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8 April 2002, 06:26 AM
I've seen the movies, read some of the books and most of the comics.
And for a while I got the impression that Palpy and Vady missed a huge number of Jedi. I never worked it out and since then I've forgotten most of what I read (which means that when I read them again it will all be new to me :D ). How many Jedi survived the Purge and who were they?

To start off:
-Joruus C'boath
-The baglady who gives Leia her lightsaber
-The poor SOB who lives in a cave until your party brings him back to the light (WEG adventure)
-Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader (he was a Jedi and he did surivive)

Anyone else?


Terras Jadeonar & Raven
8 April 2002, 12:08 PM
I always thought there were more jedi & masters who survived the purge... they've just gone very deep into hiding, and likely in very remote backwater outer rim planets ... thats just my thoughts

As for Anakin- well he once was good until he turned to the dark side and became Vader. He's Palpatine's student. Palpatine orderd the "light" jedi purge. (would be knda stupid if palpatine ordered a complete jedi purge, dark jedi nothwistandig and loose his own student in the mix :p )

Here's food for thought: if the jedi hunters were dark jedi, then where did they all vanish to when there were no more light jedi to be found?

8 April 2002, 01:23 PM
My guess is quite a few

Its mentioned several times is WEG books that there is 12 Mil inhabitated planets in the galaxy. even with the ever growing number of dark side jedis/ inquisitors/hands that there seems to be, searching all of them for Jedis would take and endless amount of time and by the time you finished, new ones would have been trained.

Then there is the numerous other force users out there in the form of mentalist / shamans / healers / scam artist etc etc.

My take on it is that Vader & Pulp elminated the most important ones (somehow missing Kenobi & Yoda) and the most public ones, but that there always was an unknown amount of jedis being trained on the sly, by failed jedis etc.

Just my two centi creds

Donovan Morningfire
8 April 2002, 05:19 PM
I don't think there's really any hard and fast numbers as to just how many Jedi survived the purges.

An interesting note, for those that feel that Ben, Yoda, and Luke were it.

In the Star Wars Radio Drama (recognized as canon), Luke asks Ben what happened to all the Jedi. Ben tells him that most of them are did, but some did survive, and are in deep hiding (i.e. can't be counted on for help). I'm not sure that's the precise line (don't have my copy of the RD book handy), but that's the jist.

Sherman Shipyards
8 April 2002, 11:02 PM
When the holonet last batted this subject around it was geussimated that 50 to 100 Jedi. It was figured that most were either students that had their masters "cut" (parden the pun) out from under them or were high-level Jedi that can hide themselves with the force.

8 April 2002, 11:31 PM
What I was looking for were names. Which Jedi-in-hiding were revealed in the comics and books? They have to be actual Jedi who survived the purge. Not other types of force-users or Jedi who became so after the purge.

As to the dark jedi who helped Paply/Vady in the purge. They were probably exterminated. Don't want to share the power with too many after all.


Mathis Kharr
9 April 2002, 01:50 AM
I have to agree with the above ost considering the numbers of planets and such it would be immposible for the empire to wipe out all the Jedi. The only Jedi who were probably taken out to make it a purge were the most notable ones the ones that held the council together, hitting up those would make it hard to keep things balanced, the remaining padawans and Jedi from the Order would go hidding, that might leave a few from the order left but as for force senstitve beings and other Jedi like peoples they are probably countless

9 April 2002, 05:25 AM
We do not have names for all of them but I would go with no more of the council than Yoda but plenty of Padawans and low level knights. Why the council was in the public low level knights would have been given padawans and sent into hiding by said council who would want to save the most powerful member of their order Master Yoda.:D

Sherman Shipyards
9 April 2002, 09:29 AM
Oh, that's what you wanted.

In the first four X-wing books and I, Jedi (good book; you must read it) we learn that Corran Horn's father,Hal Horn, was the student of his father till the his death around age 10. After that, the purge was in full swing and Hal hid with the help of his step-father. He was kill by a bounty hunter about 3 after the battle of Yavin. I, Jedi also mention another jedi who was killed an Alleran when it was distoryed. That Jedi was the uncle of the one the main characters.

Korwin Blade
10 April 2002, 08:30 AM
Maybe just maybe episode II or III will give us some kind of answer to this very question. As far as the game I say you can have as many as you feel you need for your game to work.


18 April 2002, 07:39 AM
I had always thought that there were no jedi knights who survived, but that does not mean force adepts did not survive. Yoda said that when he was gone that luke would be the last of the jedi.

Jett Darkstar
20 April 2002, 08:06 PM
But I doubt that Yoda knew for sure. Yoda may have been powerful but he wasn't all-powerful (as I say, he was good but not God), so I doubt Yoda could say that with 100% certainty.

I tend to agree with some of the others. Chances are all of the Council save Yoda were probably put to the sword (or the lightsaber in this case, I guess :D ) as well as some of the more publicly known Jedi Masters and high-level Knights. But I believe it is very possible that some of the lower-level Knights and Padawans were able to flee and hide from the Emperor, Vader, and the Inquisitorius.

I don't care what the canon-worshippers on the WotC board who say "The Jedi will be completely destroyed in Episode III" think; there is no possible way that some low-level Jedi padawans and Knights are unable to escape. The Known Galaxy is too freaking big for the Empire to find all of them. There are a lot of places for a being to go if they don't want to be found (The Outer Rim Territories, The Unknown Regions, Wild Space, etc.).

Just my two decicreds worth.....

22 April 2002, 01:13 AM
*Possible Spoiler Ahead*
What I am wondering, Besides Count Dooku, who else is alive among The Lost 20, an are they all Darksiders/Sith?

3 May 2002, 01:23 PM
To answer a question higher up the thread.

I think the clone army killed off the Jedi with Vader implimenting it.

That would follow the line : "Vader help hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights"

He found them and the clones killed them. Even a Jedi Master couldn't kill off an entire army of clones, their armoured speeders, very large almost victory class SD transports (from the trailor).

I also think Sidious would have wiped out the rest of the missing 20. He doesn't want any rivals good or bad.

5 May 2002, 04:05 AM
Here is a list I wrote some time ago. I took me so long to dig it out, sorry. ;) I have listed as many force-sensitive users I was able to find. Of course, the list if far from being complete, so feel free to add some more you can remember of. :)

<b>The Dark Side:</b>
<ul><li>Emperor Palpatine</li>
<li>Darth Vader</li>
<li>Mara Jade</li>
<li>Durrei (Dar Side Student)</li>
<li>Adalric Brandl (Dark Jedi)</li>
<li>Vialco (Dark Jedi)</li>
<li>Lady Hejaron (Aspiring Dark Side Apprentice)</li>
<li>Gwellib Ap-Llewff (Dark Side Adept)</li>
<li>Savuud Thimram (Dark Side Adept)</li>
<li>Imperial Sovereign Protectors</li>
<li>Gantoris (Colony Leader)</li>
<li>Exar Kun (Dark Jedi Ghost)
<li>Joru(u)s C'baoth (Jedi Master)</li>
<li>High Inquisitor Tremayne</li>
<li>Tanda Pryl (Imperial Captain)</li>
<li>Dhar Bullwin (Dark Magician)</li>
<li>Hethrir (Dark Side Adept)</li>
<li>Irek Ismaren (Dark Side Student)</li></ul>

<b>The Light Side:</b>
<ul><li>Luke Skywalker</li>
<li>Obi-Wan Kenobi</li>
<li>Fable Astin (Joung Jedi)</li>
<li>Jaalib Brandl (Young Actor)</li>
<li>Santlion Lacith'chika (Student of the Force)</li>
<li>Corwin Shelvay (Jedi)</li>
<li>Vima-Da-Boda (Fallen Jedi)</li>
<li>Ood Bnar (Jedi Master)</li>
<li>Empatojayos Brand (Jedi Knight)</li>
<li>Kyp Durron (Kessel Miner)</li>
<li>Streen (Tibanna Gas Protector)</li>
<li>Kirana Ti (Dathomir Witch)</li>
<li>Dorsk 81 (Bureaucrat)</li>
<li>Kam Solusar (Jedi Apprentice)</li>
<li>Tionne (Minstrel)</li>
<li>Cilghal (Ambassador)</li>
<li>Callista (Jedi Knight)</li>
<li>Halbret (Jedi Knight)</li>
<li>Taj Junak aka Dr. Kint (Jedi Knight)</li></ul>

darth maim
5 May 2002, 10:49 AM
Why is Mara Jade listed on the light side list? She's an emperor's hand at this point...

5 May 2002, 12:39 PM
Well, okay, but there was still good in her, which proved true later. And I didn't expect anyone to look at the famous characters. The really interesting ones are the not-well-known ones.

Due to her dark side activities at the beginning of the era, I moved her position. Okay? :)