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26 April 2002, 10:22 AM
I am doing some preliminary work on a campaign set 100 years after the Battle of Yavin. There are some obvious problems in that who know who survives the YV invasion. But I've worked out a possible family tree for the Skywalker and Solo families.

I'm figuring the Jedi Order has been fully reestablished with a Jedi Council to rule it (run by Jedi - similar to EpI). There are roughly 1,000 Jedi in the galaxy and academies on Yavin 4, Coruscant, and Endor. The current head of the Order is (surprise) Obi-wan Skywalker, aided by his son, Anakin. :D

My problem is this: what's the problem? The Force has been balanced so no Sith. The Alien invaders thing has been done. And as amusing as Black Sun may be I doubt it would warrant an entire campaign.

I've been wanting to find out what the Chiss are/were battling in the Unknown Regions. Definitely something to consider there. Or some other threat from the UR.

I could really use some thoughts here. Many thanks.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
26 April 2002, 01:48 PM
Some how I don't think there'd be peace & harmony ...

Hmm, 100aby would make Ben skywalker 75yrs old... his children middle aged with their own kids possibly ...

Well, when in doubt, look to the past for examples...

Originally, in the time before the clone wars, Jorus C'Baoth and many jedi went out in an exploration ship to seek out the unknown galaxy regions... (shortly after the ship was attacked, the jedi been made clones of, following the clone wars and such)

How about this:
Mainly since there's not much for them to do in the galaxy and they're becoming restless and that is not good. Aside from trivial disputes and such, as you mentioned a lack of sith to keep them busy and with a purpose. Perhaps the galaxy's inhabitants are growing annoyed with the Jedi ...

The Jedi council look upon the ancient doctrines before the jedi purge, and decided to make a new Jedi Expedition fleet that their sole purpose is exploring the outer unkown regions of the galaxy with their own fleet, perhaps in quest to find themselves a planet to call their own aka "Planet of the Jedi". Or just simply to take their exploration to the edges of the galaxy and beyond.

Perhaps in the vast un-explored regions there are new life form beings to encounter. some peaceful and some that could possibly impose a new galactic threat ... wraith like beings ... I dunno... perhaps some new threat past the unknown space borders ...

Though I think this topic would get better response in one of the gaming forums as you are talking about running a game 100aby ...