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Kas'ir Faywind
6 May 2002, 02:58 PM
My Pc's are finishing up Tempest Feud which then they should be getting to the big *battle* before they decide to help with attacking Death Star 1 or not. Anyways let me lay out what hapened so far.

In the beginning and once in the middle of the campaign the Pc's had a run in with a few Vigo's. After Destroying a floating city/forcing out most of them the vigo's had a bounty hunter find them (they still think it was a former *friendly* NPC that sent him). He dies but not before revealing the PC's have control of a small island where they are part of the planetary government. The planet is along the Paremelian Trade Route and provides some income/ability to find things for the PC's.

Anyways the vigo's report back to Xizor That this planet would be a great income source along with the rest the rest of the Nothern Parmelian Trade route. Xizor pulls a few strings and manages to convince Palpy to lend a small force (2-3 ISD good?) to lead a small campaign to take over the said route, possibly pulling some BS about how much tax they should be collecting or whatnot.

Xizor then has a prodegy of his maybe some sith assasin or dark side marauder to lead this. If the villian succeeds sh/she could prove worthy to take on Vader.(I read Xizor has issues with vader and wishes to replace him.)

The way i have the battle planned out 1 pc and his "master" (only ~about 3rd level jedis but char lvl 14) will take on the marauder/assasin, while a few take a land,sea defence. and at least 1 pc will aid in Air counter attack. Some PC's will play as NPC while their part isnt being played.
Any blaring problems or suggestions you have?

6 May 2002, 05:12 PM
Well, just from reading your ditty on the game so far, I'm left wondering the overall ability level of your party. Are they well off, and therefore capable of handling the problems a pair of Star Destroyers would provide, or are they not quite up to that task?

I ask this for one reason only: If two Star Destroyers might be too much, try using a mix of Imperial ships. Since you're only talking about a planet (maybe two...did I understand that right?), the Empire might not want to devote two of their Star Destroyers for something like that when one and some escort ships could more than adequately do the job. My suggestion would be a Carrack Cruiser, maybe two; a Strike Cruiser equipped for ground assault (since the intent is to take a planet); perhaps a Lancer or two if the enemy is expected to have some fair starfighters, and a single Star Destroyer.

This allows for you to do a couple of things in your game. One, you could suprise your characters by "upping" the power of the Empire. When the Empire first shows up, maybe only a Carrack and the Strike Cruiser show up. Your players might think "ah, piece of cake" and set about making plans. At the last minute, right before the expect their "easy" attack against a wimpy Imperial force, have the Star Destroyer and all of the other escort ships show up. Suddenly your players are faced with a much more impressive force to contend with.

The second thing it allows you to do is include some ships that I think many people overlook too often. Your players might find that a Carrack Cruiser, coupled with a Strike Cruiser, can be quite a challenge....and you don't have to overuse the Star Destroyers.

Basically, I've always felt that if you start grouping Star Destroyers, something REALLY big is going on. I'm talking "Jedi hunting" or "End of rebellion" type of events...not some relatively common (for the Empire, that is) planetary or system takeover.

Other than that, I can't think of anything else right off the top of my head.

Kas'ir Faywind
6 May 2002, 05:45 PM
Thnx for the idea. yeah i guess before the battle of Yavin a ISD would be the cream of the crop of the fleet so to speak.

So basically have a Cruiser of some sort and if the PC's take it easily the "real" force shows up with an ISD and a few carracks.

Thnx for the suggestion.

Maybe to make it a bit clearer. For big battles sucj as these the i use a flow chart with goals depending on what they succeed at depends on how well the battle goes. that make sense? it isnt just the PC's there will be a mock army of drafties too, cannon fodder bascally :)