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Random Axe
3 May 2002, 04:45 AM
I would like some help in coming up with some story ideas, based on a hook I planted in my last adventure.

One of the PCs who is Force-Sensitive and becoming trained in a new discipline of the Force, was overcome by some sort of "Force Vision". Another PC found this guy in their hotel room, recreating the scene from Pink Floyd's "The Wall", smashing everything to bits and then arranging the bits into different patterns on the floor. The hook is that the afflicted PC was heard to be muttering over and over, "Row 18, Plot 74" again and again until he was finally shaken awake.

I want this theme "Row 18 Plot 74" to be a hook into a series of encounters (if not adventures in themselves) which are related to that PC searching for his lost family. It had the immediate effect I was looking for, in that the PC immediately began searching the local cemeteries (to no avail), but I would like to come up with some more (and elaborate) ideas that can further string this fellow along.

What are some story ideas (or encounter ideas within a larger story or adventure) that come to mind for you around this kind of clue?

Maybe even the clue doesn't even point to the lost family at all but points to some other important storyline hook in the Force -- the PC just keeps THINKING it has to do with his family.

3 May 2002, 05:30 AM
Watch the movie "Don't Say A Word" with Michael Douglas. Something very similar to this occurs in the movie - indeed, the whole movie revolves around it. Some good stuff there.

3 May 2002, 10:53 AM
The characters are handed an ancient text that when translated turns out to be an index of stories that the characters see signs of happening around them. It seems to be a book of fiction by a lost race with almost all of it missing (in museums, private collections, temples ect.) but the ficticious stories seem to be coming true, with minor detail being only slightly off. (Like discribing the gleaming metal of a sword weilded by a Jade warrior who fights for peace and justice in the Galactic Democracy: Jedi Knight for the Republic, with light saber). The index refers to the greater library of such works and when found there are rows of shelves with each book refered to by the number assigned to it's plot type. So row eitheen may be a shelf of books that take place two years ago from the characters perspective (the far future from the writers) and plot seventy for is book seventy four whose plot is based on ____. The same plot number is assigned to a book in row 17 and 19 and ect. They all involve ___.

It's a bit convoluted and a stretch and may be beyond your players.

Random Axe
5 May 2002, 03:35 PM
Originally posted by Bombaatu
Watch the movie "Don't Say A Word" with Michael Douglas. Something very similar to this occurs in the movie - indeed, the whole movie revolves around it. Some good stuff there. I have seen this movie, and agree that this was also heavily in mind when I came up with this hook. What I'm most interested in then, is what is hidden in that particular plot, if not the body of his wife, and where and why would this particular plot be hidden (ie. on what planet?) and why?

6 May 2002, 10:41 AM
How about if in the end the Plot is actually meant for the PC? Perhaps some crime lord or pissed off former foe has an elaborate plan to kill the PC, and is relishing it so much that they already have the plot picked out. The clues to get the PC there need to be fleshed out, and be misdirective so the the character has no idea the the plot is for them until they see it. Then a huge battle in the cemetary (at night?) ensues.

6 May 2002, 05:25 PM
Some interesting ideas provided so far.

If you're going on some sort of other aspect, you could have it where either a Force User or a super strong Telepath (yes, you can throw something like that into Star Wars quite easily) is trapped somewhere and is being tortured or is slowly dying. The row and plot could be either the location of a secret item (stolen plans for a weapon or genetic altering device or some such thing) or it could be the location of where the person is...or where his home is, so that the players realize that somehow the PC is picking up thoughts of "so-and-so".

That alone could lead into many more adventure threads. Imagine: The PCs located Row 18, Plot 74...only to find that it's someone's domicile. The place is empty, and the mail or messages show that no one's been home for nearly a month. While they are going through the place, they find some strange things....hidden compartments containing weapons or strange uniforms, stealth gear or other items of the burglary trade, whatever. Before the players leave the area, people that the "unknown" works for (or against) raid the place, finding the PCs there. Now they are implicated into this whole plot without even knowing why.

They could be pursued by the government, who ruins their credit or puts bounties on them, or they could find out that the group that raided the place belonged to someone who's at odds with the ruling government body....thus giving hints to a whole new mess of political subterfuge.

Of course, you'd need to keep having the one PC get mental images or whatnot that plague him/her...as the Jedi/Telepath (heck, even a strange alien that can broadcast thoughts) until they save this poor, tortured soul.

Hope that helps give you some ideas.