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20 May 2002, 11:58 AM
What non-Star Wars sources do you use as inspiration? Any particular music, films, tv shows or books? How have you implemented them into your game? Just curious.

20 May 2002, 12:18 PM
People have said that my style of storytelling resembles a lot of things. Star Trek, Various Animes (some I havne't seen), the Sandman comics (Which I'm told I must read), various video games, and of course Star Wars. Although lately my players have been telling me that such and such new Star Wars thing is JUST like what we did in mission #... Anyway, people will see what they want to see.

Some sources I've DEFINITELY copied from and have cited before: Various pieces of news, the short story 'The Most Dangerous Game' the HGttG and other Douglas Adams works, Old classic movies, Doctor Who, Star Wars (eps 4-6) and even The Matrix (for various puns). I rarely do conversions, but I frequently borrow jokes and story ideas.

evan hansen
20 May 2002, 12:43 PM
Excellent question!

One member of our group was fascinated with Dune. So he took entire concepts, planets, characters, etc... from Dune and altered them a bit to fit the Star Wars universe. That was some good stuff, actually.

Star Trek, Braveheart, and various snippets we'd see on TV would become parts of adventures here and there.

We did a couple of forced dream sequences well before the Matrix came out that are scarily similar. We were captured at the end of a previous mission after being knocked out. We didn't know that, of course. We "woke up" in the same place we were knocked out and it appeared as though a few meaningless effects had been taken. Of course, we had actually been knocked out, captured, and set up with big things in our heads that controlled our dreams and made us think we were living real life.

Sherman Shipyards
20 May 2002, 01:17 PM
I use some TV, GURPS aventures, spy and war movies, but mostly life in general. After all, what is a Rpg but a person stepping into another being's shoes.

20 May 2002, 01:17 PM
If you are going to do something set in Mos Eisley or a similar place, the best inspiration I can think of is Casablanca

20 May 2002, 09:43 PM
One of the GM's in our group is currently running a campaign based on the movie Pitch Black. And something i just thought of.....ID4 could be really useful as a variation in the NJO timeline

20 May 2002, 10:02 PM
I've used somethings from the TV show Andromeda. Mainly equipment and some of the characters have inspired NPCs. The Terminator movies have also given me ideas in the past.

Bjorn the Stout

21 May 2002, 02:41 AM
Right now I'm running a game using borrowed stuff from "The Mummy" - just stick a Dark Side Sorcer in instead, and Bob's your uncle!

Puck :)

22 May 2002, 04:43 AM
OK so it seems Bjorn and Puck get their ideas from the same places as I do I also got some good ideas from the Sharpe series of books by Bernard Cornwell and Farscape.


22 May 2002, 05:19 AM
I get inspiration from just about everything I see... I've used tons of non-star wars movie stuff in my games (Aliens were really fun). Any sci-fi movie I watch is potential gaming material. I used some D&D creatures for a primitive world that the PC's landed on (the primitive weapons too). And of course, I get tons of stuff from right here on the holonet... :D

22 May 2002, 06:37 AM
Inspiration comes in many colors. The current SW campaign I'm running was originally inspired by a slew of gangster flicks. "Miller's Crossing," "The Godfather" series, "The Untouchables," those sorts of films. I also notice that my games have a more Cyberpunk feel to them, but I blame that on years of running CP2020.

Used to be that when I worked on my game notes, I'd throw a movie on the TV and let it run in the background. Many of my best games came about with "Bad Taste" playing in the background (which is, for those who don't know, Peter Jackson's (the "LotR" director) first big film...though "big" is kind of subjective).


30 May 2002, 06:25 PM
I haven't seen anything else that translates so well into Star Wars than an old TV series called Black Sheep Squadron. It's about a Marine Fighter Squadron in WWII in the Pacific that is basically left to it's own devices most of the time. Based on a true story. Still playing on History Channel but I don't know when. Wraith Squadron really reminds me of them at times.

30 May 2002, 06:35 PM

Dan Stack
30 May 2002, 07:24 PM
Every science fiction game I've GM-ed always seems influenced by the Cthulhu mythos of HP Lovecraft. In Star Wars, I often use this for ancient Sith or Charon devices or creatures. Hmm, with d20 Call of Cthulhu, there might be some possibilities... :D

31 May 2002, 01:21 AM
Originally posted by leighangelj
One of the GM's in our group is currently running a campaign based on the movie Pitch Black.

That can be very much fun to run. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd guess you were in my group right now! :D

And something i just thought of.....ID4 could be really useful as a variation in the NJO timeline

Yes, another good one. I tend to get ideas, but not try to run PCs through them, from other movies. Indiana Jones can always be a good one, or just about anything that has a group of misfits trying to work together for a common goal. Mission Impossible, The Mummy - as Puck mentioned, Willow, The Last of the Mohicans are all good possibilities too.

Lord Diggori
31 May 2002, 08:11 AM
I have no idea where my inspiration comes from now that I think of it. I suppose it can come from anything I see. I think, "What if that PC had to deal with that?" or "Wouldn't be sweeet if that happened?"

I'm mostly an intuitive type of person so I just come up with a few cool scenes in my head, think up a hook that connects them, interconnect them during the game in a Star Warsy way, and slap a title on them afterwards.

4 June 2002, 07:33 PM
I ran a game (short lived but loads of fun) were the rebels lost contact with a small base in the outer rim. Turns out they were wiped by a new genetic creation of the empire, and they were still there, ala Aliens ;) my pc's never tried running away from a fight faster in there gaming lives. :D

5 June 2002, 08:07 AM
No matter what RPG my group plays, at some point in the game, they run into...

Bill and Ted.

That's right, Bill and Ted are always in the spaceways and in time, so with a Star Wars conversion....

Bill- 8th level Soundrel, 1 rank in Entertain (guitar)/1d6 in WEG
Ted- 8th level Scout, 1 rank in Entertain (guitar)/1d6 in WEG

All you need to know- Wyld Stallyns rule! :D

Oh yeah, and The Dude (Big Lebowski) makes some really strange guest appearances.

8 June 2002, 02:14 PM
Film and Books are ceaseless sources of great ideas.
Other options are other game adventures, National Geographic magazine and certain cable channels.
Modules for D&D are chock full of ideas, some leap to mind.. Hidden Shrine of Tomoachan would be a great resting place for a Sith-Lich, and its jungle temple reminds me of Yavin's Massassi. Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth is another that would fit the Sith-Lair of Olde.
As far as inspiration and materials for any Gamemastering. National Geographic magazine is good for visual props of "alien" landscapes and for idea-fuel.
My recent favorite source of ideas. ( owing to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle I'd wager) has been the Discovery Channels and history Channels of cable TV. These documentaries cover a wide range of topics, from building techniques of ancient peoples, to current scientific developments and of course the history of warfare on our own small planet.
I find myself jotting down game-story ideas while watching these shows, and watch some specifically to get such ideas.

Jake Sunspot
12 June 2002, 12:14 AM
Since I havn't seen anyone else mention it yet I must draw attention to my favorite science fiction series of all time....

FarScape baby. its all about the FarScape.

The Henson company has done an excellent job of blending some of the best elements of Star Wars and Star Trek while maintaining a uniquely original feeling show. For those of you that havn't seen it, I can't recomend it highly enough.

Just so you don't forget.

FarScape FarScape FarScape

Jake Sunspot
12 June 2002, 12:14 AM
oops Double Post....

12 June 2002, 07:11 AM
Great post idea

The one thing that i cant see which i use the most for insperation is video games i've used these from the begining of my gming years (alas only 3 of them) anything from Perfect dark, Rouge squadron starcraft, unreal tornument and resident evil theres more but there no point putting them all down i'll be here for years.

Other stuff i've used the the starwars books, the verge from the alternity system whick i used as the birth place og the vong out side the known galaxy + it fits with the starburts campaighn setting (sorry i lost myself there).

But genraly i dont write stuff down it pops into my head and i use. Recenctly i have got into the habit of writing what i did down afterwards and giving what i used to my mates( there request) and posting it on here.

Several films Aliens. Battlefeild earth(bad film nice concept), space balls theres more but i wont


12 June 2002, 09:06 PM
If you want a nice dismal sci-fi planet to wrap your brain around I suggest reading Stephen Kings' The Gunslinger. It's a trip worth taking at least once.


14 June 2002, 12:47 AM
I've been wondering for a while now if I should post on this thread, and I'm finally doing so.

The plot of the console game "Final Fantasy III" (actually sixth in the series, but released as #3 here in the United States) has everything one needs for a STAR WARS campaign:

An expanding Empire opposed by rebels
A young woman of mysterious background and no memory of her past, strong in the ways of magic in a world that isn't supposed to have any
A scoundrel (sorry, "treasure hunter") who comes to her rescue
A clownish yet sadistic inquisitor-type, pursuing the girl on the orders of his Emperor (and with his own agenda later on)... imagine the Joker as an Emperor's Hand
A handsome young king with a thing for the ladies, and his brother who walked away from the throne to become a martial artist
A former Imperial officer who's seen its true nature and turned her back on those who raised her to be a good soldier
A stoic warrior whose home was destroyed by the Empire, and who still bears the loss of his family
A carefree gambler with his own ship, outfitted as a flying casino - and, as we later find out, a lost love from his racing past
Various other misfits and oddballs that Our Heroes encounter in their travels, some of whom join their cause
A superweapon or two, including a city-destroying death ray and the mechanized armies of the Empire

It's uncanny, really.

For those who can't find the original Super Nintendo cartridge, there are plenty of resources (walkthroughs, scripts, etc) out there on the net, as well as ROM images...

14 June 2002, 01:08 AM
Ives used the plot of Final fantasy 8 and 9 mostly 8 tough

all of them were from a kids home
sith lord of the futre controling a sith lord of the present
actions caused by the pcs against an evil goverment
search for the sith lord
time thoeres
the pcs being destained to fight for the universe against her in a paradox time loop

It only laste about 5 sessions but it was a whack it blast just for fun