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25 April 2002, 11:24 AM
Before i begin this is on the understanding that any of my Saturday night openrpg SWD6 campaign players shall not read past this sentence, and if you do you will chop off your right ear and left arm as punishment.

Read this and tell me what you guys think of it. Its actually a SWD6 campaign i run on Saturdays.

The Rebellion having won at Endor, sets its eyes on a small skirmish that happened just a few weeks prior to endor. A battle in deep space between several imperial and Rogue vessels. Aboard the Home One a meeting is called and several individuals are selected to accompany the Modified Bulk Carrier "Republic's Truth" on a mission to examine the debris. The carrier can hold about 10 fighters, and the rebellion has provided 6 A-Wings and 4 B-Wings for the mission. In my game we have 6 Pilots so it wasn't a big deal in other games it may be, so the GM may modify this as needed.

The beginning of the game starts as the individuals begin arriving at the breifing, various important NPCs that are there include Mon Mothma, General Madine, and Admiral Ackbar. The briefing occurs about 3 days after Luke departed for Bakura. A holo-projector is in the center of the breifing room, and as the briefing goes on it explains the campaign that the rebels, rogues and imperals ran in the outer rim. (As shown in the stratagy guide) The recording shown in the display will show the Missile boat, Tie Defenders, and various other craft. In my game Green and gold Squadrons are involved but only a select few of the survivors are involved in teh mission. After the breifing they're giving some time off to prepare for the transfer and relax.

The next day they are transfered onto the Bulk Carrier. Keep in mind this game is not entirely for pilots. Its pretty open and any type of player can play. Have the players RP for about 1-12 days into the 3 week trip. Then... 8o Oh my problems start showing up. all the A-Wings have been Booby traped, and sabatoged, the B-Wings have been sabatoged. 8o just about every system on both types of Craft has been damaged in one manner or another. the A-Wings have proximity activated Explosives under the reactor which will activate if anyone begins to work on the fighters. (can be overridden if you beat difficulty 82+) if someone checks the security tapes they will see 4 individuals walking down the hallway leading to the hanger. One of the individuals will raise his hand and use Tele on the camera breaking it. One of the other 3 individuals is a girl with black hair dressed as a Rebel Fleet officer, however if they search the records on the ship to ID her she will not appear on any of the crew manafests. If anyone is checking the crew manifests for any irregularities they will however find a crewmen by the name of Mike Travis who seems to have several irregularities in his file. (medium difficulty roll) also any FS individuals who do any sense skills onboard may discover that someone is interfering with their abbilities. if they presure to search the ship for this person and roll heroic on their search roll they will discover Mike's Quarters and several occupants inside. among them Danelle Westick, the female rebel officer. as well as the mysterious Force user and another individual who was on the camera. if they have a lightsaber the force user will attack them with a scarlet blade and the battle will last until either your defeated or you begin to win against him at which point the imperial officers open fire with stun setting heavy blasters.

The ship will undergo several more sabatoges before they reach their destination the worse beign engineering were someone has messed with the programing of the engines and hyperdrive. if a smuggler is part of the party Danelle may try to recruit him through...bribery and or seduction (optional for obvious reasons) she will try to presuade them to take the imperials onboard and act as a escape vessel once their mission is completed.

When they arrive at the destination the battlefield they will discover a ambush, a indictorial class Cruiser and 2 squadrons of ties (Fighter and intercepter) as well as several freaghters loading up with supplies. the fighters will scramble and be sent out. B-Wings only since most of the A-Wings are sabatoged beyond hope.

If any smugglers or even Rebels fall under Danelle's sway, about 4 days later they will be approached by a Rebel officer and taken into a back alleyway. The officer will identify herself as Michele but not give a last name. She will inform them that she knows what their doing and that her superiors do as well, they're giving them a chance to correct their ways. If they assist rebel intelligence in capturing the imperials they will spare the individuals of a court marshall and execution for treason.

if you want more info please reply telling me your oppinion so far and asking questions and commets i have alittle bit beyond this written

25 April 2002, 03:38 PM
Do any of you want me to post more info? if you do i will, since barely any of hte info is posted atm. I also am sure i can limit it to info that all my playesr know or suspect atleast.

25 April 2002, 07:41 PM
The idea seems fine, though from the post, it seems like just a starfighter campaign. If you want ideas on adventure ideas, or things to throw at your players, you'll have to post some more information.

26 April 2002, 08:53 AM
the ultimate goal of the camp is to keep imperial forces from preventing the research project from seceeding. Because of this every type of Rebel loyal or Neutral character can be used. For instance imperials will try to sabatoge from within, they will use Starships to attack the facility thatwill eventually be built to house them during research. Smuggliers may bring in supplies. i'm sure you can think of other cases as well as i can.