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2 May 2002, 02:52 AM
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I just finished Vector Prime last night, good book. However now i want to read the next book. Can someone give me the order of teh books that are currently out?

2 May 2002, 03:17 AM
Book 10, Dark Journey by elaine cunningham (feb 2002), paper back.
Book 11, Enemy lines 1:rebel dream by Arron allston, (apr 2002), paper back
Book 12, Enemy lines 2:rebel stand also by Allston (aug 2002), paper back
Book 13, Traitor by Matthew woodring stover (oct 2002) paperback
Book 14, Destiny's way, by Walter jon williams (nov 2002) hardcover
Book 15, Force heretic 1:Remenant by sean williams and shane Dix, (mar 2003), paperback
Book 16, Force heretic 2:refugee, by Sean williams and shane dix, (june 2003), paperback
Book 17, Force heretic 3:reunion, by sean williams and shane dix, (aug 2003), paperback

THese are the UPCOMMING releases.

Book 1 was Vector prime
2 = Datk tides: onslaught
3 = Dark tides: ruin
4 = Agents of chaos:??
5 = Agents of chaos:??
6 = Balance point
7 = Jedi eclipse: ??
8 = Jedi eclipse: rebirth
9 = Star by star.

THese are those to date.
Off the top of my head i cannot remember the names for the 2 agents of chaos novels.

2 May 2002, 04:27 AM
Please in the future look at past threads. This question has been asked and answered.

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