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Matt Richard
13 May 2002, 06:58 PM
When going to a swrpg site, what do you like seeing the most? Im doing this because people are starting to tell me that i have too many projects and Outer Rim Resources is a big project, so I may want to limit how i run the stat archive depending on these results.

Talonne Hauk
14 May 2002, 12:28 AM
I chose stats, because what drew me to this site initially was looking for a new starfighter. I'm not sure what you mean by supplements, though, so I didn't want to answer that one anyhow.

Chris Curtis
14 May 2002, 07:22 AM
I'll go with "Other" simply for lack of a better choice. As one of the reviewers for Star Wars RPG Reviewed Sites I can explain a little about what it is I look for when giving sites ratings.

The first thing that I'll notice will be the site design itself. This includes what the page looks like, how it's laid out, etc. Site designs should be clean and uncluttered. It should be easy to find what you're looking for. However, it's more than that. It also deals with how navigation works. Are the categories logical and easy to understand? Is navigation located logically? Is breadcrumb navigation evident if appropriate?

The second main area is content, which is really what you're asking about. I can't really say that there's anything in particular that I look for, though. Mostly, I like original content. I don't mean original as in "I created it, it's original", I mean original as in it's new, unique, interesting. For the most part, I couldn't care less about actual stat blocks. Anyone who's been playing for any amount of time can throw some numbers together. Coming up with an original/new idea, though, and writing up a good background for it is much more difficult.

This applies equally well for weapons, ships, characters, planets, etc. Great descriptions are what makes things stand out -- stats themselves are a very distant second. Other types of content that I like are new and interesting locations, whether it be a planet or an apartment building.

Overall, I generally like "well-rounded" sites more than sites that focus on only stats or some other area. There are exceptions, of course, but not too many.

29 May 2002, 08:21 AM
I had to put other because when I think of supplements it is not much of a supplement if you don't provide stats with them. Just like some of the fiction in SW Gamer, if you back it up with stats then that adds solidity to the whole thing. It makes it part of the game.