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25 April 2002, 10:57 PM
All - I would like to start collecting a series of "scene seeds" - these are not full-blown adventure seeds, rather specific images that could be worked into an adventure. Some examples (some of which I have used):

Someone or something the PCs need to get to (possibly a Jedi Master for training??) is at the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, there is something about said mountain that prevents repulsorlifts from working – it’s gotta be climed the old-fashioned way. Man-vs-nature scenario – rockfalls, cliff-hangs, ravenous avians trying to snack on the PCs, etc.

The PC’s come to a bar to meet a contact. Just as they arrive, two or three thugs burst out and run towards speeder-bikes. Looking inside, they can see the body of their contact slumped over a table with a smoking hole in him…

The PCs are fleeing from pursuing Indie fighters when an Imperial Interdiction Cruiser shows up and helps them by driving off the fighters. The I.C. then "requests" the PC's ship dock in their bays for a "safety inspection"...

26 April 2002, 06:44 AM
How is this one?

PCs enter their chambers to find all the furnature and equipment, moved to diffrent places in the room. (Intruder definatley! nothing missing?) [Sullustans have a strange sense of humor, they just keep doing it until they are cought, going for distance.]

Lord Diggori
26 April 2002, 07:51 AM
Newly bought used droid was quite a bargain, PC's feel lucky. Droid once aboard begins sabotaging systems so the ship can be captured by it's pirate slicer creators. Nope. That's an adventure scene. I'll try again:

PC's chased by stormtroopers, for the usual rebel reasons. They duck into a dark alley successfully evading the Imps. Someone says,"Think we lost'em ?" Before anyone can answer the alley echos an all to familar snap-hiss as a large silhouetted figure ignites a blood red lightsaber.

26 April 2002, 09:36 AM
I'm not sure this is a seed (more like the blossom that becomed the fruit that holds a seed) as much as a sound byte.
Some one puts a gun to a persons head.
"You can't shoot me; you're a pacifist."
"Oh yeah? Then this will really blow your mind."

Rigil Kent
30 April 2002, 03:37 PM
Outstanding idea! Hmmm, some "scenes" I've used...

Two Jedi (in my case, PCs) stand quietly before a flickering holo of LUKE SKYWALKER. They are dressed in the uniform of Jedi and look grim. The Jedi Master is speaking: This crisis demands our immediate attention…
The PC STARSHIP desperately weaving and diving, while TIE Interceptors race around it, blasting away with their quad-lasers. Explosions ravage the hull of the freighter and it begins to come apart at the seams. The ship explodes…
A PC (presumably a melee brick like a Wookiee or Barabel) fighting a squad of stormtroopers. He is throwing them around like they were toys. WHAM! He slams one into a wall while decking another, just as a third fires a net gun that envelops him with an electrical net thing. Blue lightning runs along his body and he collapses to the ground, still shaking…
A Jedi PC (or loved Jedi NPC) standing aboard the command deck of a capital warship, laughing (or is it crying?) as Force Lightning flashes out from his body, sending dozens of beings flying...
A PC comes sliding under a closing blast door while blaster bolts pepper it – he is firing a blaster John Woo style toward the camera. Crouching at the bottom of the door are two other PCs, both firing tripod-mounted weapons at the unseen enemy…

Anyway, those are the sorts of things that I do. But I'm a freak...

3 May 2002, 10:06 PM
Good ones, all - some interesting imagery there. One that I will be using tomorrow:

The Jedi is engaged in a duel with a Dark Sider. She succeeds in cutting the Dark Sider down and stands above its lifeless form. She shifts her head from side-to-side, stretching her neck. "Oh, that is so much better..." she says in a voice not quite her own. She turns towards the rest of the PCs, and her lightsaber blade goes from green to a blood-red...

Nova Spice
5 May 2002, 10:29 AM
-A Rebel strike force( PCs) breaks into the Imperial detention center on Commenor in an attempt to rescue a captured Alliance spy. As the group enters the security code into the computer panel on the wall to open the cell amidst a pile of stormtrooper bodies, the cell door opens: revealing a black-cloaked figure, orange lightsaber glowing: "Your insurrection stops here Rebels ."

-The PCs burst out of hyperspace right into the bristling guns of a Victory Star Destroyer opening up on an Alliance Nebulon-B-Frigate, as TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers dart back and forth pursuing X-wings and A-wings, verdant and scarlet lasers lighting up the black void of space. Flashing on their sensors, the PCs find that a new contact has arrived in the system, the Imperial Star Destroyer Inaugurator, and its ion cannons are opening up on their freighter.

-In the middle of an important meeting with a smuggler in the Voluptuous Wookie cantina, one of the PCs catches a glimpse of a large figure entering the doorway. Slowly turning his head he meets the gaze of the Trandoshan bounty hunter looking for the group. A sardonic smile crosses the reptilian's face. "Nice trick on Ord Mantell. But it only delayed the inevitable."

Just a few scenes for you there Bombaatu :D

5 May 2002, 02:39 PM
An adventure could start with a large group of people in some public place. The PC's and a more or less equall number of NPC enemys. Every person has apistol out and has the pistol against the temple of a another person. Then a squad of stormtroopers show up. People start to sweat and get itchy trigger fingers...

8 May 2002, 03:29 PM
Here's one that's been bouncing around my head...

A cargo vessel is slowly dropping through the sky as explosions rock it from within. The Jedi has evaded all the explosions and has now reached a broken corridor with an opening showing the the blackness of a long plummet.
Explosions and fire race up the corridor towards him, leaving him with not many options. Then a voice speaks in his head "Jump" which sounds like some close friend who was killed previously.
The Jedi takes the advice and jumps into the night sky...

17 May 2002, 06:25 PM
Here's a couple :

1) In the NJO era. A PC's name and picture is being broadcasted all over the New Republic and the Imperial Sector. They won a random lottery worth thousands of credits.
2) One of the PCs has accidently picked up the wrong back pack in the last bar they were in. It's loaded with explosives and the real owners aren't happy.
3) A delivery droid knocks on the door of the PCs room. He/ it has a holomessage and a tciking package for the PC

I know these are not imagery.. more like little fill in senerios at best. :raised:

Enjoy either way !