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FlyBoy Fel
22 May 2002, 04:52 AM
I've been trying to set a campaign shortly after the Vong invasion (obviously no vong involved). My GM and I have been having trouble invloving surviving planets, governments, and who was killed by the vong or not, because the NJO books haven't all come out. Suggestions, anyone? :)

Wade Trenor
22 May 2002, 05:04 AM
Well, the series is supposed to last for 25 novels, and as far as I know, only 11 have been released so far. This means the story isn't even half over.

Who's to say that the Vong will be the focus of all 25 books either? The series is about the Jedi, and once the Vong are repelled (heres hoping), the Jedi will still have to deal with the Peace Brigade and their own disputes, among other things.

Since the series will involve even more shake-ups in the future (more than likely), it will be next to impossible to tell who will survive, and what planets will be adversely affected (or at least more then others...)

One good thing to remember though, is that this is an RPG, where your imagination makes the setting. Make the outcome of the war something that will interest your players, and create an inticing background for them.

29 May 2002, 02:17 AM
Id like to know were the books are gonna go after the vong invasion, whether or not they are gonna stop (hope not) or break of into sub books like before and like to see a another reimergance of the Sith but that would just be the same story all over again.

Wade i was under the impression that there is gonna be 30 books there is a list somewhere on holonet of titles and aurthors


Craig Feely
29 May 2002, 06:01 PM
Once they have written 30 or so novels in a series (quite a lot in my opinon), I would like them switch to a different timeline. I think they should pic from 3 different options.

1) Waaaaay past the NJO series. I'm talking like 200 years after Endor. I think it would be fun to have all new characters or maybe the decendants of the Heroes of Yavin.

2) Waaaaay before ANH. I have glanced at the Sith War comic series but I think actual novels around this time period would be interesting. It would have a sort of medevil feel to it I think.

3) Finally, they could go back through the Rebellion era and really look to flesh out some of the holes in this time period. For example, Corran Horn's time spent in CorSec before joining the Rebellion, or more detailed explainations of the defeat of Derra IV, or maybe some novels containing new characters who are members of an elite squadron of infantrymen. (They did pilots, what about the footsoldiers??)

Star Wars is STAR WARS to me so the timeline really doesn't matter. I would love to read about anything and everything the Mr. Lucas' beautiful universe. Any other ideas for where they should go after the NJO finishes up?

29 May 2002, 07:30 PM
A book on Page's commandos would be so awesome wouldnt it? I'd like to see them slowly fade away the older characters and bring the new ones in, and not necessarily all decendants of the heroes me know and love. I mean why not some really fresh blood? :) Now that I am rambleing about something that insn't really the reason for the thread I am going to go talk to the wall I think lol