View Full Version : New d6 game starting in Nashua, NH

9 May 2002, 11:30 AM
I will be starting a d6 SW game at the Wizard's Tower game store in Nashua on Wednesday 5/22. Any forum members in the area? Here's some background information to chew on:

"Star Wars: Legacy of Shadows"
It has been ten years since the Battle of Naboo. This is a time of growing chaos within the Republic, and rumors of secession and war are heard throughout the galaxy.
On the Outer Rim system of Kathoon, several Jedi Knights have vanished. Kathoon has a long history of dislike for the Jedi Order and the Council fears a growing unknown threat. A small band has been dispatched to investigate the disappearances and report back on their findings...

The game will use the d6 Star Wars system (West end Games) with some minor adjustments for starship combat rules (based on Ground Zero Games' Full Thrust rules). 6 players would be ideal, 8 maximum. All ages welcome. Emphasis on role-playing, not on hack-em-up combat. PCs may be Young Jedi, although non-Jedi characters are encouraged as well. *No Ewoks or Gungans need apply.* The game will run weekly on Wednesday nights from 7 to close. There will be a small number of nights I will not be able to hold the game throughout the summer.
The first session will be character creation and hopefully we'll get into
the adventure. Please email me with any questions or with character ideas beforehand at starwars@fantodcity.com