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5 April 2002, 09:53 AM
I am a Renaissance Geek
I am not confined to one genre or the other, but span all genres and leap beyond the bounds of geekdom. I am an expansive geek while simultaneously appearing to be a non-Geek.
I have 1337 h@x0r|ng skillz.
I frag, I gib, I PK, I camp, I hoard, I make an art of the headshot.
I study the science of computers, computational theory, programming, hardware, and network security...every day.
I like NASCAR and drag racing.
I am the lord of all acronyms: IRC, GBA, WYSIWYG, GOP, FTP, AFAIK, OS, PGP, and more than I care to remember.
Not a day passes without a reference to Star Wars, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Cowboy Bebop, Final Fantasy, The Princess Bride, or the Wheel of Time.
I play sports.
I read 1000+ page books in 3 days.
I am a beer connoisseur.
I can safely call myself an otaku.
I speak three separate languages (four if you count Pig Latin).
I am an avid follower of politics, political theory, and philosophy.
I am a football and baseball maniac.
I am in a fraternity.
My bookshelf overfloweth with roleplaying bounty.
Miniature wargames fill tackle boxes on my shelf.
I go fishing in the summer, play football in the fall, lift weights in the winter, and play softball in the spring.
I play guitar.
I am a published writer...of Geek literature, of course.
I have an extensive comic book collection.
My living room is cluttered with consoles, and my hands naturally fold into the shape of a controller while at rest.
I was once a rower on the crew team.
I surf the same webcomics every day, and feel a connection to the characters.
I get in fistfights downtown when one of my friends needs backup.
I am a webmaster.
I can write code in 4 different programming languages.
I have a keen tactical mind.
The History Channel is my favorite channel.
I drink myself silly before attending a party full of sorority girls.
I haven't lost a game of checkers in 4 years.
I listen to Pink Floyd religously.
I have played or currently play over 10 CCGs.
I have a collection of blacklight-enhanced liquor bottles.
I spend my summers working, swimming, and sunbathing in the courtyard of my fraternity house. Every day is a vacation.

ph3ar this G33K

5 April 2002, 10:25 AM
You sound like a realy high level Fringer. :D

5 April 2002, 10:33 AM
Interesting. This is the second time I've read a post on Holonet by somebody glorifying their ability to appear as a non-geek, and "transcending" geekdom's perceived limitations by appearing "cool" or hanging with the "cool" people or what have you -- as if cool and geekdom are mutually exclusive, which in my book, they're not.

The stigma certainly does seem to drive people to try to escape from the label "geek," or to try to make themselves out as better than the subculture of which they are a part. What strikes me most is that the "skill set" Moridin lists (and an impressive one, to be sure), is actually not all that uncommon. With a few exceptions (NASCAR and frat houses), I can name a half-dozen people I know who have very comparable interests and knowledge.

It makes me wonder if the common perception of the "geek" as an unwashed loser living in his parent's basement and harrassing Trek actors at cons about continuity doesn't just stem mostly from media stereotype (a la the Simpsons "comic book guy.")

I think the "geek" subculture sometimes sells itself short, as far as the variety of things we are interested in. Do most geeks actually transcend the common definition of geekdom, and if so, does that definition need to be expanded -- or is it just outmoded and useless?

Anyway -- I realize Moridin's post was likely made in good humor, and I appreciate that... it just ended up being food for thought :)

Armage Bedar
5 April 2002, 11:23 AM
"I have done all of these things, but I have not yet gone to college."

Oops, sorry, wrong essay...

5 April 2002, 02:32 PM

This looks like it is the beginning of H! True Holonet Story. :)

Ohhh, he even knows about PGP! :)

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5 April 2002, 07:32 PM
I just say wow!

6 April 2002, 09:36 PM
You were alive during the renaissance and you still bit the heads off chickens. That's the most impressive part of that whole thing.:p

Reverend Strone
6 April 2002, 10:22 PM
Fun post Moridin.

Celebrate the geek in you, I say to everyone.

Afterall, what is a geek other than someone who knows how to have fun and doesn't mind it if others consider that fun to be in someway unfashionable? And that is an admirable trait. It shows a certain resilience of character and a belief in one's own convictions.

I love being a geek. I love that so many of my friends are geeks. My boss is a geek. My fiance is a ... (well, actually, no she's not a geek, but that just helps prove that we aren't subject to inbreeding as a species).

I am fortunate enough to work in an industry which celebrates and exalts the geek. It's because I was a geek at school and read geek stuff that I get to hang out wuith some of the world's most famous people and bring them up to speed on geek-lore, and get paid for it!

And we also live in a world that fortunately rewards geeks, because we work hard and aren't afraid to swim against the tide. What is Bill Gates if not a geek? George Lucas? Peter Jackson? J.K. Rowling?

We live in the age of the geek. This is our time now. This is our planet now. Relish in all that is geek and walk proudly my friends. We have every right.

7 April 2002, 08:38 AM
Uhm, did i walk into the wrong Forum.

I thought this was the SWRPG Forum.

this seems to be the Frat Brat Forum.
I'll just take my Geekness and leave quietly.


7 April 2002, 08:39 AM
Oops bad Vb code there, sorry :(

Not a big enough geek i guess