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Frobi-Wan Kenobi
9 April 2002, 08:54 PM
Just wanted to see how everybody on the HoloNet feels about the SWRPGNetwork policy on submissions.

I have no problem with how they are, this is your website. I am doing this out of morbid curiousity.

Ghost In The Holocron
9 April 2002, 09:40 PM
Requring both d6 and d20 stats does give would-be contributors a problems -- expecially the folks who don't have any experience at all with d6. However, I think the requirement is a good thing. It allows the network to maintain a certain degree of quality since entries will cover both incarnations of the game. It helps people think more about and consider well the things they might want to submit.

Purely d20 stats submisions can always be posted over at the d20 forum. And pure d6 stats over at the d6 forum. If the posted system-specific stats appeal to a good number of users, there might be a chance for these to get converted to the other system. In which case, a formal, complete, and well thought-out submission will then be a greater possibility.

It may at times be a slow way of doing things, but the results are, I think, worth it.

darth maim
9 April 2002, 09:46 PM
I can pump out stats all day... just not in D6. I have never used nor ever plan on using a D6 anything...

If someone wants my stats in D6 either they can convert them or someone with a warm heart can submit a D6 version to be added to the same page.

Reverend Strone
9 April 2002, 10:16 PM
I must admit, I used to see this submission guideline as a restriction, but now I'm 180 out. Having had to seek out d6ers to help me with d6 versions of my d20 stats, I've been lucky enough to find helpful and cool folks, eager to help. That need has fostered a spirit of co-operation that wouldn't otherwise exist, and it's actually been fun.

Dan Kyrinov
10 April 2002, 08:09 PM
I was introduced to SW RPing by two gamers, brothers, who GMed a mean game of d6 Star Wars. As time progressed, they got other games and we played Star Wars only periodically. New material was hard to find, books were out of print, episode one came out, and we wanted stats. So, a few years after I got started I bought and now gamemaster the d20 version. I'm more familar with that version now, can write up d20 stats without any trouble. But when I discovered this site, we were able to resurrect the WEG books, bring in new threats. No website has done more for NJO or Ep1 roleplaying than here, especially in converting every stat to d6, and giving d20ers more roleplaying options from the WEG pool of stats. So I agree that stats should be in both systems. Think of it as carrying the torch. (And yes, I did just submit five feats, system-specific for d20. I am a hypocrite.) But if you have good d20 ideas, run, don't walk to the d6 section of the holonet and get a helping hand!

Rigil Kent
10 April 2002, 09:39 PM
I hesitate to actually weigh in on this decision but decided that I would just because I'm like that.

Obviously, I voted for both, and the Guidelines given to me by Armage and Moridin made perfect sense. I'm currently GMing a d20 campaign (which finally got off the frelling ground again) but my first game started in d6. As a gamer, I'm a fan of both systems and realize that both have flaws and merits. I guess you can say I bridge the gap between the anti-d20ers and the anti-d6ers.

System specific rules aside, we want to maintain a friendly atmosphere for both aisles. If we fail in that, we alienate one side or the other and half of the visitors to the site go away.

Besides, I'm glad that people like revstrone have broadened their horizons by hooking up with some d6ers. In that instance, he spoke/wrote with people he normally wouldn't have. Perhaps one of them can be the catalyst for his next Great Idea (tm).

That's us at the 'Network; spreading the love...:D

10 April 2002, 10:24 PM
Well, that's actually extremely informative and helpful. I've been interested in doing some submissions in the past, but I don't own any d6 material, and therefore assumed I was S.O.L. It's nice to know that I might have some "backup" if I had a submission for which I only had d20 stats....

Thanks for that.

Reverend Strone
10 April 2002, 11:01 PM
I think it's also worth noting that as soon as you post a bunch of stats in only one system, you're going to get all the folks using the other system complaining, and then tempers flare and the agro starts. The net result is angry people who may not come back to the site because "oh it's all a bunch of d6ers there (or the reverse)". This policy of providing for both, as has been said, fosters a good sense of co-operation and also helps remind us we're part of the same community, be we of d6 or d20 allignment.

11 April 2002, 03:25 AM
I agree that requiring submissions in both systems is a good idea. Also, as far as what has been published, both systems are incomplete so those who work on conversions are especially important to the site. Although I prefer D6 to D20, I admit that for the games that Iīve been GMing I wouldnīt have had access to the necessary information without the D20ers out there (NJO era). Also for those D20ers who want to play in the eras of the movies, the information that WotC has put out may not include everything they need to run a campaign and so itīs necessary for friendly D6ers to help them out with providing information. Also, for more balanced campaigns in both systems itīs necessary for new information to be given in both systems. Thatīs just my own opinion so keep up the good work on the site.