View Full Version : Maybe its just me, but I really love opinions and articles...

Matt Richard
29 April 2002, 04:51 PM
If its one thing I wish this network had, its a place where editorials that helped players on a certain topic and sometimes just let a person give a general opinion on something concerning Star Wars or SWRPG. This can either in be in the form of a new forum or sub-network site.

Now, to answer some questions that I know your asking:

We have the Rants and Raves and C and M Forums, why a seperate forum/sub-site for a vague term: editorials?
ANSWER: Editorials actually encompases two types opinion and advice. An opinion is where one writes an article about something like: Wookies are smarter than Ewoks or Why we should play with a wild die. Advice is an editorial where you provide advice on how to do some sort of aspect of a game, like: Advice on using force skills. To give a comparrison, an Editorial is smaller (in length) than a Net.Guide, but longer than a usual post on a RandR or CandM board. Since forum posts are usually brief and succint, it is necessary for another spot that people can go to, where they know that this will be longer than normal forum posts. Mini-Supplements as I like to call them.

You always come up with all these [sometimes irrational] ideas. Where do they come from?
ANSWER: If I told you, Id have to kill you.

So does this sound good to anyone else, or am I just a lone duck?

Reverend Strone
29 April 2002, 05:27 PM
You're not a lone duck, and it does sound good.

To a certain extent, the General SWRPG Discussion section already does this, but I know what you're saying- not quite in the way you see this working. My only thought would be, perhaps the original thread-starter might best be sent in as a submission rather than the first post of a new thread. Then an open forum is begun in the form of feedback to that submission.

Basically I'm suggesting this feature already exists, we just haven't really made use of it. Perhaps we need to create a new category in the Submissions section to get this going- Game Mechanics, Editorials?

Chris Curtis
29 April 2002, 07:09 PM
It seems to me that these are just the sort of thing that wold fit very well into the Online Journal that appears to be getting resurrected over at StarWars-RPG.Net.

For more information, I suggest you check out the following link to the relevant thread: