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18 April 2002, 06:45 AM
We were having a discussion last night about the NJO books and wondered as to the exact state of the galaxy at the end of the series.

As things are progressing, more and more of it is being vanquished, this being a Star Wars book it's a pre written certainty that good will win out in the end against the Vong... but what if that's the final great big twist to the entire plot. What if good *didn't* triumph in the end.

It'd dispell everything that's so common in books, proving that once in a while if doesn't matter that you *should* triumph over the greater evil, sometimes you don't.

Before you all say anything, I know full well it *won't* end up this way, but it's an interesting thought. We just wondered what people thought of the idea...

18 April 2002, 09:42 AM
What makes us always think that Luke and Leia and all are the good guys. (Insert freaky music here) What if the Vong were the good guys.

18 April 2002, 11:06 PM
Actually, it has already been suggested (I think it was in Rebirth) that Luke, Leia, etc would not be around to see the fall of the Vong. That task would be left up to Ben Skywalker and co. The kids (who obviously grow up .. duh).

This seems the most likey situation to occur... well .. to me anyway.