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Mio Can Renui
1 May 2002, 10:06 AM
Im starting an NJO campain on IRC. Server is irc.starwars-irc.net, room is #SWrpg. Put your charecters here if your interested (Im working on geting a few thing together like proper sourcebook.) d20 please. Also if someone can make a bot for the channel or get one (conider this a contest) they will get 300xp. Website comi soon, plase wait till I buy or borrow sourcebook. (Post charcters now though) Cya.

Mio Can Renui
2 May 2002, 11:17 AM

Dragon Fox 3
2 May 2002, 02:08 PM
Hi, I'd be intrested in playing in an IRC game, but I need more character information, like what speices are allowed, what classes are allowed, are we using the point buy system to create stats or are you trusting us to roll and not fudge the dice? Thanks.

p.s. I have the Core Rulebook, Rebellion Era Source book and the Dark Side Source Book, also I have Secrets of Nabo.

Mio Can Renui
2 May 2002, 03:40 PM
Well for our purposes We will use the point system with 30 points.
Charecters may be from any species except . .
anything not printed in a wotc sourcebook.
Chrecters will all start at lvl 1all classes accepted.

Dragon Fox 3
2 May 2002, 03:59 PM
Ok, thanks for the info, I'll start working on my character (including background) and post him as soon as I finish him.

Mio Can Renui
2 May 2002, 04:07 PM
Well Im hoping to get at least three other people. (I might have one of those three but I have to check) And also thanks I forgot to mention the background but Id prefer if charecters came with them.

Mio Can Renui
6 May 2002, 11:25 AM
hello? *crickets chirp* anyone?

6 May 2002, 04:28 PM
I might be interested, but I would want to know when the game is going to be run? What day of the week and what time?

As for a Bot...

Here is one that is designed for D&D3E:


I use it in my games and it works quite nicely.

Mio Can Renui
6 May 2002, 05:08 PM
Well I was hopeing that when I get all my players together We could decide on a time and day of the week together, and thanks for the bot.

6 May 2002, 05:11 PM
Well like I said I am interested. Although I haven't read Star by Star or anything past it yet.

Bad nights for me are Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the time I'm good after 10PM EST.

Mio Can Renui
6 May 2002, 05:42 PM
Errrrrr umm Saturday and Sunday were the two days I was planning to give a shot at. And I cant get the bot to work (almost had it but well. . .)
Lets see I have one player who hasnt come back to the post yet, and one who cant come on te most likely days it'll be on. . . :| nice camaign so far . . .

6 May 2002, 05:47 PM
Sorry about that. I run a game myself on Saturday Nights and Sunday Nights I play in a game. Maybe at some point in the future things will change :)

Mio Can Renui
7 May 2002, 03:28 PM
Well then looks like Im still looking for gamers then, come on I know your out there!

Mio Can Renui
9 May 2002, 12:13 PM

17 May 2002, 07:36 PM
Id be interested except this will be my very first time to play any SW (or any Rpg) except with my self so ill be very newbie-ish but id love to.
what do u want me to do again? :P

26 May 2002, 10:59 PM
I would be very interested in playing, but would only be able to play regularly on a Sunday evening or night game.

I've been gaming as long as I can remember and I ran my own NJO d20 campaign for a while (tabletop, about 8 sessions) until my local gaming group starting getting very flakey and I eventually started moving on to other games. I'm looking for a game, online or locally, but having a hard time doing so - even through the RPGA.


Where in the timeline of the NJO would play start? If I do play, it might help me make some decisions about character and background.

Are you using the Revised d20 rulebook? It is vastly superior to the original, but it's not a problem if you're still using the first copy. It will help me plan things, as most of the classes have been reconstructed for balance and other issues and some skills and feats have changed, as well.

In any event, I would be interested in playing a Jedi first and foremost, but I have several other character concepts in mind as well. Here's a stat block of a Jedi character I might be interested in playing, using your 30 point stat guideline and the Revised rules:

Elan Rigos: Adult Male Human, Jedi Guardian 1; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Def 15 (+2 Dex, +3 Class); Spd 10m; VP/WP 11/12; Atk +1 melee (1d3, punch), +3 melee (2d8, crit 19-20, Lightsaber), +3 ranged (by weapon); SQ Deflect (Defense +1); SV Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +3; SZ M; FP: 0; Rep: +1; Str 10, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 12.
Equipment: Lightsaber, Utility Belt
Skills: Balance +4, Computer Use +3, Craft (Lightsaber) +3, Jump +2, Read/Write Basic, Speak Basic, Speak Kel Dor, Speak Ryl, Tumble +4
Force Skills: Empathy +4, Enhance Ability +5, Enhance Senses +8, Farseeing +5, Friendship +2, See Force +8, Telepathy +4
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Force-Sensitive, Weapon Finesse (Lightsaber), Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, simple weapons)
Force Feats: Aware, Sense

Mio Can Renui
27 May 2002, 06:42 PM
Whoa sorry guys I thought this thread was dead, listen Ive almost got a local gaming group together and untill I get settled with that Im not going to do my IRC campaign. Sorry.