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8 May 2002, 11:56 PM
I am starting a rebellion era campaign with 3 players. All starting at level 3. The story is centered around this one character who is force-sensative. Originally I struggled coming up with a new idea for how a FS char could train to be a Jedi with no completely trained Jedi Knight to tutor him . This is my idea.. I am thinking it would be unique to have the player character be a Clone of a Jedi from RotE Era. The player will have no knowledge his Character is a clone. I would only reveal certain hints as the story unfolds. I dont know alot of info on clones so if you got any to drop on me please do. Basically the character is gonna start as a Level 3 Jedi Guardian who has limited memory of who he really is or where he came from. He was just released from the cloning chamber after years of stasis. Slowly his memory and knowledge of the force will restore.. so in essence he will be training himself and advancing in the ways of the jedi arts by means of his recollection of his cloned personage. Past memories will flash before him and skills in the ways of the force become sharper as he gains levels as if he were being trained by a Jedi Knight. Certain words, smells or miscellaneous things could trigger memories and clues to his past and unlock the mystery surrounding his strange "power". I think perhaps a failed jedi the character encounters could help him expose his true abilities that lay deep in his subconcious. What do you think? I value your opinions on my idea and appreciate any comments, suggestions or questions.

9 May 2002, 09:23 AM
Well from a scientific standpoint clones are simply identical twins born to different parents at different times. So a woman could probably give birth to her own twin. But if you are a twin or know any, you would know that Identical at birth and Identical through life are two very different things. I all comes from growth patterns. The growth of the body is very sloppy, instead of telling the individual cells when to devevide the body mails out a bunch of growth horomones and those body parts that get it first grow first and some pay more attention than others ect. So some twin have differances in physical form (skinnier, taller, stronger, colorizations can be a few degrees apart ect.). Not to mention the psychological effects of being different people. Twins raised apart may have similar behaiviors and tastes or not. But memories, no. The only way you could make the memories the same is to forge a telepathic force link, Use a Telepath or machine to overlay a persons mind over another or learn like everybody else.
As far as clone maddness, maybe it's a risk with hyper stimulation of the brain (God know that some of the most actively intelligent people can be some of the most eccentric) or perhaps as was implied in the books (Zahn) the force that bind the universe together is part of all things and to speed up the growth of a life form interferes with the natural order and the force theirby cvreating instabilities. That is why the cloners used force canceling creatures to prevent maddness. Or even the idea of having one force signature that is exactly the same as another side by side, they interfere with each other.
Now some ideas that you might like. Spontaious mutations do occur it's how a parent without a dormant or active disability have a child with it.
Think Jurrasic park, why couldn't the dinsaurs reproduce?(I don't want to say anymore because I'm writing a story with this idea and don't want people to use my idea before me). The cells used to create a clone are already a certain age then must age as normal for a body, so a clone that's made for a 20 year old (eccelerated or not) will be twenty at conception and fourty on it's 20th birthday (unless you find a way around that.
That's what I've got to offer.

9 May 2002, 04:13 PM
Jaggard: All true, but remember - this is Star Wars. It's space opera. And in space opera, clones inheriting memories, skills etc from their originals fits right in with all the rest of the rubber science. :D

bE: Sounds like an interesting character, and a neat way around the rarity of teachers in the Rebellion era. Let us know how it turns out.

9 May 2002, 04:21 PM
Thanx StClair.

As for the idea of having the memories of the original person, can you guys give suggestions of how to explain the possabilities for such?

Consul Vido
10 May 2002, 01:53 PM
In the Thrawn trilogy, I'm pretty sure that Zahn mentioned "flash-imprinting" memories onto the clones. These memories were somehow obtained from the original and then implanted into the clones mind. That would be one way that the Jedi would have memories of his original.

Or you could have some explanation involving a part of the original Jedi's force essence or whatever having effected the clone.

I like your idea. It's a very interesting way to have a Jedi character progress without the need for a mentor.

13 May 2002, 09:46 AM
After playing Final Fantasy 7 a few years ago, I had a similar idea to yours (but a bit more muddled). Where the lead character thinks he's a clone, but he really isn't. . .

If you have a player who will really work with you regarding the character, your group is in for a wonderful experience. The clone's mysterious past (and that of the original) can make for great opportunities to introduce new villains (like an EVIL CLONE who works for the Empire and is obsessed with his "brother" falling to the dark side) and adventures (what happened to the original Jedi?). Heck, pick up a few comic books to rehash some tried-and-true plot devices regarding clones.

As for "clone madness", you might rule that the PC was not force-grown to the extreme that many clones are (that his process, while sped up, was not as extreme as other clones), thus saving his fragile mind. You might even use the flash imprint, but have the information be out of date. The PC may have extensive knowledge of history, the Force and combat skills, but know nothing about piloting modern vehicles.

13 May 2002, 11:20 AM
Originally posted by Forge1021
(like an EVIL CLONE who works for the Empire and is obsessed with his "brother" falling to the dark side) and adventures (what happened to the original Jedi?). Heck, pick up a few comic books to rehash some tried-and-true plot devices regarding clones

Yes absolutley, I had these exact same plot devices in mind and I think they will be exciting.
Hey thats a good take on the flash imprint tho, having the character have excessive knowledge of the force but limited in modern technology. I will consider that one

Ghost In The Holocron
13 May 2002, 12:04 PM
Nice idea bE!

I am wondering if you've read Frank Herbert's Dune series of novels. As I recall, there's something called a "ghola" whose cloning involved not only the physical aspect but psychology and memories as well. Each ghola had to undergo rigorous near-death "training" to activate his cloned memories and skills, much like you've outlined though considerably more traumatic. Funky rubber science, as StClair would put it. You may want to pick the Dune books up, not only for the ghola parts but for the grear story as well.

Have fun with your campaign!

13 May 2002, 12:53 PM
I had a character who often saw the future, sometiems it was the past, he was a jedi in training but at times these memoreies seemed their own, but they were images of long past people. Little did he know he was under the constant influence of a Sith Spectre, biding his time slowly turning him into an Avatar. A Subservant creature who will eventually remember more of the Sith Spectres past than his own, until its too late and the Sith Spectre is born once more.

Who knows what sith alchemical poisons or forcy know whats they throw at a clone at birth. Sometimes you just never know.

14 May 2002, 07:27 AM
Years ago, I had a friend who played a Jedi-hidding-as-a-swashbuckling-pirate during the Rebellion Era. He played in a few campaings (not run by me), developed a real love for his character, and ended up pretty experienced.

When I started up a SW Game a few years later, he asked if he could play his old character. Well, I wasn't comfortable with a very experienced character hopping aboard with my beginner privateers, so we came to a comprimise.

This version was a clone.

The first character died (killed in a VERY quick combat with Darth Vader), and his remains were given to a cloning scientist. This scientist tried to perfect the process of cloning Jedi. He ended up with three successful clones...two of the character, and one of a side project (some black-skinned Zabrak who got cut in half on naboo). The spirit of Travis (the player's character) inhabited one of the clones, which is why he's got memories of his previous life. There were holes in his memory, which explained the skill loss.

We agreed that this was an interesting solution, because it allowed him to play his favorite character and gave me a bunch of interesting plot arcs.

Oh, and he did meet up with the Zabrak clone, Maaul (all clones have double vowels, doncha'know?).

Maaul spiked him to Mortally Wounded and left him to die. (thank the Maker for med-packs)

I'm running the game again this summer in D20 after a 2 year hiatus...should be fun...}=]>