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22 April 2002, 04:23 AM
It happened several times in my game last night that two groups were shooting at each other round corners. Every time someone wanted to stick his blaster round the corner and shoot if anyone poked his head (or other bits) round their corner. How is this handled under the WEG rules?
Basically it seems that it doesn't work. When the overwatcher is first he does nothing and gets shot at when the others go second (unless he pulls his blaster back in his turn in which case he can't shoot when the opponenent pokes his head round the corner).
If the overwatcher is second, he gets shot at first and can't shoot when it's his turn because the poker will have pulled his head back already.

My second question is, how do you handle this situation?


22 April 2002, 05:21 AM
All I have to say about that...

Throw a grenade around the corner and forget about it. Then the smart side wins and the other side kisses their butts good bye.

Red Menace
22 April 2002, 06:54 AM
I'm sure you already have checked out the rules on partial cover in the book so I won't bore you with that. The additional difficulty of shooting at a smaller target should lesson shot accuracy and prolong the fight.

Or, if the above isn't enough, why not just play it out simoltaneously?


22 April 2002, 07:37 AM
I deal with overwatch fairly simply. Here's how:

Any people that declare "overwatch" choose an area for this to happen....a doorway, a hallway, out of a window, etc. From that point on, the perform no other action as they wait for a target of opportunity to enter their overwatch area. If a target enters the overwatch area, the person on overwatch gets to take their action immediately (during the action of the person entering the overwatch area).

This works like the following: Bob declares he's going to overwatch through a doorway looking out on a street. He stays there, taking no other action. A little later, Pete goes dashing down the street. This is in Bob's overwatch area, so while Pete is still running, Bob gets to shoot at him. (obviously this will be harder since Pete is running)

In your case, Bob is down a hallway and wants to overwatch the end of the hallway, shooting anyone that comes around the corner. Pete, on the other hand, is going to come around the corner, but he's fairly sure that someone's down there that's going to shoot him. So Pete calls for his action to quickly peek around the corner and pop off a shot at anyone he sees. So how I'd work it is that Pete can snap off a shot around the corner, but as he's trying to find a target (that he hasn't seen) quickly, the chance to hit is going to be extremely difficult. Bob, on the other hand, is looking for ANYTHING to come around the corner, so he'll fire at Pete the moment Pete pops around the corner to fire the shot. So both people roll shots at the same time, though Bob will be able to hit a little easier than Pete will, as Bob is expecting someone, and Pete is just "thinking" that someone might be around the corner.

I hope this made some sense....it's early here.

22 April 2002, 12:25 PM
The way I handle this is by people declaring that they are delaying their actions. For example, a person can say "I want to wait until X point in the initiative" This is rather crude, though, so I also allow players to specify a triggering event for their action, which must be fairly specific. For example, a person can declare they are holding their action until they see someone come around the corner, at which point their turn resumes immediately when the triggering event occurs.

So, P1 says "I'm delaying my action, I'm going to wait for him to come around the corner." P2 says "I'm going to pop around the corner and shoot him." P2 pops around the corner, but then P1 gets his turn and we treat it like a simultaneous action.

Now, the most fun way to deal with that when two people are shooting each other, in my opinion, is with the fastdraw rules. The fastdraw rules as I am familiar with them have both players splitting their blaster (or other weapon skill) dice into a pool for 'speed' and 'accuracy'. They then roll both pools. The one who wins speed has their action resolved first, and no reactions are possible for either player. If P1wins the speed roll and makes the difficulty to hit P2, P2 still gets a shot, but the difficulty is increased by some number (usually I just use +5 per wound level). If one of the players was only poking out a head or a gun, a cover modifier is applied to the difficulty to hit them.