cleared for flight. Have a good trip!" A warm voice came in from the comm unit

"Flight control, this is Cap'n Randolf in the Journeyman, Thankyou, may your shift be easy on you. This is Journeyman now taking off." Andria replied with her usual calmness despite circumstances.."

Andria strapped in and took the controls, gentley aplying the thrusters and lifting the ship in a gentle upward arc that tool her to the upper stratosphere where she then gunned the throttle to break atmosphere and break past orbit into a clear hyperspace tractjectory. Andria was always gentle on her ship, as she was with her R2 companion Faith. Their next trajectory took them to planet Naboo, which was a good sevral days of pure hyperspace travel. Lucky for Andria as she had all her creature comforts built into her small cabin. Andria spent lots of her time keeping shape with rigourus daily excersizes and breaking in between watching or reading the latest holo novels / vids. For the late supper meals, Faith would busyherself with the cooking in the tiny galley. There was a nice big polarizable duraglass window built conforming to the ships hull design which offerd view of of the colorful hyperspace transit. Andria often ate her meals while watching the myriad of hypnotizing colors of light that was never the same that flowed past the view-window.

"Faith, will you just look at that?" in aweness, "I just can't get enough of such beauty, I could look at it for hours..."

"Beeple bwat!" Faith usually replied :Its just random patterns of light:

Andria not giving up to teach Faith about apreciation, "Yeah, but its the whole point behind it, we're travling soo fast amongst galaxies, their sun stars varying of different degrees, and the space dust unique to each system, thats the beauty of it..." Lapsing with reverie to a time back in her childhood, of when many a nights she'd remember fondly... "You know Faith, way back when I was a kid, I used to lay in bed and look up at the window ceiling panel my dad installed for me... my room was dark and starlit by the galaxy starlight I had it display... Many nights I could sleep, i'd just star up into it and watch the twinkling lights of stars, of the blips that jetted above which would be spacecraft leaving orbit ... I'd imagine I'd be on those ships and heading out into the great unknown, and land on planets so different and strange with paradise beauty so diferent from our own... I'd often drift to sleep dreaming of such adventures, I never wanted to wake up knowing i'd never reach those places with what my parents had in store for me... Thats the same drive that allowed me to be here today, never giving up and pushing my parents without giving up until I got recognized by my parents employers much to my parents dismay... See Faith? there's lots to apreciate when looking out into the paterns of light..."

With that, Andria finished the rest of her dessert and layed back on the soft nerf hide couch and starred silently into the patterns of light until she drifted to sleep as she usually would. Faith cleaned the table and ran the usual ship systems checks and then silently watched over a peaceful sleeping Andria. Every once in a while, Faith would turn her domed head toward the viewport to look at the random patterns of light, in hopes to figure out what Andria was talking about, perhaps in hopes of discovering the same appreciations her master had.The next several days in hyperspace were uneventful. Andria kept to herself, having given up on Faith in trying to teach her companion some human qualities... She read her novels and worked up a sweat and ate her meals silently while Faith did it's usual routines in silence, but observing it's master. Faith's own curiousity perked by her master's silence, began to moniter her master with extra sensitory effort, while devoting more time to watching the veiwports with determination... Totally baffled, Faith still could not process or compute what specialness the random patterns of light offered.

The ship's realspace alert chimed as it was near time to exit from hyperspace, so Andria strapped herself into her pilot seat while Faith took her position in the droid socket next to Andria. Reversion from hyperspace was as usual with out event, luckily with the Trade Federation dispute all settled with. Traffic had resumed to normal and there were no rude greetings of droid fighter escorts. Andria opened up the comms channel to request a landing route.

"Naboo space authorities, this is the Journeyman, requesting a landing vector to the capital city spaceport"

"We copy you Journeyman, of what nature is your return visit?"

Slightly thrown off by the question, momentarily forgeting the Journeyman is of Naboo design, Andria responded. "Courier duty from the Alderaanian Gov't to the Naboo council sir, requesting a port nearest to the royal house." What the spaceport officials didn't need to know was the real reason of her visit regarding the new rebelion movement.

"We copy that Journeyman, clearance granted... Sending the entry co-ordinates to your nav system. Enoy your stay."

"Roger that, on aproach vector now, Joutneyman out."

Andria takes the controls of the Journeyman and veers onto the aproach vector. Not cutting back on throttle, she inverts, and aproaches the orbital entry path with the planet looming above her... She pulls up gently on the stick and enters the atmosphere in a controlled inverse dive, letting the rush of speed counter gravity, allowing for momentary wieghtlessness and then inverts again so the landmass is below her... Like a needle of silver, descending from space, into an early morning light, not yet full daylight. The morning yellow orangy sunlight giving the buildings a soft glow... Faith being in her droid socket, observing the full spectrum, lets out a low moan of a whistle...

"Whir whrooo." :we are early:

"Yes, we are Faith... Oh, will you look at the sight? The glow of the post-dawn on those buildings is just spectacular... Makes them seem more alien in design than they are... C'mon, lets land and find ourselve an early breakfast..."

"Wheeble frat! wirble freep!" :What's wrong with my breakfasts??? hmmmf!"

"Oh, Faith, I didn't mean it like that... This would be a good opertunity to go scouting for some new recipes too... I don't like the same dish all the time...And learning new recipes will do you some good!"

"wheetle whooo" :fine. lets go if we must...:

Andria brings the Journeyman to a slow stop, then rotates the craft for easy departure; and lands... Getting ready for the new day ahead, Andria brings a small sachel with herself and slings it over her shoulder while treading down the access ramp; Faith close behind. She walks down to the local outdoor plazza marketplace, where early merchants (both streetside and buildings) have already opened for business selling their assortment of crafted items, trinkets, local and of gungan nature. Stopping at a many of the various vendors, picking up an interesting small trinket or two, along with a few Data cards filled with local quisine menus. Feeling that familiar rumble in her stomach, Andria headed past the markets, on over to the assortment or streetside biblios and cafes. Selecting one at random, she orders herself a fruity breakfast.

"Well, now that was just delicious. Think it's time we make ourway over to our apointment Faith?"

"whirple!" Faith beeped cheerfully

"By that tone, I'll take it as a yes." Andria pays the waiter and heads for the capitol building, catching a speeder taxi along the way. A short ride later, Andria and Faith arrived at the Capital building. Walking in and gets directions for seeing the council of her apointment. Some hours later after her initial apointment of document dilivery, she was allowed to privately converse and diliver her *other* documents regarding secretive matter regarding massive troop movements and staging elsewheres in the galaxy.

A short time later, Andria taxied back to her ship with Faith and set off for a return trip to her homeworld of Alderaan. With the usual routine, Andria was allowed to take of and make for Alderaan. Flights leaving Naboo often do to higher trafic at certain times, meaning a longer subspace flight before making clear for hyperjump. The familiar hum of the engines came online and Andria set out for spaceflight.

Meanwhile, in his private office, one of the councilors who attended that private meeting was on the comvid screen, talking to a discreet individual space captain "This young courier knows too much... These documants she is carrying must not reach her homeworld Alderaan. Intercept her ship and do away with her..."

"What about the droid? it is an R2 unit did you say?"

"I don't care about the droid... blast it to peices or wipe its memory or whatever..."

"Will do. Marantz out."