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11 May 2002, 09:13 PM
In case it wasn't clear, there maybe some spoilers. (so says captain sarcastic:D )
I was thinking (hey why are you a. running away b. so shocked or c. giggleing)
Why is the poison dart Jango fett used to kill zam made by the cloners and not mandelorian in origin. A dart made by the cloners may mean that it's designed specificly to breakdown clones. Does this imply that there is another Zam out there?
Or maybe the poison was like blowfish poison, where in some cases a carfully calculated dose can cause a persons body to shut down but as much as two days later people have been known to self resussitate. (if you couldn't tell, I'm a fan of our Clawdite bounty hunter).
Originaly Zam was to be a fully armored soldier type called a C.A.T. (Maybe Clawdite Attack Trooper?).
The Jedi responsible for commisioning the clone armies (forget the name) is thought to be dead some ten years or more but what if he faked his death and became a sith. Either he trained Palpatine or he is palpatine and nobody knows. (the second sounds tricky to pull off but not impossible).
What happened to Aurra Sing, I was hopeing to see more of her this time arround.
Do all of Dexter Jettsters people (Basalisk [or something like that]) have the wattle, the multiple jowels, or is it for the males. Because I can see how cool a female of the race could be. They don't have to be skinny to be cool, but some how even I can't find myself wanting to meet the women if they look just like him. (Even the hutts have some of their own kind who are slimmer and more muscular with more symetrical features; though hutts consider them ugly).
I saw a blurb before any other material came out about Dooku being a Renegade Jedi in a sepratist movement. I was excited by the possibility that the Jedi didn't have a monopoly on the force users in the 'civilized' galaxy. That maybe a movement devided the jedi order some thousand years before and both side while good were enemies.
When are we going to find out more about the Mandalorians (pout)?
Why oh why did he make the tusken raiders split along the sexes. They were cool when there was no destinction eccept where pregnancy was involved. I tried to reconcile this by saying it's just that tribe, but anikin said that tusken culture allows only the men to fight. I was devistated. The only way I can think to salvage any Tusken warrior women is to say that the terms male and female are not soley base in reproductive organs. In some african nations there were cases recorded by outside observers (when africa was new and mysterious) of women declaring themselves men and taking the warrior proffession and land and wives. It's weak but the only other options are amazon tribes and tribes where the men where killed by another tribe and the women left to fend for themselves and as a resultthe children are raised in a setting more like B4 ep2.
Hey speaking of Tuskens does anyone know if lucas decided to incorperate the idea of a Tusken padawn from the EU. Or for that matter does anyone know of other jedi and Padawans appearing in the movie. I Know those in the Visual Dictionary will probably appear but I've also seen figures for a Nikto (It still strikes me as corny that Lucas used the Klatoo Barrada and Nikto). I thought I saw glimpses of an aleena jedi. How about a Jawa jedi. Ugnaughts, Weequey, Gamorrian (Orc), Whipid, Duros, or any other races.

Things Jaggard would like to see: (in infinities if nowhere else)
A Mandalorian Jedi (ooo, shivers up my spine)
Boba being the child of Jango and Zam.
Or Zam doning the armor of Jango fett in homage to her fallen love intrest, and calling herself Boba (no exact clone or maybe he was slain too. I know I've said this at least twice before)
Dark side monk with a Darth maul clone.
Maybe I'll just write up an outline of an infinities setting that I like.