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13 May 2002, 02:56 AM
OK boys and girls. TIme to put on your thinin' caps...

In many of the novels, we read about the distructive potential of Proton torpedos when used in atmosphere, expecially against ground targets.

BUT no where can i find out what their blast radius and damage is for character attacks....

15 May 2002, 02:50 AM
What! No one even gonna give a guess??

The Admiral
15 May 2002, 03:35 AM
(Character Scale)
0-10 13D / 11-50 7D / 51-100 4D / 101-150 1D+2

How's that?

Seems fairly reasonable, torps have no range of note in an atmosphere, and I'd be loath to give them a very high damage over a wide area, so full damage against an object (At-AT for example, with rapid fall off of damage away from the strike point,,,,

15 May 2002, 03:45 AM
How about
Capital Scale 1m/per Die (Ignore Pip) (Minimum 5m)
Starfighter Scale 0.5m/Per Die (Ignore Pip) (Round Down) (Minimum 3m)
Walker Scale 0.3m/Per Die (Ignore Pip) (Round Up) (Minimum 2m)

That Way a Torpedo from a Starfighter
has a Blast Radius Of (4m) Which Could Incinerate Troops
In Close Formation. Or Blow A sizeable Chunk out of a

This Would Make capital Scale Planetary Bombardment More
Realistic as with a Heavier Payload, You Get More Destruction.

I've Used the above Rules for torpedos, missles and artillery
in my campaign, and i've had no problems, one of my
players is a reservist for an Artillery Unit and reckons that they
are accurate enough.

Any Criticisms/Suggestions?

15 May 2002, 01:28 PM
Well, a proton torpedo has a damage rating of 9D starfighter, which is 15D character. That's a starting point. If we look at the X-Wing series, a visible fireball is made roughly two times the size of a TIE fighter (based on diameter, not volume!). 2nd Edition R&E says TIE's are 6.3m long. So we can guesstimate that the serious damage is done in that area (a 12.6m diameter sphere, or a blast radius of 6.3). This works pretty well compared to the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook's Golan Battery, which has a blast radius of 2. So, here's my take on the stats.

Character Scale
0-2m (15D)
3-4m (12D)
5-6m (9D)
7-12m (4D)
11-18m (2D)