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20 April 2002, 03:40 PM
I was wondering, Have any GMs here ever killed a PC on purpose. If so what wa your reasoning and did the player know ? (and if the player knows, do you have a d4 permanently logded in your forhead ?).

This was sort of just a questions that came to me, because i have done it myself many years ago.

20 April 2002, 04:26 PM
Speaking from many years of GMing experience, I must say that I have never killed a PC on purpose. I have kept a PC ALIVE on purpose, even though he should have died, but I've never killed one on purpose before.

All in all, I think there's a couple reasons for this:

One, if the player ever found out, (as you eluded) you'd never be able to play with him/her again.

Two, I've never been so upset with a player that I've had to do something as petty as killing off their character. If I have a problem with a player, I talk to the player about it. I don't take some weird sort of vengance on them by killing a character.

Why did you kill the PC, and why do you ask this question, I'm curious?

20 April 2002, 06:41 PM
I've never killed a PC intentionally. I've let them walk into situations that led to their deaths. Sometimes it's a heroic situation, sometimes it's raw stupidity, and sometimes it's just a lucky blaster shot that I decided not to fudge. I've never set out to kill PCs, though I have gone into adventures will the full intention of killing major NPCs on the PCs side. In general, I'm a fairly lenient GM, so PC deaths in themselves are uncommon.

20 April 2002, 07:04 PM
i almost killed a char. That player had ticked me off so bad. He was running 4/4 chars and delayed the adventure by a MONTH!

Reverend Strone
20 April 2002, 07:25 PM
Yes. The situation was exceptional however.

We had a long-running campaign (not SW RPG), and in the penultimate game session, a couple of the players approached me privately about being open to ending their characters in a heroic fashion that would provide a real punch to the end of the story. I obliged, and have to say, it was a very cool game session.

I would never intentionally go out to kill a character unless a player had some reason for wanting to kill them, for the same reasons expressed by previous posters, but for the sake of drama, and if a player agrees to it- the guns come out.

darth maim
20 April 2002, 10:57 PM
I had a player that was in need of humbling in a bad way.... I didn't kill him but he realized he should have been dead as he was backstabbed about 10 times and left eviscerated and pinned to an alley wall.

Funny thing was that when the party member that was looking for him finally found him he ended up taking the rap initially with the local police force (he was a large scary looking wookie that was found over his body and covered in blood...)

The Admiral
21 April 2002, 06:02 PM
Have I ever intentionally killed a PC? Um, yeah, I have. Not for reasons related to the player, but because in both cases the character itself was very wrong.

When I start a game I ask all the players what kind of game they want. When we've decided, I set the parameters for their characters. As an example, my current campaign in a rebellion era rebellion based game. I stipulated that each character must have a loyalty to the Alliance, and have no serious problems working as part of a team, nor have a strong dislike of authority.

In one case where a PC got blown away, the character was, despite my outlining the parameters, completely unsuitable for the group. Actually, on second thoughts, this MAY have been related to the player. ANYway, a chance came up to decisively solve the equation. They opened a locker where he was expecting to find a prize for outwitting a rodian hunting party (If you're ever in a game of mine and a guy suggests that a way to make some cash is to join a Rodian hunting expedition, turn it down.)
Anyway, as soon as he turned the key in the lock, every other player's face froze, for a split second, before they all said 'I'm dodging, I'll spent character points if neccesary'. I hadn't until then decided to have a bomb in there. But sometimes you just get gifted these things. Door opens, something goes beep, BANG, crispy fried Gand. Having the over-indulgent Vernol get sent flying straight into an ice-cream vending machine I'd already detailed just made the scene.
"Guh! I'm bleeding! I'm BLEEDING! MEDIC!"
"Shut up, it's raspberry sauce."

The other time was a player requested a character death. He'd discovered it wasn't as much fun playing a Dazouri as he had first thought, especially after the players found out he was spying for the Imperials. he asked for the character to go out with a bang in the session, but didn't want to know how it would happen, (he didn't want to fudge rolls, or play poorly)
He managed to make the mistake of rifling a wookiee's hotel room. One punch, broken skull, neck and vertebra all the way down to his clavicles. Didn't even get time to do the Dazouri 'Ping'.

21 April 2002, 07:02 PM
I ocne killed a player. he asked me too. his player just WASN'T working with the group. in his own words "the minute I get into char I start thinking how to turn the group in to the authorities"

we had him die a gloarious futile death try9ing to explain to the stomries that "these good people didn't do anything wrong" :)

The Admiral
21 April 2002, 08:19 PM
Whoa! Brian! Killing a character is one thing, but killing a PLAYER? Heck, even if they asked you to, isn't that a little harsh? ;)

21 April 2002, 09:32 PM
Well personaly Alun has killed many of my characters. Lets see Zartian was the last and how could I forget.

:Slaps himself

You killed my Gangral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beter have not been on purpose. I just got a surgical steel d4 with the sharpness of my piercing needles.

21 April 2002, 09:33 PM
Yeah I don't think I would go to the extent of killing a player. LOL But any ways about killing a players "PC" well I've never done it. Felt like it a couple times because of the player but never done it and never would do it. But yet I have had it almost done to me. And I luckly found out about the whole scheme during the gaming session and was none to happy. I used to game with a group of about eight people including myself. One guy in particular was a real power hungry player. He always had to have the best player in the game. When I mean best. I mean he had to have a character with the best stats and best equipment out of all the other players. (He never played a Jedi by the way) And no matter who's game he played in he would never let the GM see his stats. He was very secreative about it. I think mainly it was because he didn't want us to find out and possibly send a better NPC after his character. Plus to this day we all think he put himself through games of his own by himself to up grade his character. LOL I always thought it was funny. ANYWAYS some time during our gaming sessions I ended up getting the most powerful character in the game. He was practically invinsible. Which to this day I hate playing real powerful characters. Just played that one and it wasn't too fun. Well the power mongrel if you will decided to have another guy GM for me and him. So we started a game. The GM had come up with a mission for the both of us that put us up against some Star Wars version of the Predators. (From the movie the Predator) Well I got my butt kicked but ended up making some really good rolls and made a major come back and killed the group of Predators. And by the way the mongrel got knocked out early in the game and was unable to regain conciousness. Well during the middle of the game the mongrel had to use the bath room and during that time the GM told me what was going on. The mongrel made super stats for the Predators so they could kill me. And that early on he was to be knocked out and wasn't able to play any more. Well the GM felt bad for doing this and before the game he lowered the Predators stats. Needless to say I was very upset about it. Because I loved to play the game and loved to play with the people I played with. Needless to say I survived the mission and got into a argument with the mongrel. I quit playing the game all together and started to GM. It really hurt my feelings to be back stabbed like that by a friend. Just because I had a better player than him. Since that time I've only played one other character and that was for only a couple gameing sessions. And I was the only player and it was GMed by my best friend. And now that PC is a constant reoccuring NPC in my game. He helps out the PC's every once in a while. I currently GM for two players neither are the mongrel. I know it's just a game and all that. But like I said it just hurt my feeligns about what happened and also once i started to GM I had more fun. But now I'm currently looking to play again. Found a nice group about an hour from me but havn't been able to get there because of my schedule. LAST THING. I kinda got my revenge on him in one game I GMed. But it wasn't purposely done. I still think it's funny though. Just because of the type of player he was and his characters never got hurt in any game. Well this one game I GMed there were about four or five players. One was the Mongrel. (But he was using a different character than before.) They had a mission but I forgot what it was about. Any ways they found an Imperial base. Some reason the Mongrel went his own way and found himself inside a warehouse. Come to find out this base was the worst enemy of another PC Jedi. And the worst enemy was a high level Dark Jedi. The Dark Jedi happened to be in the warehouse in a little control room for the base. The Mongrel saw him and started to shoot at him. They began fighting and the Dark Jedi keep knocking all his shots away. By the end of the fight the rest of the characters had gotten there, the Mongrel had his leg amputated by the Dark Jedi's lightsaber, and the Dark Jedi got away in his starfighter. It just goes to show you. No matter how tough you are never fight a lightsaber weilding high level Jedi with a blaster. They don't mix. LOL Welp that's my story. Sorry so long.

Talonne Hauk
21 April 2002, 10:36 PM
Well, everytime my group gets together to play, I always feel like pulling the plug on one of my characters. But what can I do? The player happens to be my brother! It's really not that bad, he just knows how to get under my skin. See he's just jealous because I'm taller, handsomer, have a full head of hair, and I know how to hold my ego in check.:D

22 April 2002, 10:49 AM
I've never intentionally killed a character. As a matter of fact I usually go out of my way to make sure they don't die. I prefer to just wound them greatly and then take away their toys. That expensive armor you just shelled out all those credits for? Well it's now a smoldering lump rapidly burning your clothing... Or blasters fry, or datapads get busted. If they do something stupid I make them pay, but not with their lives. Now NPC's on the other hand die gloriously. Sometimes I kill NPC's that are on the side of the PC's just so they realize that they are expendable.

22 April 2002, 11:12 AM
I'm older and wiser now so I usually keep them alive, but back when I started there was this one player who's characters goal, was to steal Boba Fetts ship. After an hour of him continually checking the docking platforms, I gave in. He found it, started tampering to break in. A cold, synthisized voice behind him warns him to step away and make no sudden moves. The player goes for his gun..... Lets just say there was a reason Vader tells him "NO DIDINTIGRATIONS". end of tale. end of character.

darth maim
22 April 2002, 01:28 PM
wow... mfalls... Sounds like you had some bad GM's..

1) not LETTING a GM look at your stats is ridiculous... you don't let a GM do anything, they just do it.

2) Any GM who would let a player design the enemies and arrange to be knocked out so not to also die is a flat out crappy gm.

22 April 2002, 04:10 PM
The only times I've killed players "on purpose" is when I've worked it out ahead of time with the player -- either during that game session, or before.

Notable examples:

In a Call of Cthulhu game, I once took a player aside and said, "OK, your guy is essentially the dude who gets offed in the second reel to show the situation is serious. You're going to come stumbling back into the room in a couple minutes, with both your hands lopped off. Then we'll bring in your other character." His response: "Cool!"

One of my players decided he'd gone about as far with his character as he could, and wanted to retire him. So we arranged a situation in which he stayed behind to "hold off" the enemy until the rest of the group could escape. There was no evidence that he actually died (thus giving me the out to bring him back if I want -- convenient!), but everyone mourned him as if he were dead. That game's still going, so I'm not off the hook yet.

One of my players created a character who was meant to die. It was always in the cards, and just a matter of when and how to bring it to fruition. That was a secret between the player and myself, however.

But, have I ever killed a character capriciously, in-game, just because I didn't like their face? Never as a GM. As a player, on the other hand... well, in my teenage years, I was not above a bit of petty back-stabbery here and there... ;)

Dan Kyrinov
22 April 2002, 07:50 PM
First off, I want to say that I just wandered into this section of the forums for the first time, and was pleased to find this thread. It has served as a great way to hear GMs tell of character reactions to different offings of player characters. I'm facing that in a recent game. My players are getting a little overcocky, having had some great successes, and I'm considering having them come down hard, possibly losing one of their number. A few of them have characters that are not fitting what they want out of the game, and they want to go around again (thru creating a character). They don't know I am considering having them die. This brings up a question I'd like your advice on. When three players are all dissatisfied and would accept death for the sake of a new beginning, do you arrange for them all to be killed so they all get what they want, or just one, or none, for equality's sake?

The fear of losing a character and the tendency for GMs to fudge rolls to save lives affects the game in a deep way. Once, I ran an Arabian Nights campaign. All the characters were essentially imagined by Shiherazhade, and if they performed well, they pleased the mad king and came back in sequels. Characters who died or weren't notable that week never made it back. This was awkward at first but not having the need for worrying about character death was actually a fun experiment.

And by the way, just to share my own experience, I myself, playing under a mediocre GM, have died and been resurrected twice. He has a homegrown system, one that takes forever and a day to roll up characters. So to keep all that effort from being wasted, I was resurrected twice. The first time was an accident, the second time I was pushing things to save an NPC, banking on a resurrection. Sneaky, I know. It taught me to be wiser, however, when my players are pushing it.

Wow, I rambled on and on there. I must just be glad to see a thread that applies to what I'm working on for the next tabletop session. Have a good one!

The Admiral
22 April 2002, 08:29 PM
I'd say if you have three PCs who don't fit the game, then it'd make more sense to change the game than the PCs.

For example, if you have three characters who really don't give two hoots about overthrowing the Empire, and would much rather be gallivanting around the galaxy making a little dishonest money, then they'd be better suited abandoning the Alliance and starting up a trading company.

That is if the players actually want to play the characters, but don't like being crowbarred into stories.
If they like the game, but the characters don't fit, it'd have to be incredibly serious that simultaeneously three PCs were so inflexible that they couldn't come around to the flavour of the game.

As an example, I have a PC in one of my games named Zognogar. Now, he's a xeno-phobe. (He's also Kamarian) and a fully paid up member of the Arthropod First movement (metaphorically). His arrogance and amorality were starting to affect the game feel, so I took an opportunity presented to me and made him Force Sensitive. Worked a treat.

Rigil Kent
22 April 2002, 08:46 PM
I have only intentionally killed a character twice and, to be honest, in both instances it really was the players fault.

In the first case, I was running Top Secret/S.I. (remember that?) and the characters were working for the federal government. One of the players was on his second character (his first had been arrested by the other PCs when he sprayed an Uzi at a bad guy in a crowded airport terminal) and this player (my cousin, actually) still hadn't figured out that I wasn't pulling punches. He had continually pushed the envelope while the characters were investigating the Evil Mastermind (tm) and eventually was targeted for elimination. The other PCs had managed to stay under the radar and weren't around when this character's apartment building blew up. :D His funeral was nice and the third character was actually good so lessons were learned.

In the other case, the player in question was simply stupid. He was playing a cleric in a manner totally inconsistent to the rules and was going out of his way to honk everyone else off. So, while they were chasing after a powerful mage, this high-level mage popped off a magic missile (that he didn't actually have memorized) and incinerated the PCs head. Yeah, it wasn't really necessary but we had tried talking to this guy a half dozen times. Nobody shed any tears when he quit.

Other than that, I've rarely actually killed PCs unless it was due to their own stupidity.

22 April 2002, 08:51 PM
My suggestion, Dan, is to either do as The Admiral suggested and change the game direction, or simply retire the characters and introduce new ones. This could be done two ways (one that is more along the lines of a "story" than the other).

The first is to simply have all three PCs retire, leave, give up, whatever. You don't have to kill them off, they could just essentially decide to "quit" the adventure. Then everyone could make new characters and pick up somewhere close to where the first batch stopped. This will require more work on your part, to figure out how to keep the same story with different characters.

The second is to have each player make a new character that would better fit the game, and then...each session, you introduce one of the new PCs that is to replace on of the old. This will work in the new PCs, giving them a reason to be in the story, and allows the old PCs to bow out (or be killed gloriously in a gunfight...if the player feels that's a better exit) without having to worry about how to get all three people working together. Sure, this might take a couple of sessions, but it works in the new PCs a little better and allows a good continuance of the plot line.

22 April 2002, 09:20 PM
I've killed players on purpose on a variety of occasions and for a variety of reasons.

The most frequent reason I kill people off is absence. My group changes with the tides. Sometimes I have 8, sometimes I only have my core 3 (lately I've had nothing, but that's another story). Anyway, since people come and go, so do their characters. If I think (or hope) that they aren't coming back, I kill off the character. Otherwise, they leave and show up again later.

On a couple of occasions, players who were moving away or who just wanted to go out with a bang asked me (or I asked them) if their character could face one of the major villains and go out in a heroic fashion. There was one occasion where the player didn't take the villain with them, but they knew exactly what they were going to get ahead of time.

In a very recent game, I killed off the entire party on purpose. That is, I planned for them all to die, and knew what they would choose when the time came, and indeed they chose to die rather than accept the alternative. The reason has to do with the plot, which was that all of the players had died before, but were given a second chance at life in exchange for taking care of some affairs that the people on the other side couldn't handle. Things get complicated, and a new threat arises, and the only way to solve it was to return to the great beyond. It was fun watching it dawn on them as they realized what they needed to do, and it was cool that they chose to do it in the end. Even the really stubborn ones who thought it was unfair liked it in the end.

Dan Kyrinov
22 April 2002, 10:00 PM
Thank you for all the advice, guys. It's all good stuff, which I'll keep in mind as I play this out. It's not so much that the players dislike the purpose of the game, but that they think their characters might be more fun to them with a different set of powers, abilities, connections, and such. Now, for phasing them out, or however they transition, I think I'll hold off on that and wait for the Revised Core Rulebook. I'm sure that will help them and me with all this. And, as you've mentioned, the game may need to change for the characters and also for the new episode 2 material. I didn't see that right away. Thanks again!

2 May 2002, 08:34 AM
I did, once.

The player was becoming an obnoxious egotist, hogging the adventure and shouting down other players who tried to get some of the light for themselves. No amount of talking and reasoning got through to him. Finally, enough was enough.

You see, this guy was nowhere near as good as he thought he was. He was a good tactician, but he had the flaw that once he thought his plan was perfect, he couldn't see any other flaws in it. I simply exploited this. Because of this, he started to think that his "ruthlessness" made him impossible to beat, with the proper preparation.

He sauntered up all big and bad to our Villain O The Week (tm). In reality, they were about equal. However, I did what I normally only do for the Major Villain of the Campaign. I played him, as smart, cunning, and utterly ruthless. In the end, Mr Ultimate Bad Ass wound up dead on the floor while the rest of the group went and took the sith warrior out the smart way.

I still play with the guy, and while he's still a bit of a spotlight hog, and a braggart, he doesn't usurp the rest of the party, and he sure as hell doesn't wander in alone. :)

6 May 2002, 01:28 PM
Originally posted by darth maim
wow... mfalls... Sounds like you had some bad GM's..

1) not LETTING a GM look at your stats is ridiculous... you don't let a GM do anything, they just do it.

LOL!! I once had a player who altered his stats so much (after two adventures had a blaster of 8d with a dexterity of 4d) that I took his charector sheet outside one day, on a whim, and burned it in a trash barrel. Then, for his next charector, all stats were written on a piece of paper that ONLY the GM had access to. His charector sheet was 100% irrelevant. If he tried something with different stats, we know he cheated! Kill a charector? Attack the weak link and destroy the charector sheet!!
-----In a Marvel Superheroes game once, I wanted to make a new charector, but felt my old charector deserved a proper death so we had a plan to have him kill him some major bad guy while dying a gruesome death. The concept is good, but we never finished that "campaign", in fact I've never finished a game, we always just stop playing for months at a time at some point. Kinda sucks...

6 May 2002, 10:18 PM
Several times. 3 have been planned, 2 were unplanned but welcomed, and 2 were unplaned but needed.

The 3 planned ones were all the same, a large (8 perspn group on ship), playing ad&d, they were all transfering out, and wanted to have the characters 'dealt with' so they had no loose ends here. Simple, they wounded up going dragon hunting on their own....

1 of the 2 unplanned ones, was a dwarf battlerager. The party had just raided a drow city, and were fleeing when a new guy into the campaign showed up (he had already called in). His character was a beserker, and i told him he would stay behind as rear guard. He died singing a battle chant (and loved it).
THe other one was a little more strange. 3 months from one game session to the next and most everyone forgot what their character's health status was, one guy (werewolf) was at -5 aggrivated wounds, and got into ombat. His first hit on him caused 5 more wounds....

Both the needed and unplanned ones were a hubby/wife pairing (married in RL and in character).. THey decided to do the fly their ship into the bad guy's ship while everyone else fled. Though they could survive. Killed them just to prove ido not fudge the die or play favorites.,. They gripped for all of 2 hours. THen thanked me for making it easyer for one of them to bow out so they could get into a LARP game of vampire......

7 May 2002, 02:07 AM
Yep i have the git was power gaming to the max i kill him my making him into a zombie and the pcs havng to shoot him or get hurt. they obliged and shot him in the head twice and heart once. but he deserved it in the being of the campaighn i asked them what they wanted to do and we agreed on a black opp type campaighn so everyone got there role the fighter ace, the hacker, the entrance specalist ect, well as soon as sotg came out he spotted the gunner and the blockade runner and me not paying much attention ended up with a noble4/scoundrel4/officer2/blockade runner3/gunner3 at first i did not think it mattered but i drew the straw when he told me he was going to take a level in solder for thr free feat and and weapon slots. thats when it klicked he was looking at his stats and not at a chr concept so i removed the chr from the game afterward i gave him a chr that met his origanal plan and told him that i thought he was power gamming and thats the reason the chr got removed (plus he went off on his own and got stabbed by the tyrant) since then he hasnt power gamed to my knoledge in my games

8 May 2002, 03:10 PM
Wow, I feel guilty now, geesh Mfalls.

Ive never really had any problems with any of my roleplay groups.
However I kind of killed all my Players characters in one game session on purpose But it was all in the name of fun, everyone enjoyed it too.....

It all goes by that the players had been playing the campaign for along time and were running their own space station built from an old Mc80 cruiser that they refurbished. Anyway One of the characters was a real Holovid fan, Shockboxing, drama etc , you name it he loved it, though he could never get over the fact that the Empire banned the Holovid show "Starflash" because it sowed anti-imperial sentiments...hmm. Well imagine his answer when he discovers that the producer of the show had come to his region of space filming a revised new series! Not only that they wanted to use his own station to Film it!! Well there were a few conditions, the Player and his froends characters must all get parts in the show! Well in the end this new scriptwriter had killed the show anyway with his pro-imperial sentiments and whats a few pranks when its on their own station! Anyway the director killed of their characters as revenge for all the nonsense by the end of the series. unfortunately little did the director know that their really was someone trying to kill him, and it wasnt the players!
But anyway it was a real good running those adventures, and someday might run them again for a group of new players ;)

But thats the closest Id come to kill my players characters on purpose ;)

8 May 2002, 07:18 PM
Not many have crossed Gerudala the Hutt and lived. One of my players was in the middle of a bad dealing with the Hutt, and instead of shooting at the Hutt's mercenaries, he takes a shot at Gerudala. He shoots the Hutt right in the upper portion of his head and the shot grazes him. No real damage, just a hurts a great deal and shocks the heck out of the Hutt. I definitely count this as crossing Gerudala. Due to the incredible dice rolls and brains of the other players, everyone involved managed to make it out of the situation alive.That was the end of that session.

Now in a world where I am the Dark Side of the force, the Death Stars, Black Sun, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader......and every bad, horrible thing to throw at a player......I still did not want to just run over the guy and kill him. How do I get this guy though? He has been cocky and impulsive the last three sessions, however he hadn't done anything quite that bad....but now he must pay. I had a pissed off Hutt with lots of assassins, and I could just snipe the guy. No, that would be to easy.

This guy was a glory hound. I would need an explosive treasure or poison. He would do it to himself. I went with poison, and in the end it was his fault. He had several chances to back out of a drinking contest, but no he had something to prove. As he lay there gasping for air as the neurotoxin was destroying his respitory system, the waitress came by and placed a holoprojector on his table. Gerudala's face appeared (bandaged and all) laughing at the dim witted hero. The look on his face was priceless!

If it were not for incredible dice rolls, quick thinking and having a medical droid in the area, he would have died. I must say that this guy was much more lucid concering actions from then on. He is extremely lucky to have had friends. In the end, I got what I want.....a player who straightened out, and I wish I would have had a camera to capture the look on this guy's face. We teased him for weeks!

Moff Neomen
16 May 2002, 09:22 PM
I'm the first to admit that I'm a truly evil GM. There's so much crap I throw at my players, it's ridiculous. Ridiculously fun, that is, as the characters scramble to survive. So much action!

I've always tried to keep my characters alive in my campaign though, as evil as I am. I could have easily killed them with the situations they were in, believe me :). But I kept them alive, with three exceptions (though the first two don't really count):

On the first, the characters were facing an Osakan blood eater. One of the guys grabbed a sword off of the gladiator pit rack and charged. Worst...roll...ever. He gets mortally wounded, and his arm goes flying. He survives, but that was a close one.

Second time, similar situation. This time, another character decided to ram another speeder at full speed. Over a canyon. I kept him alive with cybernetics, which actually made him a better character :D.

But as for INTENTIONALLY killing a character...I've only done it once. In the last adventure, I killed off one of the characters in a dramatic manner. Of course, he was a droid, so it didn't really matter...and it was more of a way to kill off the archenemy who killed him, as the sword that dealt the killing blow pierced his backpack fusion generator. The explosion shook the whole building, and incinerated the bad guy too. The best part was that the droid's head was saved, and later in the adventure "reincarnated" into a fighter, essentially becoming one with the fighter in order to save the ship from TIEs.

17 May 2002, 11:35 AM
I only once killed a character. Ironically, it was the first game in a SW campaign. He behaved like a munchkin the whole time, he didn't roleplay a bit and was a pain to game with. To add insult to injury, one of his fellow players was about to fall into a pit and he refused to lend a hand (the old "I might fall!!!" sucker argument). So when he failed a DEX roll later, he fell into the molten pit and died. Like that. He was flabbegasted. He kept this idiotic style of play for some time, though he improved enough to avoid any other player deaths. We are know playing 7th Sea and he is roleplaying as thieve quite convincingly (I couldn't ask for more, snif snif...).
Aside from that little incident, I never kill players unless they really deserve it or it helps the story (usually with their consent). I don't beleive in dice dictating player deaths, that's for sure...

17 May 2002, 05:09 PM
I have killed characters, but never out of pure spite. Most often they will stupidly put themselves in a situation that is likely to get them killed. If they ignore all of my warnings, both verbal and in game, I let them have it. Usually this doesn't result in death, but occasionally I feel that I need to burst their bubbles of invulnerability by losing a character.

In group that I RP with, one of the characters has a irritating tendency to do the most incredibly stupid things on purpose. Go figure. Once, he elected to walk into a bar, walk straight up to the bartender, and pull a gun on him, just to get the paltry few bucks out of the register (we were playing Rifts at the time). So the bartender, of course, pulls a gun and shoots the char in the face. He didn't die, believe it or not, but he didn't back off either, and the next shot meant he never had to worry about clean shirts again.