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Aaron B'Aviv
2 May 2002, 11:43 AM
I've created a writeup for a species from KOTOR, who appear in a preview of the game on Gamespot.

The picture is here: http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/screens/0,10865,2852907-3,00.html

The following is my writeup:

The Warksha are an amphibious race akin to the Mon Calamari. Xenobiologists speculate that the extraordinary similarities between the two races suggest they once shared a common ancestor. One University of Sanbra researcher went so far as to suggest that the Mon Calamari and Quarren are a pair of races that evolved from a lost Warksha colony on the planet Mon Calamari.

Though the Warksha were an early space-faring race, developing the hyperdrive not long after the Duros, for a long period of galactic history the Warksha refused to travel the starways, preferring to stay on their home planet of Warksha. Warksha myths developed during this time period suggest that the University of Sanbra theory is in fact true- some catastrophic failed colonization attempt apparently led to the Warksha's self-imposed exile from galactic civilization. Even now it is rare to see Warksha out away from their homeworld.

The Warksha are better equipped for land than the Mon Calamari. Their hoofed feet allow them to move swiftly on land, while their hands can more easily manipulate objects. These adaptations, along with natural armor that protects them from drying up, means that the Warksha are often more comfortable on land than in water. Among some clans, in fact, the gills that allowed them to breathe underwater are now vestigial.

The Warksha are herbivores, and eat both the seaweeds and trees of their native planet. They can also eat vegetation from most other worlds, though for some inexplicable reason, vegetation from the Corellian Sector disagrees violently with their multiple stomachs.

Culturally, the Warksha group themselves in tribes, but the tribes get along remarkably well. A united Council of the Tribes makes decisions for all the Warksha. The Warksha are a cautious and peaceful race. As seen by their withdrawal from space, one mistake is cause for immediate abandonment of a plan, until they feel ready to re-implement it without mistakes.

Stats: +2 Wis, -2 Str. Bonus Feat: Cautious SQ: Amphibious OR SQ: Natural Armor +1 to defense (Depending on what tribe the Warksha belongs to)

I want to submit it to SWRPGNetwork Submissions, but I don't know D6 for beans. Could somebody help with the a conversion to D6? Thanks in advance.

3 May 2002, 03:09 AM
Dex 2d+1/4d+1
Know 2d/4d
Mech 1d+2/3d+2
Per 3d/5d
Str 2d/4d
Tech 2d/4d
Bonuses: Swimming +1d on all checks. Naturally amphibious, but has no problems breathing out of water. Thick hide, +2 vs both energy and physical attacks.
MV: 10 land 8 swimming.

Aaron B'Aviv
3 May 2002, 02:42 PM
Thanks, Wolverine.

4 May 2002, 05:23 PM
don't forget the -1d in all attribut on desert like terrain