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Random Axe
16 May 2002, 06:56 AM
Something I just noticed, the Gamemaster Discussion board isn't sorted by date-of-activity, the way the other boards are. The discussions and threads with the most recent posts should appear at the top, but there the threads stay at the same position, even though the more recent ones may appear near the middle or bottom of the list.

Is that a bug?

16 May 2002, 07:32 AM
No, it's not a bug. I marked some of the threads that I moved there as "important" which keeps them at the top of the thread. I did this as the current dates for those threads were so low that they didn't show up when I moved them there. I wanted people to be able to read them in order to foster new ideas for the forum.

Now that the forum has taken off, I'll probably knock most all of them off save for one or two. Those marked "important" will always be on top, even if another thread has been recently posted to...it's just the way that aspect works. So it's not a bug.