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Dan Stack
3 May 2002, 06:28 AM
This summer I've been giving some thoughts to moving from my Rebellion-era game to a prequel game, with the characters all being Jedi Knights or similar Force users.

However, one of the players in my group, a great roleplayer, indicated that she really doesn't care too much for the idea of playing a Force user - she tends to play the more "practical" characters - like in our Rebellion era game she plays the smuggler of the group.

I've been scratching my head trying to figure out a good campaign concept to have a reason for non-Jedi and Jedi to mix in the prequel era. It is a small groups (3 players and a gamemaster) so it won't be like the character will be overwhelmed with the presence of tons of Jedi, but I realized that in general it is hard for me to determine why Jedi and non-Jedi would mix on a long-term (i.e. adventuring) basis in the prequel era. I can think of tons of reason to mix for an occasional adventure or two, but not for an extended campaign. (Hmm, this could be one of the reasons my Star Wars games have almost always been during the Rebellion - you can fit almost any character concept into a group...)

Any suggestions?

Mad Tech
3 May 2002, 07:56 AM
I am currently running a Rise of the Empire campaign set 9 years after Phantom Menace. The majority of the characters are Jedi but 2 characters are not. The two non-Jedi are a smuggler/scout who works as a pilot for the Jedi Academy that the Jedi characters train at and the other non-Jedi is a scout/soldier who works at the academy as a droid programmer and co-pilot. Another character (who is no longer being played) was a Force Adept who worked for the Republic Security Agency and was working with the Jedi investigating criminal activity in the local system. So far I have run about 14 games and all has gone well.

Mad Tech

darth maim
3 May 2002, 11:35 PM
Well there are the Antarian Rangers found on this site (a group of non jedi with similar ideals known for helping the jedi out)

Or perhaps a jedi wannabe type (tags along helping in spite of the obvious lack of force potential... maybe just someone who has nowhere else to go and once recieved help from these guys...

4 May 2002, 05:36 AM
I'm running a game based 2 years after the battle of Naboo with about 10 players. Currently only 4 of the players are playin jedi types and two others are playing for sensitive types. The way I got them together was to have the non-jedi characters a part of an organization that is run by a Republic Senator that needed his own way of looking into matters that he felt he needed to know about. He also words with the Jedi Council so the players can all be thrown together in a legitmate fassion. It has also provided for come interesting roll playing.