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13 May 2002, 01:59 PM
Well my last session was pretty kewl. (set immediately before ANH)

I am an angry Imperial citizen (The empire killed my wife, unborn child and mother). I fled to a planet where i stumbled upon some rebels and helped them out. They put me in contact with some more influential rebels ( I am a former Incom employee - I worked on the Xwing, because the Imperials made me believe the rebels killed my family - and then when Incom defected to the rebellion i started working for KDY on weapon guidance and engineering plans for a new class of Star Destroyers). So because of my back ground i had some secret information i had stumbled over, something about a Super Laser. The higher up rebel listen to my information but couldn't quite digest it, so he wanted to send me to someone that could handle the information. He lent me a ship and told me to go see a contact on Tattoine.
Arriving on tattine I met with my contact, who would try and get hold of the correct person, he told me this might take a while. I was very impatient, I wanted revenge on the empire and i knew this was important information.
While waiting ( my contact owned a small restaurant, where i spent some time) he was visited by some thugs, wo wanted protection money which he didn't have. i offered the thugs a smaller sum and their health (because the sum they wanted was to large), they wouldn't hear of it, so i trashed them and left them the smaller sum anyway. Not trying to hard to make enemies. Well of course the thugs worked for the slime and grimy Jabba.
I went and hung out a bit at the Mos Eisley cantina, my contact letting me know that it would be atleast another week before he would have a meeting set up, i stressed to him again how important this information was.
At the Mos Eisley cantina i saw an old fellow chop of an arm from an alien with a lightsaber (being born and raised on naboo, but one of the Queens handmaidens i had been told stories about jedis and lightsabers - I am BTW Also very strong in the force without really knowig it). I felt a strange sensation around this old man and his young companion, and I quietly asked if he was a jedi. He didn't answer but asked me if I might have a ship going out of here soon. I told him i had a ship but prior engagements.
Well ok he smiled at me and moved on. Talking to a wookie who claimed to be the co-pilot on one of the fastest ships around (i also understand wookie) and that he could help. As they were walking to a table, I saw a Rodian talking to a scruffy looking guy and all of a sudden blaster bolts went of. None of them survived. The wookie ran screaming to the downed human, screaming in rage. The old man turned to me again and asked if I could help. I got this feeling again, and I was convinced he was a jedi, his young friend also had a lightsaber clipped to his belt. I asked the old man if he was a jedi again, but no answer, i then asked him (because of the fact he told me they wanted to avoid imperial entanglements) if I took them, would i meet some influential members of the rebellion. He indicated to me that i might. I agreed to take them.
Now the ship i had borrowed was insanely slow (x3 HD) and i had hear how this now dead captain and co pilot had bragged about their ship, i decided to "borrow" it for better use.
I broke into the millenium falcon and stole it ( I am a tech and ship engineer and have extensive knowledge of them). when i landed it in the docking bay where i had told the old man to meet me, i was greeted by several thugs, who was holding my contact hostage, they informed me that i owed Jabba 50,000 and seeing the ship an additional 25,000 debt that went with the ship. I told them to stuff it. They killed the contact and I had my friendly co-pilot ( a wookie none the less, Rowr) blast them with the Quad Lasers. This vaped them, but from hiding i hear the chuckling of a hutt. Going there i saw jabba, who told me that i owed him the money. I told him to stuff it and that he would regret having my friend killed. Going to the ship i took of fully intent on vaping Jabba when he got out of the hiding. As i was hovering there i saw the old man and his friend running to the docking bay, with stormtroopers on their tail. I landed and picked them up.
Easily avoiding the two ISD in orbit we enter HS for Alderaan. On the way the old man was teaching the young kid, their names was Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker i learned, some tricks with lightsabers.
I asked to try it and did. I far outperformed the kid to his obvious irreation.

Where will this lead, i have no idea, but we will see. Will this be SW as we know it, certainly not.

(BTW my character hasn't been uploaded yet, so the link below is to my old character)

13 May 2002, 06:32 PM
I'm not sure where it will lead either, but a galaxy without Han Solo is no galaxy I want any part of.

Sounds interesting though. I've always wondered how things would turn out if the main Star Wars characters were replaced with PCs. Looks like you'll find out huh? ;)

Are you running the game or are you the player?

Bjorn the Stout

14 May 2002, 04:13 AM

20 May 2002, 09:26 PM
I was just wondering if you've played the campaign again since your last post. And if you have, how did it go. Just curious. ;)

Bjorn the Stout