View Full Version : Disappointment, Gamer #10, and videotape.

1 May 2002, 08:57 PM
OK, no videotape. I'm not usually much of a whiner, but I've had a rough week (finals and all) so I'm going to gripe a little about something minor so the big stuff won't eat me alive.

So, most people know by now that I have an article in the (potentially) final issue of Star Wars Gamer, #10. I was pleased to be offered the chance to write the piece, and doubly so to realize that it would be back-to-back with Conversions webmaster Gary Sarli. Sweet, we'll call it the "SWRPGNetwork Edition" of the mag. Ha ha, funny funny, whatever.

Well, a week or so ago I get a letter from Gamer Editor Dave Gross. He's a great guy -- always timely in responding to me, and keeps me on the ball. Anyways, it seems there was a little typo. The byline of my article got messed up, and instead of my name they slapped Gary's name on it too! Oh, man! What kind of disappointment is that?! My first published work ever, and Gary's name goes on it. Sure, my name is still correct in the table of contents, but who reads the TOC anyways?! Nationwide people are flipping open their magazines and seeing Gary's name where mine should be! Of course, if I had to pick anyone to get credit for my work, it would definitely be Gary, so it wasn't like it was attributed to Kevin J. Anderson or something. *shudder* But here it is, my big break, and due to a foul up I now have to go into a lengthy explanation when showing it to people!

To top that off, they went with a very non-standard art style for the article. While I'm not opposed to experimenting with new styles, my debut article is not where I'd like to see it. Gary's article got some neat art, mine is very strange. A minor problem, but it's not the glorious explosion into the world of gaming I'd envision.

Now, I'm not mad at all about it. Those guys at Gamer have never been anything but straight with me, and this was a simple mistake. Dave, Mike, and the gang at WotC are not the targets of this rant. The target is our cruelest mistress, Fate. I've been so excited about this for months -- I actually wrote the article at Christmas, and it's just now getting published to give you an idea how long it takes to get something onto newsstands. Long enough for something to go wrong. Argh!

Yes, it's something minor and possibly irrelevant that I'm whining about, but I'd rather that than deal with big problems, such as failing Calculus! *gulp*

So when you see Gary's name on the Archetypes article, remember me, and realize that Fate pees in your ear sometimes.

1 May 2002, 09:11 PM
Oh, man! What kind of disappointment is that?! My first published work ever, and Gary's name goes on it. Sure, my name is still correct in the table of contents, but who reads the TOC anyways?!

That has got to be very disappointing. Condolences, Moridin -- you was robbed!

You seem to be taking it rather well; if it were me, I think I'd probably be foaming at the mouth with rage. Not at anything in particular, mind you, just -- angry.

Tell you what, when I pick up Gamer #10, I will personally read the table of contents in your honor. :)

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
1 May 2002, 09:30 PM
Hey man... that's got to really bite ... Here's what really bites .. if there won't be no issue 11, then there won't be a little section of "typos's corrected section which would bring you back to justice...

So hey... here's somethin to remember: just when ya think its worst thing ever, there is ALWAYS something worse that could have happened. Always. B)

Reverend Strone
1 May 2002, 09:57 PM
Thank you for that little ray of sunshine Terras.

Oh man Moridin, that's devastating. I'm really sad for you.

If it makes you feel any better, I can kind of relate-

I've got some artwork coming out in a book real soon, and it's a beautiful book. I'm in there next to artists that are a million times better than I am, so it's a huge honour. Yet cruel mistress fate has played her devious hand by creating a scanning glitch which has ment that all my artwork, and that of my fellows, has been reproduced with the colours completely different.

Where our originals were all bright, in the book, they're all drab, the reds are nowbrown, the yellows are now sap green, the blues are now indigo- hugely disappointing. Here's a great chunk my artwork from the last five years in print, and I want to run around and show everybody, buy copies for my folks etc, and I've got to explain to them all, actually, it looked much better than that when I did it, honest.

Still, at least I got a credit correctly. I do feel for you Moridin- that really sucks.

There's at least one copy of SW Gamer 10 that'll have your name hand-scrawled in it under the appropriate by line!

And pardon me, but if I may say, for someone under the strain you've been under recently, you've been the consumate polite professional in all correspondence I've read, especially considering all the trivial stuff I've been bugging you about.

darth maim
2 May 2002, 02:30 AM
I can definately feel for you and I'll get out my sharpie and scrawl MORIDIN on the page because you are Awesome!!!

Oh yeah also I'm assuming that the D20 netguide to martial arts you submitted will not be published in a gamer... too bad it would have been a definate welcomed addition for all the martial arts starved gamers out there... Any chance it'll be appearing here like your I, Jensari did?

2 May 2002, 06:09 AM

I too will correct my copy of Gamer. Is there any chance they might be able to change it for a later printing run? But then all those who subscibed still would get an erroneous copy. Blast it all.

Your article was still excellant, even if they did use a weird art style. In two campaigns I run in I just died, and in honor of you and Gary, I will make the new characters a sharpshooter, and a medic.

May the rest of you problems go much better,


2 May 2002, 09:00 AM
On the one hand, it's nice to see my name in two places. :D

On the other, Moridin was robbed!!! I would go ape if my name got left off, so our esteemed webmaster here is taking it with quiet, dignity, and grace (watch Young Frankenstein for a memorable use of that phrase).

So, I'm going to do two things: First, I'm going to get my first copy (as printed) and leave it exactly as it is, but framed (ya gotta frame your first article!!). Then, I'm going to get a second copy and personally write in the correct byline -- this will be for my personal use.

Finally, I'll get a third copy that I'll use to impress chicks with how I got two articles in the same magazine. B)

p.s. I am kidding on that last point -- I'm engaged, and my fiancee wouldn't be impressed, anyway. :rolleyes: