View Full Version : D6 book

9 April 2002, 03:43 PM
Does anyone know where I can get the D6 core rulebook?

10 April 2002, 06:07 AM
Your best bet would be a hobby shop or online auction like Ebay. Since it is out of print it's difficult to get a hold of, but not impossible. You can also check Amazon.Com...they have registered merchants who sell items through what the call "z shops"...you can often find a LOT of out of print WEG stuff in there.

10 April 2002, 07:29 AM
Amazon is definitely a place to look... a <A HREF="http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/search-handle-url/002-4034854-8421635?ix=fixed-price&rank=%2Ditm&fqp=org-unit-id%014%02site-org-unit-id%014%02status%01open%02title%01star%20wars%20roleplaying%20game&sz=3&pg=1%26field-enddate%3D0a-&size=50/002-4034854-8421635">quick search</A> reveals plenty of results, and the first item on the list is a <A HREF="http://s1.amazon.com/exec/varzea/glance-browse/Y02Y0375633Y5104099/ix=fixed-price&rank=%2Ditm&fqp=org-unit-id%014%02site-org-unit-id%014%02status%01open%02title%01star%20wars%20roleplaying%20game&sz=50&pg=1/1/51/qid=1018452411/ZS=1-1/002-4034854-8421635">copy of the West End second edition rulebook</A> for twelve bucks.