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16 May 2002, 08:45 PM
I was just curious who everyone likes here in the comic world. I myself am partial to Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Collussus, Gambit (though I hated it when they made his powers behind god-like), and Nightman.
I have never really read much of Nightman, though, but he seems cool enough.

Donovan Morningfire
16 May 2002, 09:01 PM
I suppose my all-time fave comic character would have to Eric from James O'Barr's The Crow. If you thought Brandon Lee was a trip in the movie, read the comic. The movie version of Eric is much more subdued than the comic book version. (Aside from the fact the comic version has a much higher body count :D )

I've always been partial to Spider-man, even if I never was a loyal reader. Another Marvel character I really liked back in the day (here's a trivia bit) was Darkhawk (how many folks honestly recall him?), especially the earlier 2/3's of the series.

For a while, I did follow the X-books, but soon trimmed it down to X-Man (started with Age of Apocalypse and kept up for a while) and Generation X (which I loved from issue #1), of which my two fave characters were Chamber and Husk (kept hoping Skin would croak and M would get that elective surgery to get the stick taken out of her backside).

16 May 2002, 09:16 PM
The only two comic book characters I ever followed were Tank Girl, and The Tick. So they have got to be my favorite.

17 May 2002, 08:03 AM
There's one comic I've followed from the start, and is the only title I consitantly buy, SPAWN. Well it had to be my namesake, an if you check my signature you'll find it's a quote from one of the episodes of the animated series.

I've never been a DC man, but did buy the occasional Legend of the Dark Knight and Catwoman. From Marvel I collected HULK for a while and have all 60 issues of SHE-HULK amongst my large collection. But I have to give special not to a little used, if known, charcater, DEATH'S HEAD II. I loved the second incarnation of the Freelance Peace-Keeping Agent (did I hear someone say Bounty Hunter?) How much do you think Marvel would ask for the rights to this charcater?

I started collecting comics with, believe it or not, Marvels STAR WARS. Then went onto Dark Horse comics such as Aliens & Predator.

17 May 2002, 04:30 PM
My favorites and the reasons:

Wolverine (from the X-Men): I initially gained a liking for him in the X-Men comics, and when he got his own comic line, I picked that up real quick. Once they yanked his adamantium, I lost interest. So, essentially, I'm an old-style Wolverine fan.

Ironman: I always thought Ironman was cool. Never collected the comic, but I read several, and enjoyed them all. That armor was just too cool!

GI Joe team: Yes, this is a whole team thing, rather than an individual character. I'm an old collector, so I'm mostly a fan of the older members of the team. Anything pre-issue 60.

There are others I like, but the above are probably my favorites.

And yes, Donovan, I remember Darkhawk. The series was always sort of....different. I didn't collect it, but I did read some of the comics. Of course, I've been collecting comics since 1980.

17 May 2002, 07:18 PM
My faves:
The Chainsaw Vigilante from the Tick (he so funny! :D );
Jenny Sparks from the Authority (such a great leader with attitude);
Deunan knute from Appleseed (okay, practically any character Shirow writes/draws);
& Diva from Stormwatch (because she died & she stayed dead; I have the utmost respect for her).

17 May 2002, 07:26 PM
Oh, you know, the classics: Spider-Man, daredevil, Nightcrawler, Bishop, Scarlet Spider is cool for some reason, and I liked Superboy for a while. (don't say I word about that last one, that was a while ago, and he's not that bad.)

17 May 2002, 08:02 PM
Dead-Pool. I've been able to track down all his X-Force and Wolverine appearances, in addition to all of his own miniseries...es and his monthly. A recent issue had Dead-Pool hired by an old rich guy to bring back the horn from the Rhino to use as an aphrodesiac. He eventually tries to use objects from the trophy room in his gym, items such as the Hulk's shorts, and one of Hawkeye's arrows. "Hulk pants: go! Iron Man boots: activate!"

19 May 2002, 02:39 PM
Werner Warhead (swedish) ;)
Machiko Noguchi from (not to mention broken tusk) .. have been since 91-92 :) (Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator - War)
Dogbert (Dilbert)
Supreme Prophet Kadann (star wars - dont rememebr which comics/books)
.. Kir Kanos is pretty tough :) (star wars - crimson empire)

Slavan K. Guiser
19 May 2002, 08:58 PM
Heh, Always did like the villains more than the heroes.....

CARNAGE: With a name like that, destruction comes along fair game.

Venom: Good stuff. Symbiant madness.

Omega Red: Watched him whip Wolverine's hairy white booty more than once.

Out of Generation X: I can't quite remember the name, but the guy who could really eat anything and then produce it right back out of him.

Also really like Iceman and Archangel. Beast was always really awesome for me. His latest incarnation, the felinoid, is really really really cool.

Out of Manga: GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA!!!! Yeah, his name demanded the scream. He's cool.

darth maim
19 May 2002, 09:15 PM
Well I'm a spiderman FANATIC!!!

I also dig Gambit, Deadpool, Nightcrawler and I'm currently really enjoying the entire Ultimate line from Marvel...

Oh and Donovin I own the entire run of Darkhawk... that series was tight (of course I like Nova as well ... the comics I like always seem to get shut down...)

19 May 2002, 10:04 PM
Legion of Super-Heroes, cheesy space opera flying weirdos in technicolor tights. And I meant that in a respectful way. Proviso: As long as it's before Zero Hour....

20 May 2002, 12:41 PM
Wolverine, Chamber (genX), Havoc, and Cannonball (x-factor/force).

Other than those, the Transofrmers, gi-joe (love snake eyes and storm shadow), zoids (it started as a back-comic to the transformers).

And i have loved death's head since he was in the transformers. Despised it when he went into doctor who.. Loved his crossover with dragons claws???. It was a comic about 'gangs' who fought for honor (and money)... they had several run ins with death's head.

20 May 2002, 12:53 PM
As before in many of my posts, I'm partial to outsiders.

The martian Man Hunter, he was never developed very well. He'd be my very favorite if they'd just get some of his story straightened out.

Metal Head From x-men 2099 (actually the whole crew from that series was pretty intresting).

Mystique- not the naked one the original (and morph but only because he can shape shift too and even into non organics)

The scarlet spider was better by far then the original at least in character concept.

Now that I've mentioned the spiders I must mention the best spiders to ever grace the printed page. Spider Girl, May parker; The Newest spider woman, Matty (suffered from bad writers but had promise); and The new intro of The female scarlet spider in spider girl (I hope they do something with this). I think the best spiders are the new ones because they are more realistic, they have problems and they are their own women. They may wear spiders but they are not pale imitations.

Secret from teen justice because I like her back story. It ranks up there with Rachel Summers and the other Hounds of Ahab.

Super boy is kind of cool, if not a little annoying.
The new bat girl, fairly ordinary girl. Only one of the most skilled martial artists in the world. My favorite frame is where superboy is hitting on her in his least subtle way and she leans real close puts her hand to her mouth in a shushing gesture and chops her hand into his face getting past his forcefeild. It was great.:D That'll show that silly boy.

there are others but that's it for now.

The bestest series to ever exist were. What if?, Amalgam and Age of Apocalypse.