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Steven Snyder
9 May 2002, 05:36 PM
I can do a few stat conversions for normal weapons, I haven't a clue about stunning effects...

Here is my next submission, if someone was to be so kind as to provide D6 stats for it, I would appreciate it.

HardTek MS-3 Electro-Stunner

The HardTek MS-3 Electro-Stunner is the first HardTek accessory that gives the user the option to project non-lethal firepower. The device itself can be installed into a Type III accessory mount that conforms to HardTek standards, thereby allowing it interface with the energy matrix and firing electronics of the host weapon. The electro-stunner is a choice weapon for crowd control and special operations as it emits a non-lethal stream of high-voltage electricity to the target.

Length: 27 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg
Mount Type: Type III

In order to maximize reliability and efficiency, HardTek weapons are usually created without the stun setting that many other weapons manufacturers include. The operating principals behind blasters and stun weapons are very different, high-energy plasma being what it is cannot simply stun a person without causing a great amount of tissue destruction. HardTek engineers initially created a stun setting on our blasters using industry standard methods, but because such a modification is more of an afterthought it was removed, as it did not meet our standards for quality.

We realized a new type of non-lethal weapon was needed, and so our weapons designers began work on the electro-stunner. The designers wanted a system that could deliver a high-voltage, low amp stream of electricity to a target at a range of 10 meters. After only 6 months of work, their final product was the MS-3.

The HardTek MS-3 Electro-Stunner consists of a non-conductive housing, a laser array, electrodes, a high-voltage capacitor, and a link for the Type III Accessory mount. All of the internal components are sealed in the impact-resistant housing to provide durability and to prevent accidental user injury.

The electro-stunner is actually a two-stage weapon, the first being the laser array and the latter stage is the electrical stream. When the weapon is activated the laser array fires two beams at the target, the lasers themselves are harmless and invisible, serving only to ionize the atmosphere between the target and the weapon. Once the weapon’s onboard computer has calculated that the air is sufficiently ionized the electrodes are charged, this sends a high-voltage discharge to the target.

From an observer’s standpoint the weapon looks extremely impressive in action, it appears that the weapon is electrifying the target with a continuous bolt of lightning. For crowd control this effect alone can cause mobs to flee, thus helping to save both civilian and military lives.

The electrical discharge uses the time-tested concept of high-voltage, but low amperage current. Living creatures that are struck by this discharge are most likely to be incapacitated with a painful memory, but no real lasting damage. However, users are cautioned that continued exposure to the discharge after incapacitation can be fatal.

The HardTek MS-3 has three settings that can be changed through a CATS-1 goggle interface, or by controls located on the weapon itself. The settings steadily increase the voltage and amps being fed into the stream, the normal setting is 1, but 2 and 3 may be useful when dealing with large or otherwise resistant enemies.

Because it is installed into a Type III accessory mount, the stunner draws power from the energy matrix of the host weapon. The different settings draw power from the energy matrix as a percentage equal to that of their enumeration. In other words, setting 1 will draw 1% of the energy of a charged power pack, while setting 3 will draw 3% of that same power pack. This gives a standard power pack between about 30 to 100 shots depending on the setting the user chooses.

Because of its design the MS-3 cannot function in a vacuum or liquid environment, nor is it affective against enemies in sealed and insulated battle armor.

Customers who register their MS-3 with Hardtek are entitled to a 3-standard year transferable-warranty.

Cost: 300 credits
Stun Damage/Fort DC*:
1d6/DC 15 – Setting One
1d8/DC 18 – Setting Two
2d6/DC 20 – Setting Three
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 10
Weight: 0.5 kg
Type: Energy
Size: Small
Group: Blaster Rifles
*The weapon deals this damage and forces a Fortitude save or the target falls unconscious for 2d6 rounds.