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30 April 2002, 07:14 AM
I am doing some preliminary work on a campaign set 100 years after the Battle of Yavin. There are some obvious problems in that who know who survives the YV invasion. But I've worked out a possible family tree for the Skywalker and Solo families.

I'm figuring the Jedi Order has been fully reestablished with a Jedi Council to rule it (run by Jedi - similar to EpI). There are roughly 1,000 Jedi in the galaxy and academies on Yavin 4, Coruscant, and Endor. The current head of the Order is (surprise) Obi-wan Skywalker, aided by his son, Anakin.

My problem is this: what's the problem? The Force has been balanced so no Sith. The Alien invaders thing has been done. And as amusing as Black Sun may be I doubt it would warrant an entire campaign. I figure there will be another Outbound Flight (if for no other reason than a clean-up of the Yuzhon Vong - investigate their origins and such).

I've been wanting to find out what the Chiss are/were battling in the Unknown Regions. Definitely something to consider there. Or some other threat from the UR.

I could really use some thoughts here. Many thanks

The Admiral
30 April 2002, 03:09 PM
Well, personally, I think RPG work best when the charcters are the underdogs. This is why I pretty much solely runs games in the classic era. it's a lot more fun , IMHO, if the bad guys can level a planet.

Running 100 post TBY, then I'd suggest your best bet for game options is to say the Vong won.

Now, I LOATHE the YV.

In my games, nothing really happens after Endor, all the interesting stuff happens before it. (No, I know it's easy to have interesting stuff happen afterwards, but I just don't feel the need, the classic era offers so much opportunity that I don't forsee an need to go beyond it, and I find very little in the post Endor stuff worthy of a playing environment.

BUT, if I did play then, I'd have some oppressive government in charge and the PCs as the underdogs. The YV may fit the bill, if you can stomach them,,,

30 April 2002, 03:44 PM
Tons of possibilites (nothing i would take on myself but none the less)

Discovering all new sectors in Wild Space or Unknown Regions.
The characters can be part of an outbound program, discovering a new sector in wild upset, their hyperdrive gets blown and they have no immediate way of repairing. While trying to quickly learn the basics of hyperdrive engineering the players could decide to help stabilize the region.

Sith (who says the sith are gone) Millenias ago the Sith sent probes to all manner of places. Maybe the established a colony somewhere that prospered and is now an entire system run by siths (doesn't mean that there has to be more than a few 100 actuals siths) and the characters bump into this system and have to prevent the sith (who doesn't know the way into the chartered terretory or are planning a strike into it) from trying to go an upset the new found balance in the force.

Allways the old palpatine two step. A politcal figure of a sort is trying to divide the stable galxy to take advantage of it.

The Self Corrupting Jedis.
A group of jedis on the council decide that they can be the ultimate judge, jury and executioner. A strong political jedi faction has started legislation or law that will allow them to try and convict anyone "thinking" of doing evil. THis of course quickly leeds down the dark side and will require some quick thinking young heroes to stop and make them see the error of their ways (or bash their heads in :)

How about a small planetary war. On a far away planet, two factions have started an all out planetrary war over governing or resources. Its not big or important enough for the Republic to get involved in so some do-good pc has some reason for getting involved and might join one of the sides to stop the other (battles, spying, loss, information gathering etc etc)

Thats just a few

30 April 2002, 04:49 PM
O.K. Here I go. The Yuuzhan Vong have won and the Characters are starting a Rebellion. The Rebellion is a combined group of Imperial, Chiss, and New Republic Citizens.

1 May 2002, 02:33 AM
the sith r gone period. but whos to say theyre handiwork doesnt live on.throgh 1last remaining sith holocron which has recently been discovered or those pesky sithspirits.if u dont want to use the sith i would suggest there be some sort of darkside faction (blacksun reborn headed by a mysterious darkjedi could be anybody i would prob choose jacen or jaina thought lost or dead due to njo)without. it could possibly make the jedi too powerful.on a different note what about someone using mind control eitherforce or mechanical manages take over most of the galaxies citizens (including jedi) except 4 those with immunity (due to whateveru want to come up with)well i hope this was coherent and helpful to ya.Good Luck

1 May 2002, 04:18 AM
It really depends on your players. Do they want a socio-politcal game or just your average shoot-'em-up?

I've seen some good suggestions here. If there is a Jedi Council, things could start to fall apart. Remember, all systems tend toward corruption. Entropy is the only constant in the universe. Everything dies. With the stable government that your players are surrounded with, things could begin to tear themselves apart. Your game could center around the struggle to keep the peace in a galaxy that may have outlived the need for Jedi.

The main thing to remember is you are working in an Era that nothing has ever really been written on. You get to make everything up. Have fun with it and get a little crazy.

Lord Diggori
1 May 2002, 09:30 AM
Whoa. More props to ya. B) I couldn't comfortably run this kind of campaign. I've ran things in the past (a century before Ep. 1 and one 25 years after the Sith War) but I've got no idea how Vong invasion would end up.

The best idea for a campaign in this era I can come up with is a Cold War between the Chiss and the Republic. I think the Vong will eventually loose cause from a writing point of view they'd become tired. Some outlier planets would remain Vong controlled, perhaps by the Shamed Ones, but weakened by the war. The Republic would be re-building and growing again but slowly. I think a third entity, something like a Confederacy, would form representing those worlds that feel that a unified galactic govt is a mistake and shouldn't be repeated. Then, the Chiss, whom still have a relatively intact Empire, would begin to subtly gain influence. From the description of the species I could see them forming a belief that they are the best people to run the galaxy given their keen analytic/tactical minds.

The Admiral
1 May 2002, 10:46 AM
Scary thing is they'd be right,,,

1 May 2002, 11:40 AM
I must really be missing something.

I know Thrawn was a military genius, and i know Chiss in general are good analytical minds.

But it seems everyone has the general idea that they have enough military and resources to challange either the empire or republic.

is this stated somewhere, did i miss this ???

Other than that i Think Thrawn Kicked uhm Rear, but Chiss in general is a unimpressive species. All i know about them is that they fight some eternal war against some alien species. But other than that, any information gotten in AA doesn't make them seem impressive.

Just my Opinion.

Lord Diggori
2 May 2002, 07:12 AM
I dont think I know anymore about the Chiss than most folks here. They've been kept very mysterious by most of Zahn's stories. So I'm say'in since we know little about them Scourgicus could take this opportunity to show their power. Post-vong damage would be mostly on the Republic it seems to me plus the independant confederacy I proposed would be former members that have lost faith in it. This means a vulnerable target.

The cool thing would be that the Chiss wouldnt just start invading the Republic but use their tactics to subtlely gain power. The emphasis is on a Cold War. They may not be that impressive with stats but as long as they think they're that cunning you've got a good start point.

Dan Stack
2 May 2002, 07:34 AM
One thing I've thought about from time to time is a game set where the New Republic can't hold together and breaks into lots of minor governments. You've got a setting something like that of 18th-19th century Europe - lots of major powers, shifting alliances, minor wars, and occasional Napoleon-like figures. Picture trying to be a Jedi Knight in such a setting.

2 May 2002, 12:05 PM
actually a fractured republic might work. ever play battletech?

if so think the sucession wars following the fall of the star legue.

you have 5 star empires basicly squabbling over the remains of the giant star empire they where once a part of.

2 May 2002, 02:40 PM
I like Brian's idea ... and you can still have the Jedi ... which are like this outside force who are trying to maintain Neutrality, but have a hard time not choosing sides in certain conflicts ...

Theres alot to explore there with a ABY+100 and Fractioned Republic combo ...

Aaron B'Aviv
5 May 2002, 01:59 PM
How about a new Demagogue rises in the Imperial Territories, and by a combination of anti-Alien rhetoric and evocations of the power of the former Imperial machine, manages to restore some pride to the Empire.

The remaining Moffs are... ahem... persuaded to declare him Emperor. 100 years after the Empire has fallen few remember the abuses of the Empire and this new Emperor is able to win many followers. As worlds start to fall from the New Republic and begin rejoining the Empire (according to the terms of the Pellaeon-Organa Peace Treaty), few see the terrible danger posed by it. Among those few are the Jedi Council of the era, which may include direct descendents of the Solo and Skywalker families, as well as Horns and others who would have as part of their family heritage a tradition of carrying the war against the Empire. These few are dismissed as remnants of a forgotten generation, trying to gain a political advantage by recalling their long-forgotten battles against the Empire.

Slowly, the New Republic's aliens are awakened to the dangers of the Empire, and they effect a 'containment' policy similar to that employed during the Cold War, to prevent more worlds from joining the Evil Empire. There's much tension between the awakened Empire and the vigorous New Republic, and both sides court the Chiss military to strengthen their advantage.

Dunno... just trying to build on Madpoet's Cold War ideas. Seeing if I can find something that works.

6 May 2002, 12:59 PM
Originally posted by Alun
I must really be missing something.

I know Thrawn was a military genius, and i know Chiss in general are good analytical minds.

But it seems everyone has the general idea that they have enough military and resources to challange either the empire or republic.

is this stated somewhere, did i miss this ???

Other than that i Think Thrawn Kicked uhm Rear, but Chiss in general is a unimpressive species. All i know about them is that they fight some eternal war against some alien species. But other than that, any information gotten in AA doesn't make them seem impressive.

Just my Opinion.

In New Jedi Order: Dark Journey, some Chiss guy mentions that they wiped out some conquerers that would have layed waste to the rest of the Galaxy if they didn't have to go throught them first. And they probably do have the resources to wipe out some of the other governments for 2 reasons:
1. Efficiency: Everything they do is based around raw logic, there is almost no dissent, nobody bs's around when stuff needs to be done and everything is more efficient. The polar opposite of the NR
2. Location: Considering that Coruscant is whithin spitting distance of the Unkown regions, they could focus all efforts on the NR or GE capital without fighting their way to the capitol.
-And I don't think that if the Vong won there would be the oppurtinity for a Rebellion! Almost everyone would be enslaved or sacrificed, all Planets terraformed. That idea seems unfeasible with the way the Vong treat the planets and people they win against.

6 May 2002, 06:37 PM
Don't insult the Chiss or you are dead. The Chiss wiped out the Ssi-Rukk, and some other threat. And they only have Thrawn's resources. NOT. They have the best Military ever! Go Chiss! Chiss! Chiss!

7 May 2002, 11:26 AM

I too am a big fan of the Chiss and wish there was more out on them.

I like the fractured Govt idea. The general flow of Star Wars history is the deteriorating (sp?) nature of the Republic, which may have something to do with the Sith (Darth Bane et al). Only in the last 50 years has there been sufficient problems to destroy the Republic (and birth an Empire). The problem with the NR seems to be the many conflicting points of view - specifically from all the alien species who are now a bit paranoid (genocide and enslavement will do that to you). There also seems to be some dissent against humans. Hmm...

What about human seperation? But most of the Core world are "human" worlds. Segregation? Or just humans stop getting elected. Hmm...What if the traditional leaders of the Republic largely become Bothan? Alien govt for the Reupublic and enter a charismatic human politician (think Nom Anor ca. Vector Prime) who seeks to reestablish human control. This could cause some schizms in the Senate. But would I want to make the human evil. Ugh. No more Palpatines please. I could make him Corellian, though. A Sal-Solo to boot? Hmm....

As far as the Vong I figure they are eventually defeated/driven off etc. It is Star Wars, after all, and bad guys will have to lose. Of course the cost of that victory is another issue. By 100 ABY the Republic (if it still exists) would have recovered from the YV war, and perhaps the non-humans would have recovered from Palpatine's Nazi-like reign of terror.

I also see the Jedi Order as closer to what it is in Ep I. I love the idea of the Jedi trying to remain neutral.

Our adventures, btw, tend to balance psychological thriller and action adventure. This is a great discussion, let's keep it going.

7 May 2002, 01:14 PM
If you wanted to do something that has "never been done", you could have the Charon show up. Maybe they're attacking people while the people are in hyperspace. Imagine if the Charon were able to breach into and establish bases in hyperspace. Whoa! But then, again, after dealing with the Vong, the Charon seem pretty "been there, done that".

8 May 2002, 07:22 AM
Scourgicus, It is worth taking everyones opinions in this, remember it doesnt have to be one single threat.

Sith: The Sith are often resurected by an ancient Sith spectre, Freedon Nadd, Marko ragnus etc. Remember these are about as invulnerable as force Ghosts, Only Force powers effect them and theyre extremely difficult to fight. Perhaps The Jedi order has recognised this threat and having grown in power perhaps blockade certain worlds or train 'Shadow Jedi' to seek out and destroy these spectres permanently. Perhaps the Sith already have a Strong Foot hold. Perhaps even they have been amassing their numbers that dwarf the Jedi Knight and prefer to use subterfuge in defeating the republc. (Though note that some powerful Sith Spectres can travel to anywhere in the Galaxy, much Like Obi Wan manifested on Hoth and Dagobah during the trilogy. (Though Obi Wan may have been limited to the distance he could travel).

Yuuzon Vhong: These guys maybe at peace, Maybe theyre even the rulers much like the Empire were long ago, or perhaps theyre now members of the Galactic Senate and most perhaps no longer beleive in their gods. (Or maybe they have a terrorist faction of underground fighters within their own government who still beleive in the old gods, Yun-Harla and Yun-Yammaka in particular, that they request Jedi to help them rid of).

The Empire: With recent troubles with the Yuuzon Vhong, and the incapability of the Jedi to keep the peace, perhaps the Empire faction is gaining a considerable amount of support. Perhaps so much that the galaxy seems divided between Republic, Yuuzon Vhong, and the Empire. Perhaps these sectors meet up on Coruscant to discuss territory in a civilised manner, while politically back stabbing each other. (perhaps the Republic chancellor is more "Garm Bel Iblis" as opposed to "Mon Mothma" and may resort to 'dirty' tactics. Perhaps the players are troubleshooters, secret agents, or Jedi assigned by one of the governements to halt certain corruption and gather intelligence. Or perhaps they are free of any ties of any Government, do not sit in Judgement of others but are allowed anywhere in the Galaxy to 'do as they see fit' Perhaps all governements behold them as 'above the law'.

Governement structure: As is Episode 2 there maybe a sepratist movement arising. Perhaps already certain sectors have declared their independance and formed their own governements (Perhaps some of these sectors maybe very much like the situation in Northern Ireland, some of that sector wanted to remain part of the Republic while others wanted their independance).

Just a few Ideas, but its well worth giving the galaxy alot of problems thats it seems as if its falling apart and their is only so much the Jedi can do to keep the peace. Even 100 years after ANH the Jedi will still be limited in numbers, alliances strained and planetary governemts already suffering from civil unrest.

The Admiral
8 May 2002, 10:54 AM
it occured to me that if you're looking for a working set-up 100 post Yavin, then you might not mind trampling roughshod over the EU stuff.

if so, the model I have for post-Endor may be of some interest;

As the Death Star explodes, the Imperial Navy, rather than inexplicably running, continue to follow their last orders, and blast merry heck out of Ackbar's fleet as they fight an 'advance to the rear' manouvere.

Expecting the Empire to crumble after their successful decapitation strike, the Allaince are rather suprised when the Advisory Council declare Crueya Vandron the next Emperor.
Emperor Vandron begins to dismantle the Dark Side forces of Palpatine, feeling that a galaxy without force wielders is a lot easier to control, light or dark.
The Inquisition is deprived of it's Force Users through internecine fighting. The remaining Inquisition are augmented and equipped. Vandron realises that if Bob overlooked the two greatest Force wielders in the known galaxy, he probably also overlooked hudreds of lesser users. So he has 'em systematically hunted down, relying on the more reliable Intelligence and massive firepower technique than Bob's Force funk.

Thrawn returns slightly earlier than he expected to ensure that some of his better ideas for the military are implemented, and that the remaining senior officers don't get any funny ideas.

The Alliance is forced to effectively stand down under massive military pressure and waning support as Vandron's Empire is a lot less harsh than Palpatines. (Still evil, but a lot less obviously so,,)

if you still want the YV in the history, they'd be meeting the full might of an undefeated military guided by Thrawn. IE, they turn up, then get kicked back out in short order.

Essentially, things just keep going from bad to worse for the good guys, whilst appearing to get a lot better. Unemployment is down, slavery is mostly abolished, batting average are way up, mini-golf scores are way down, and they have the best water-slides of any world they communicate with.

The Chiss protectorate operate as effectively the uber-elite, though technically they're still independant. The CSA has fallen due to being possibly the most incompetant organisation in the entire galaxy. The Ssi-ruuk have jobs in amusement parks. The Yevetha discover exactly how effective being snotty and having dewclaws is against Base Delta Zero operations conducted by a Executor-class Star cruiser. Daala ends up being demoted to ensign (the only job she's actually qualified for.) Mon Calamari is 'accidentally' turned into the Galaxy's largest seafood emporium by virtue of the deployment of an entire years production run of Visual Electromagnetic Intensifiers. Kueller never get's to Yavin, and so never gets a chance to discover that Evil Overlords who have big fluffy white dogs as pets REALLY aren't cool.

100 years later, Emperor Vandron III presides over an Empire that has found, conquered, and rule pretty much the entire Galaxy. Any players in this environment would find things incredibly difficult. The Empire is bigger and stronger than they have ever been, and the Alliance is all but dead, with no resources,,,

Aaron B'Aviv
9 May 2002, 03:05 PM
About your "Ugh, not another Palpatine" remark, Scourgicus, I feel like I have to offer a few words in defense of my idea.

Firstly, I'm a strong believer in what I call the Infinite Onion Theory of History. History, the way I see it, is an infinite onion. No matter how many layers you unpeel from it, there will always be another identical layer underneath it. In short, History is the same things repeated, each time in a different disguise. Anyone who's ever studied European history would know how true this is.

And thus if I were to take my players into the world of Star Wars 100 years before Yavin, or 1000 years before Yavin, or 100 years after Yavin, or 17345 years after Yavin, there would be certain constants.

The presence of a powerful leader seeking to join the galaxy together under his autocratic rule is one of them. The Star Wars movies, from a certain point of view, chronicle the rise and fall of one such leader, the charismatic Palpatine, from his humble beginnings as a Senator from Naboo up to his death as the powercrazed Emperor Palpatine.

With Palpatine long dead and beginning to be forgotten, I feel another leader would rise up to take his place. It didn't take very long after Hitler died for other so-called Neo-Nazis to seize his mantle.

Secondly, I didn't advocate creating a Palpatine clone. Merely a person who shared certain key attributes with Palpatine, namely charisma, political instincts, the ability to take advantage of racial divisions to gain power, etc... The force ability, secret goal of reestablishing the Sith Empire, hideously gnarled face, egotistical overconfidence... those are all optional. :)

9 May 2002, 06:13 PM
My Idea (and believe me, this might end up being my players next campaign):

Chiss: Ultimate rulers of the galaxy.m Sided with the Empire and has a Senate represented by Imperials and Chiss.

Sector Authority: Every Sector has an appointed senator, usually a Chiss or an Imperial Sypathizer. That senator governs the systems in the sector and is head of Authority there.

Empire: With Chiss as rulers, have many Star Destroyers.

REpublic: Gone. Imersed into the Chiss/Imperial Empire.

Yuuzhan Vong:Totally annilahted. Gone back to their own glaxay. Only the shamed ones, shapers, intendants, and preists live. Most are shamed ones. Non warrior tradition now.

GOvernmental Structure:
Top: 1 Chiss 1 Human (Imperial).
Middle: each senator represents one sector in the senate. Most Senators are either Imperial or Chiss, while some sectors have their own native representitve (mostly an advisor to the senator).
Bottom: Planetary Governers handle the functions on their planet and can speak before the senate.

Military Structure:
Grand Admirals: 20 Grand Admirals are in charge of the Fleet. 10 Chiss, 8 Imperial (human), and 2 non-human. The current Non-human Grand Admirals are currently a Wookie and a Bothan.
Grand Moffs: Govern one Region of Space. THe 5 Grand Moffs each govern one of the regions: Core, Colonies, Inner Rim, Mid Rim, and Outer Rim (Unknown regions are now fully explored and so is wild Space).
Moffs: Sector Governers.
Standard Military Strucutre.

Starfighters: Chiss Clawcraft, TIE Advanced, TIE Defender. That's it.

10 May 2002, 03:55 AM
Although this is a little off topic, it seems everyone is a big fan of Chiss.
Is it the appearance, culture, or abilities?

From what I know, Grand Admiral Thrawn was not a typical Chiss, and was cast out from his race for doing a pre-emptive strike. (Attacked before being attacked). Are not typical Chiss a peaceful structured race?
I doubt the republic/alliance would strike at the Chiss. I suppose there is always a way to work something out, but having the Chiss ally with the Empire seems out of character for both the Chiss and The Empire. It would be a military structure that would be incompatible.
The Empire are all for attack, the Chiss all for defence. And I really dont think the Chiss have the resources to defend the entire galaxy from attack, and frankly with the Rebel tactics of hit and fade, the damage is done before the Chiss would attack, and by then the Rebels are already retreating. I dont know if it was the designer of Chiss, or just a cultural problem, but Chiss as a military force is likely to fail on all accounts against the Rebel Alliance. Just a thought.

Although my knowledge only stems from 'Alien Anthology' (wotc)and the 'Thrawn Trilogy sourcebook' (WEG), and the 'Thrawn Trilogy' novels by Timothy Zahn. I dont know anything about the period 10 years after Thrawn that is mentioned where the Chiss become more known in the galaxy and the events effecting that.

please Educate me ;) Because I need to broaden my horizons, up to now I always thought people liked CHiss because of thrawn wannabies, alike the Mandalorian armor Boba Fett wannabies. :D

The Admiral
10 May 2002, 06:32 AM
The real Chiss stuff of interest in is Vision of the Future. Luke and Mara encounter Thrawn personal House Phalanx along with the Imperials who originally found Thrawn. It's vaguely implicated that the whole 'pre-emptive strike' thing was a kinda cover story. Thrawn's total plans stretched as far into the past as they did into the future, and I wouldn't be surprised if he'd arranged for that smuggler to arrive on that planet at that time being chased by that star destroyer all along.

Thrawn was a military genius, it's true. But it's much more impressive and true to say Thrawn was a military genius even for a Chiss. As for being defensive, well, we only really have Thrawns say so for that and I'd never ever trust what he said about anything. Nor would I try to fathom any possible reasons why he would say anything.

Either way though, Thrawn claimed to have been exiled for making a premptive strike, NOT for attacking. His targets were people he claimed he knew were going to attack, so he did first. The Chiss just don't fire the first shot (according to Thrawn) that's a whole different kettle of fish to only fighting defensively.

As for why they're cool, well, they're the only serious opposition created in the post-Endor EU. The only other opposition we've been gifted have either been very silly aliens of madman of the weeks. The Chiss are something totally different. A patient, calculating species with staggeringly ruthless efficiency. Albeit, this is mostly implied rather than stated, but this is why Zahn will always be the greatest EU author out there. The Chiss are as likely to conquer the NR by stealth as they are by force.

Add to that, they DO look cool.

10 May 2002, 07:00 AM
Thanks alot :)

Much appreciated, best go read that book now :)

10 May 2002, 12:33 PM
OK my 2 bucks (damn that inflation!)

I loved the idea of the star leage thinggy, bt lets take this further. WE have already read (well most of us should have) of the various senior council members fleeing the republic for their own systems/.sectors.

Why not have it that they basically decide to go closed borders on all fronts, thereby establishing 1 maybe 2 seperate 'colonies', the chiss form a thrid, the imps a 4th, and the hapans (with most of the surviving rebels) a 5th.

The vong war takes most of this 100 year time frame (well it is 30 or so years after yavin it starts anyway), and recently they are defeated. Most of the galaxy is too despondent to bother trying to re-establish a galactic order.

10 May 2002, 05:33 PM
I liked my idea. But all of these are good. I think the CHISS Should be incharge.

13 May 2002, 10:44 AM
I don't know that the Chiss would try to rule the galaxy. They seem (is it possible) too arrogant to do everyone's thinking for them. Besides they seem(ed) quite happy sitting in the UR whilst the galaxy waged endless wars over the last 25000 years.

I tried slicing up the galaxy into different pieces - Republic, Empire, Chiss Imperium, Hapes Consortium, Hutt "Conglomerate", and so forth. It just didn't zen right somehow. Despite the political tensions prior to the YV war, and the obvious racist issues present therein, war tends to unite a people. In our own world just look at the rise in patroitism after 9/11 (not looking to start a 9/11 discussion here). But then I haven't gotten to Star by Star yet - perhaps all cohesion is lost...(don't spoil it for me!)

So I would suspect some order would exist after the YV war. I can see the Hutt's extending their control back over Tatooine and perhaps Ryloth and Rodia (not that anyone would care), and becoming more militaristic - knee-jerk reaction against Vong. The Hapans will likely go into an even deeper seclusion after the debacle at Fondor. Some unusual Chiss may travel the galaxy (scouts, I'm thinking). Hmm... I need to wait till I see Ep II...some of my guesses about the plot may be tainting my ideas for this new campaign. And hey - 3 DAYS BABY!!! WOO-HOO!!! :o sorry.